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Zack the Dragon (alpha version 1.0)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
Zack the Dragon is my first campaign for aok:x after 2 days of having the conquerors i fell in love with the scenario designer and made this. In aok i am an inter on zone so if ure like me this shouldnt be a huge challenge at moderate but hard is pretty fun.

In this campaign you must build your empire, expand your borders, take out an evil empire trying to take your land and gold.

Please send all comments complaints or suggestions in.

P.S. remember this is an alpha version so their might be a few bugs.
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File Author
In case you are wondering Zack the Dragon is will not be a lone scenario for long. I am merely testing this scenario to see how people will think about my style of designing and because im not done with the other scenarios yet.

I hope to have them out in a week or two.
File Author
Please please please send in a player comment after you have finished playing that way i can update. (O and by the when i update it will be a major one) ;)
Map Design3.0
Your Zack the Dragon trying to destroy the spanish settlers, no more story.


I liked playing it, it was rather entertaining. But the map didn't have alot of story in it so it wasn't enjoyable. Then, the computer player just speaks out 'I should tribute thee as many resources as I can so you can go trash our opponents' and it starts to tribute you many resources. Then, the spanish settlement will change stace to you to neutral (The spanish settlement is your enemy).


You start out with 4 jaguar warriors, 4 long swordsmen and your hero with has like 25 attack and 750 HP. And later on you get villagers and a little town wich gets raided each minute. And your enemies start out with a full established base wich has 3 castles that are together. I would have not much of a difficulty if I could advance to Imperial age, but you can't. So I just did like 120 jaguars and eagles that came along with magnoels and rams. And, for the bid ending, I sent 2 attacks and both didn't made a scratch to the computer player since the castles + some other units attacked rams and magnoels and the castles were all together kicking my units out.


Well, there is no story at all and the triggers weren't even near of being complex. The map is just kind of a random map and he didn't used terrain variations.

Map design:

Receives a 2 for the poor resources that he putted on and because there is no terrain mixing at all. He added some shallows to the edge of the rivers that were there wich made it look kind of 'nice'.

Story/ Instructions:

No story at ALL! You were just Zack the Dragon with no idea who you are. The instructions weren't very confusing but there are some points missing in it, and no hints aswell.

I don't recommend this campaign to be a dl of your choice. I recommend the author to fix the points I just discussed about.


-Somewhat challenging.


-Almost no resources.

-Map design needs terrain mixing with some eye-candy aswell.

-Fix the age so you can advance to Imperial.

-Work on the story ALOT more.

-Find a way so that the computer stops sending messages and tributing and changing to enemy or neutral with you.

NOTE TO AUTHOR: This, for being your first campaign, was a good try. I suggest you dl some scenarios and campaigns from the Best of Aok so you gain some more knowledge about scenario designing.
sSc_Cobra007 Read my review. It says everything I found to be disturbing.
File Author
Thanks sooo much for the review. I unfortunately have been away for a while and havent been able to update this campaign. But now im back and im ready to work to get this in order.

Your review is very startling to me. There is only one castle that i put in. I will try to fix the part about the enemies going neutral. (i really dont know how but ill try my best). As far as eye candy goes, i dont really know much about it. I would try downloading other campaigns but i cant figure out how (dont laugh i know its stupid) either way ill work on this and ill probly have an update later on today. o yea and the random map thing. WRONG. completely made by me. I am working on history because as i have already noted the storyline is not out yet. im still working on the other scenarios.

sSc_Cobra007 Well, the same computer with it's AI creates the castles. be sure to fix that part.

Eye-candy is good looking map design. I didn't see much of this.


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Map Design3.0
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