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Possidon AI

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Possidon AI

This my first attempt at an AI. I made it using Jan DC's AI Builder as an experiment to see what can be done through it. I have no knowledge of scripting and it is a really useful tool and very easy to use.

This AI is mainly an economic AI which gathers resources and scouts the map, but it will build quickly and attack in small groups very regularly. It can be played on both land and naval maps with any civ. You can choose whichever starting settings you want and it should work.

Thanks for checking it out. Have fun playing.
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Campidoctoris I won't be able to test it until next weekend, but I'll give you a few tutorials to learn to script:

- Xafaxarcos Tutorial, made by myself. It's a very clear guide and nice to start. Their problems are that it's incomplete because I just made its first chapter and it's for 1.c version.

- Training AI, by Bear The Great. I learnt with it and I considered it a must read for any new scripter who wants to create a competitive AI. Excellent and complete guide.
Read it after my own guide. If you just have to read one guide read it instead of my own.

- VNS_Halen, by VNS_None. It's one of the strongest AIs before UP times. It includes a lot of comments to help new scripters to learn. Not as essential as Training AI, but provides extra knowledges and ideas.

These are my three preferred tutorials for 1.c scripting. But currently we have the Userpatch, which is too easy to install/uninstall, resolves some bugs and makes AIs much stronger, and there are things which now can be made in a different and better way.
For example:
- TSA, now you can make a TSA with many less rules, faster, more efficient and more adaptable.
- 1.c AIs needed pavilions in DM games because they couldn't builds more than once building of the same type at once. Now they can, so pavilions are not more needed.
- Farming is easier and more efficient because the same reason.

If you want info about UP, you can find thread about it in aiscripters forums, where you'll find more scripters ready to help you.

Welcome to the scripting world. :)
CheeseOnToast Some things that need addressing:

- Gathering in Dark Age is not efficient, starting villagers should be on food until you have around 8 or 9 villagers, you can achieve this by changing sn-gatherer-food-percentage and such. otherwise this causes:

* Very slow advancing times (longer than 14 mins)
* Idle TC (Which is something that should be avoided by players and AI's)
* Very unbalanced dark age economy

- It builds farms before building a lumbercamp and in some cases mining camps. (mining camps and farms shouldn't be built that early either, farms should be built when there isn't really a food source or you got a mill & lumbercamp first, you should also use idle-farm-count < 1 to check if for no idle farms so you do not waste the wood in building unneeded farms. mining camps should possibly be built while advancing to feudal age and later.)

* This also causes the possibility of slow advancing times.

- The AI never seems to research loom. You typically wanna research loom when you have around 8/9 villagers. (Loom helps giving villagers HP and armour, very effective to counter a drush and weak feudal units such as spearmen.)

- After a point, it seems the AI doesn't train villagers (Does it stop whilst town is under attack?)

- Doesn't seem to like resigning either

That's as far as I can see as it doesn't seem to reach feudal age fast enough to do anything good.
I'd suggest testing against other AI's on the blacksmith and improve your AI based on what you've saw.

[Edited on 12/05/14 @ 06:42 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the comments. I wasn't expecting this AI to be very good. It was just a test to see what I could do with the AI builder.
Devil_Spankalot No excuse. This AI shouldn't even exist. What's the purpose of scripting an AI? It is to customize the AI to perform better than the ordinary AI, right? But instead, this customized-AI performed a lot worst than the ordinary AI. Sucks at gathering resources. Sucks at fielding an army. Sucks at technology and upgrades. I don't know what is the AI's strategy really if there's a strategy with two villagers on stone right from the first 5 minutes.

Thing that really pissed me off about this AI is it eventually built many war ships but these war ships go the end of the map seemingly trying endlessly to find a passage to the other side of the map.

I even played it in a scenario map. The same thing happened. It ranked bottom in the game stats. Despite of all the resources, it researched techs were the lowest. It allied with CPS Alexander that gave this AI tribute to the tune of 70,000. Yet all it did was building line and line of watch towers; couldn't even be bothered to upgrade those towers if towers were the AI's main army.

Maybe I should try to play against all 7 of this AI in one team see what happen.
SonicBlade How compatible is this AI with DE?
Official Reviewer
File Author
I actually have no idea as I designed it for the Conquerors Expansion. It’s was an experiment for me and my first AI. The only thing I can say is give it a go and it and see.

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