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Bruteforce A.I 2.14L17

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.4+
Note: This version of BruteForce is for UserPatch 1.4+ ONLY use the Steam Workshop version for HD Edition. ( ... =463466878)
BruteForce is a powerful and strong aggressive rushing and booming AI with many strategies at its disposal. It has the ability to adapt and maintain pressure with ease and with sustainable eco and market sell and trade functionality. it can also play many different kinds of maps including custom scenarios (excluding maps like Castle Blood) excluding nothing maps and migration style maps.

The AI does cheat on Hardest difficulty.

- Features -

- Can play any civilization from AoK/AoC/AoF/AoAK!
- Can play Random Map/Turbo Random Map, Regicide, Death Match and King of the Hill
- Can play with human allies or other AI allies! Including the built in AI, Promi, The Horde, Barbarian, The Unknown and many others!
- Can play on almost any map!
- Can lure boar on any difficulty!
- Can disable resigning functionality by taunting "63" to the AI, this is recommended for FFA games or something.
- Can resign (but hopefully won't be seen or seen very often!) when it knows it cannot win, both in 1v1's and Team Games.
- Can play Team Games effectively (And can play with other AI's such as ResonanceBot, Logbot and Promisory (Computer))
- Human like difficulty which scales depending on player ability
- Can play 2v6 Mode on Hardest difficulty.
- Monster mode increases Hardest by a small amount (for those who find standard Hardest too easy.)
- Chaos Mode makes Hardest even more of a challenge! (More designed for 1v2 or 1v3 type situations)
- Lots more features and functions!

Game Settings:
- Game Type: Random Map/Turbo Random Map, Regicide, Death Match and King of the Hill
- Map type: Any map (besides migaration and nothing maps, it may work but preformance is unknown.) Prefers Land Maps. Some RMS' might not work correctly.
- Difficulty: Can play on any difficulty. (Optimized for Hard/Hardest)
- Resources: Prefers Low/Standard Resource start.
- Population: Any but optimized for 200.
- Starting Age: Dark Age/Standard. Post Imperial for Death Match
- Victory Conditions: Optimized for conquest but can play with standard victory on.
- Full Tech: Recommended to be turned off as BruteForce may expirence odd behaviour.
- There is a 6v2 Mode and 5v3 Mode but it must be on Hardest to be played.

** Taunt List **
BruteForce responds to these taunts.

* 3: Ask for food
* 4: Ask for wood
* 5: Ask for gold
* 6: Ask for stone
* 31: Ask for AI to attack its target player (You can use this w/without using taunts 231-238)
* 36: Ask for AI to wait for your signal to attack
* 34: Ask AI to build a navy
* 35: Ask AI to stop building a navy
* 38: Ask for extra resources that the AI can spare.
* 40: Controlled market placement
* 41: Turn on monster mode
* 63: Disables the AI from resigning (there is no way to enable resigning again.)
* 83: Disable AI chatting (taunting 83 when disabled enables it again, be ready for taunt spam!)
* 105: Enable/Disable wall building switch. (Any age/any difficulty) Note: it has no intelligence when to do this when you enable.
* 110: Flares AI's location (UP Only)
* 200: Enables cheating on Hard difficulty (HD only) On Hardest, allows you to enable Chaos Mode.
* 210: Request resources for a new Town Center
* 222: To request help/assistance to kill a player. (You can use this w/without using taunts 231-238)
* 223: Chooses a random name for BruteForce (userpatch only)
* 231 - 238 allow BruteForce to target an enemy player (for example, taunting 234 to BruteForce will make it target player 4.)
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
zergs I tried this script 3 times and in each game I got an app crash of AOC.
File Author
I've released an update which should (hopefully) address some of the issues found:

- Fixed a bug with town expansion in UserPatch
- Fixed a bug that the AI didn't gather and mass units correctly and sent them 1 by 1 to their deaths.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would place towers and castles in the back (Userpatch)
- Fixed a bug where the AI wouldn't be able to progress further when a certain strategy was loaded (This is typically when the AI loads the flush strategy)
- Fixed a military level bug (reverted it back to version 1.12 Beta 1)
- Fixed a bug where the AI wouldn't build a mill for its deer
- Fixed a bug where the AI wouldn't gather resources correctly.
- Fixed (hopefully) some bugs which might have been causing the crash issue.
- Improved the way flushing works
- Improved the way the AI manages its units
- Improved the way the AI attacks during a flush
- Improved the way the AI builds forwards buildings (It wants to target resource dropsites which can cripple the player, say lumbercamps or mining camps)
- Improved the way the AI defends against attacks (including the way the AI places towers in its own town)
- Specifically removed some
- Removed some cheating that was overlooked.
- Removed the ability for the AI to drush (wasn't effective at all)
zergs Unfortunately, it still crashes the game.
File Author
Very odd, can you specify what settings you're using?
You are running UserPatch correct?
zergs Fastest way to replicate: 8 players, all Bruteforce, full random civ, 4v4, hard difficulty, large player Arabia map, conquest victory, 200 pop, standard resources, dark age start, team together: yes, teams locked: no, all tech: no. game version is aoc with UserPatch.v1.4.20141115-000000.

Two games crashed immediately, the other about 5 minute into it.

Edit: Screenshot:

[Edited on 11/18/14 @ 04:27 AM]

Promiskuitiv Maybe because you try to research a Forgotten Empires tech [Edit: Madrasah (Tech.per), but there may be even more, i stopped searching after that.] which you falsely defconsted at 32767 which could (and probably would) surely crash the game.

As far as i remember there was a maximum ID value for researches which was okay and it definitely wasn't that high (i also helped an other scripter with the same issue and he only tried to research something with an ID around 1000).

You definitely can't just change the IDs of anything without knowing what their allowed & non-conflicting values are, if you want to defconst the Forgotten techs then just do it with their default values, they don't conflict with anything.

Maybe the reason for the crashes (which i got too when i tested your AI) is something else, but fixing the research stuff should help.

Edit: Actually you use (can research in that Madrasah research rule so it wouldn't fire anyway, but to be sure i'd still reset the IDs to their default values and move the Madrasah tech research to a file that only gets loaded when the Forgotten is enabled, can't hurt to do that.

[Edited on 11/18/14 @ 04:36 AM]

File Author
Thanks, I will definitely take a look into researches (any information helps at this point!) and I'll go over each rule to make sure it's set up correctly. specifically the UserPatch ones as they're more prone to crashes.

Something I must ask though, are you both running different languages of the game? by that I mean not English? Something is telling me that could be the issue somewhere (though it is highly doubtful.)
zergs My AoC is english. But my windows is not, in case you got confused by the screenshot.
File Author
I've released a quick fix that should address a few things and hopefully help with the crashing issue.

- Changed AoFE research ID's to their actual 3 digit ID's as opposed to 32678
- Removed Madrasah from the Tech file (just incase it was triggering something)
- Put all related Forgotten Empires stuff in a file.
- Fixed a bug where the AoFE stuff was being loaded in AoC
- Fixed a bug where the TSA was enabling and disabling over and over again.
- Fixed a bug where the AI town size would get stuck.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would still place towers in a silly location.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would retreat prematurely after getting shot at by a few towers when it clearly had the military advantage.
- Fixed a bug where up-offense-priority wasn't being enabled in the feudal age.
- Fixed a bug where Town Centers weren't being placed correctly. (Hopefully)
- Fixed up the economy to gather more balanced.
- Added stone miners in Feudal Age to build more towers if required.
- Changed scouts for skirmishers in the flush (This improves performance and attacking)
- Other general improvements and bug fixes.

[Edited on 11/18/14 @ 04:32 PM]

zergs I tested it again. The game crashed twice instantly, but one game ran to the 40min mark before crashing, so I can give you some suggestions.

It spammed enable tsa and disable tsa in local chat in mid castle age, turning the units for milliseconds indicating it tried to retreat them. That issue has not been resolved correctly yet.

As a pocket player, don't go for an early defensive tower, you need the stone for extra TC to get your eco going.

If you go for ranged units in castle age, bodkin arrow is a really important upgrade. The range is important vs other ranged units and the damage up is good vs knights.
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