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Siege of Gallipoli

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Siege of Gallipoli

Well, this is my first uploaded scenario. I made it in around 4-5 hours.

You play as the Byzantines, starting in a fortified city called Gallipoli. Your objective is to construct and defend a Wonder for 200 years.

You face three opponents:
Attila the Hun's army, the Ostrogoths and the Turks.
They will attack your base regularly in the later game.
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Den cekke Welcome Glock18. It's a good first scenario. The terrain was simple but nice and the whole thing reminded me a lot of the ES campaigns. However it was pretty easy and it lacked a story. Perhaps a more historical correct setting would be more interesting as well. If you improve the difficulty and the story I'm sure it can be a very enjoyable scenario.
John the Late
Den cekke's comment made me download it, I like the style of ES campaigns. Will play as soon as possible.

First word of advice, telling from the Screenshot: Place normal walls and research fortified walls via a trigger. Looks prettier than fortified walls with normal gates. :)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The overall gameplay was simple and concise, if but a little generic. The opponents lacked any ai, which made it feel like I was playing on a fortress map on deathmatch mode. It also seems they start out with so few resources that it takes quite a while for them to actually produce any units.

Balance: 2
The balance reminded me of a deathmatch match on a fortress map; just wall yourself in, build a lot of towers and castles, and sit back and watch your army prosper. The enemies lacked any ai, so it was mostly predictable. They also started out with very small forts, besides green, which made it very easy to knock them out early on in the game.

Creativity: 2
As this was your first map, I can see that the creativity is a bit lacking. Nothing new to offer in the form of tricks or cool features, and the overall scenario felt very much like a random match

Map Design: 3
This seems to be built off a random map, with very few major changes to the terrain. There is practically no terrain mixing, but the style reminds me of the ES campaigns so I give credit to that. One issue I have is in some parts where the terrain is mixed, it does not contrast or stitch together very well with the rest of the terrain. One such part is right outside your starting fort, where the dirt does not mix in at all with the grass.

Story/Instructions: 1
Lack of story and history are obvious. Maybe try and make a story based around the scenario.

Additional Comments:
This could have been promising, but the lack of proper ai, simple terrain and lack of story and history brought this down. Please look at this review as constructive feedback and criticism. I may change my review if the map is ever updated.
Shuvro Sounds Interesting, Downloaded. Will play soon.
John the Late
Glock18, you should include a custom AI file for the enemy players. The "built-in" AI might even ally with you, making the game even easier than it already was, there was no difficulty in achieving the objective at all.

If you don't want to get your hands at AI scripting (which isn't hard, but I understand if you wouldn't want to), then this might be interesting for you:, written by Den cekke/jan dc/1302 for creating basic scenario AIs.

[Edited on 11/30/14 @ 08:01 PM]

File Author
Thank you for your kind feedback! I will take into consideration all your comments. Don't think I'll be updating this, as it was just a little test map. I'm glad you guys actually played it though.

I'll probably make another scenario soon with improved features.
Darth Sarek An alternative to writing your own AI script would be downloading one from the AI Files. In fact, since your scenario sounds very similar to the final mission of the Saladin Campaign from AoK, you may find the AI used there to be particularly fitting. Den cekke uploaded all the ES Campaign AI files here:

I know you said you wouldn't be updating this file, but I thought I'd leave this suggestion regardless...

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Map Design3.0
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