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Simple Gameplay Mod 3.50 (Updated 20.05.2015)

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Version: Age of Empires II (2013): The Forgotten
IMPORTANT: Make a Backup of empires2_x2_p1!

Hello all!

I recently found a modding program for this game, and what do you know, I had to try it. I always wanted to see Viking Berserkers be terrifying raiders, or Byzantine Cataphracts be more affordable and durable against Champions and Knights, and allow early troops/towers be less costly, so that there is a real difference in 1) upgrading your units, and 2) affordability for units, such that units don't cost insane amounts of one resource, such as gold.

In this spirit, I made it my ambition to bring spice back into the game, where it was not found before. I have not changed the game's regular dynamics, or made it "suprisingly interesting" by any graphics add-ons or new units. Rather, I have taken the civilizations where they were at, and given them properties which their players always wanted.

Example: Gothic Huskarls are no longer simple piecemeal in melee combat. They can actually fight.

And so, with the hope that all might enjoy this in the community, I proudly present, the First Iteration of:

The Simple Gamplay Mod 3.50, intended to bring spice and balance back into the game, without drastically changing the way the game is played.

Note: This is for Age of Empires II: the Forgotton Empires. It contains one Data File, with the changes, and a backup in case you want to play the Original Forgotten Empires again. The install is manual, and done with one click of the mouse. Such simplicity, I assure you, assuades bold stroke of genius.

You can still play Age of Empires II: HD with this installed; Share it with friends.

The Patch Notes are included in the download. Its a long list, so I won't put it up here: They feature over a 100 minor balance changes done with civilizations or units; many of these are such as a Civilization getting access to Plate Barding Armor, or another to Arbalasts, or another Halberdiers, or still another, improved quality for their unique unit. Some are general changes, such as Early Pikemen getting boosted, while Halberdiers get slightly worse damage vs Cavs/War Elephants.
Still others are minor HP boosts, or armor improvements. Ships have also been noticed; Demolition Ships and Fire Ships are much more durable, and higher pierce armor so they can take heavy fire from warships.

Also, new: Heavy Cavs are a heavier, + have better resistance vs Camels/Pikes, but Camels are a little cheaper.

Tarkans move faster and are more durable in melee combat.

Version 3.50, Update (20.05.15)

- Minor Final Balances Made

- Hussars given starting Melee Armor

- Genitours kept to Scenario Editor use

Version 3.40, Update (12.05.15)

- Heavy Cavalry given more melee armor

- Champions given 80 HP

- Bloodlines kept at 20 HP to all cavalry units

- War Elephants are tougher

- Goths get Paladins

- Celts moving towards a more Cavalry-Centered Civilization

- Celts get Bloodlines

- a few minor changes

Version 3.35, Update (14.02.15)

- Cavaliers start with 145 HP

- Huskarls kept at a balanced statistic.

- more small details.

Version 3.3, Update (25.01.15):

- Celtic Woad Raiders are especially deadly to buildings, plus do more damage, and are faster moving. ("Raider" profile is compensated by maintaining their original armor, and also giving them a little more HP).

- New Unique Unit: Genitour. Celtic Cavalry Archer that throws javelins and has a minimum range. Has a bonus vs Infantry and War Elephants. (Art of the unit is taken from "Genitour" mod, and originally "A Song of Ice and Fire" mod by Erechel, found on aok.heavengames database).

- Regular Infantry (Two-Handed Swordsmen, Champions, Halberdiers) are now a bit stronger in normal melee combat (have more hitpoints; Halberdiers maintain same damage vs Cavalry).

- Cavalry Archers have more HP

- Mayans have Champions

- Updated Stringtable added, so that ingame price changes of techs is correctly displayed, and new civilization attributes are also properly displayed.

- Several other small changes.

Version 3.0, Update (23.01.15):

- Increased raiding properties of Berserks

- Testing with Bloodlines being worse

- Other small things

Version 2.70, Update (16.01.15):

- Berserks now do increased attack, and move faster so that they are versatile troops. They can run and heal, or fight with an aggressive punch. To compensate, Elite Berserks keep their 2 Melee armor. Also, they start with a penalty fighting Cavalry units, which is quickly negated by Chieftans.

- Testing Goths with Cheaper Infantry, and less archer-resistance Huskarls.

- Light Cavalry, Hussars, Magyar Huszars move +4% faster.

- Scout Cavalry brought up to a more original cost (to prevent unbalanced cavalry raiding)

- Heavy Camels do more damage.

- Saracens/Indians get Heavy Camel auto-researched upon hitting Imperial Age.

- Cavaliers maintain increased overall; Boyars/Cataphract: maintain durability, but slightly faster.

- Spanish Supremacy now also boosts Infantry and Hand Cannoneer HP.

- Mongol Foot Archers gain +1 melee/+2 pierce armor in Imperial & after Leather Archer Armor to make up for Ring Archer Armor

- Several other small changes


Version 2.69 Update, (13.01.15):

- Updated Boyar and Cataphract: Slower, but more durable

- Updated Huskarls: stronger in melee,

- Teutonic Knights now have a small area attack to begin with. This way, the Slavs will not be the only Civilization with deadly infantry.

- Paladins made heavier

- Only Trebuchets and Turtle Ships cost 2 Population now.

- Due to improved Heavy Cavalry, some civilizations will not get Plate Barding Armor.

- Fire Towers enabled for the Italians, Byzantines and Saracens, made very powerful vs. Ships and Siege Weapons; Greek Fire now boosts Fire Tower Range and firepower.

- A few other things


Old Update:

- Pallisades auto-upgrade in Imperial

- Cavalry Archers and Foot Archers made less pricy

- Fire Ship, Demolition Ships and Fishing Ships are more affordable.

- Heavy Cavs made more durable in Melee Combat

- Byzantine Cataphracts made more durable, but are significantly slower.

- Early Infantry units cost a little less

- Bombard Cannons are more affordable.

- Imperial Camels get better resistance vs buildings (which before was laughable).

- Crossbowmen and Arbalasts get a decent bonus vs Cavalry (+3 for Crossbowmen, +4 for Arbalasts), to help cope with the new Heavy Cav bonuses.

- Long Swordsmen, Two-Handed Swordsmen and Champions slightly improved (to help the use of these units). Now Cost much less to encourage usage.

- Unique Infantry units made more durable than Champions; this is also because they retain their original costs.

- Eagle Warriors (do to spammable infantry) die slower vs Regular Sword Infantry.

- Some more not mentioned.


- Civilizations can livestock in Castle Age onward. This means you can construct Cows and Sheep from your town centers, or Turkeys/Llamas for Native American Civilizations. They are cheap source of food, but of course, you must be careful not to neglect building villagers.

This allows the Celts lategame livestock converting ability to become VERY interesting. Also, it reduces wood-dependency of farms, and makes for easier recovery from raids.

Berserks are now faster lategame and have higher hitpoints and armor, including +2 damage extra vs normal buildings. They are ferocious warriors!



To install:

First Make a backup of empires2_x2p1.dat, then
copy and Paste the contents of 'Newest Empires 2 data'

In Steam/Steam/Apps/Common/Age2HD/Data, and override empires2_x2_p1.dat


Uninstall simply by copying and pasting in the old empires2_x2_p1.dat into the Data folder.

Note: Works single player, should work multiplayer if both people have it.


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
I have removed the original data file included in this file as users should be able to make backups of their own data file rather than relying on downloading backups provided by others. (Something which in theory goes against the HG Code of Conduct)
- Blacksmith Administrator
File Author
Thank you, I was unaware.

Anyways, enjoy the mod, and please give feedback!

best of regards,

chiruscan What changes did you make to the Berserks murdilator?
File Author
Regular Berserks have +6 HP (up to 60 base; becomes 72 with Viking Bonuses in Imperial), +1 melee armor (up to 1 melee/1 pierce), +1 melee damage (up to 10); Elite Berserks have +7 HP (70 HP base; becomes 84 with Viking bonuses in Imperial), +1 melee armor (up to 3 melee/2 pierce).

Bersergang also gives Berserks +10% speed, so that they become very good raiders.

I was testing this unit and thought that it really needed improvement. I still think Elite Berserks could be given either +1 additional melee armor or +1 additional pierce armor.

best of regards,


[Edited on 12/04/14 @ 05:21 AM]

chiruscan I think they should be given a bonus for smashing monasteries since thats historically what the Vikings did
File Author
This file has been updated.

Many new, good changes have been implemented.




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