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¤ The Siege of Sierra Castillo ¤

Author File Description
King Bob VI
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 2

Join King Sabio, Fredrico Cabeza, and their men on their quest to destroy the mighty city of Sierra Castillo.

After three unarmed merchants from King Sabio's city of Tiago are murdered in the mountians, Sabio suspects his rival, Renoir, and intends to seek revenge. Fredrico Cabeza, Sabio's most trusted advisor, comes along despite his thinking that the fighting is uneccesary and ends up with a lot more responsibility than he bargained for. This fictional story takes place in Fifteenth-Century Spain and is sure to provide hours of fun and challenge for any fan of custom campaigns.


- A beautiful map.

- A challenging mission that begs to be played again and again.

- Hundreds of triggers and 3 Custom AIs used to create a great gameplay experience.

- And much, much more.

Download now, you won't regret it!

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Blademaster_23 You said 3 AI's,but they were no AI files in the download.Or is there another way to have custom AIs in campaigns without dwnload & putting in AI folder?
King Bob VI
File Author
The AI files are included with the cpx file.
Map Design5.0

I loved playing the scenario. I didn't see any bugs in the scenario, not even a scratch of a bug on it. The playtesters did a great job in it. I have to say it's a little laggy from time to time but it's nothing really. The AI is a little scrambled around but it's well done.


I had alot of difficulties in this scenario. I found it pretty difficult. Player's 1 units should have more technologies. I liked the side quests really, it spiced the scenario alot.


The author had alot of ideas in this scenario never seen, that's 1 of the goodies of the scenario. You never stop looking at the story. Even thought the story is fictional, I haven't seen many like it.

Map Design:

The eye candy is Excellent! No words for it! Beta units, well combined Gaia forage bushes and flowers, well designed military encampment and the city.

Story / Instructions:

The instructions went straight to the point and no way to get confused by it. The story was great aswell, it had alot of great aspects. But the names were a little dumb.


Excellent map with excellent playability! Downloading it is extremelly recommended! Challenging!
Map Design5.0
Review by sceletar2004.playability 4, Balance 5,Creativity 5
Map 5,Story/instructions 5.Overall 4.8

Playability: This campaign is a FF scenario consisting of
two scenarios; the first one is a cut scene. The opening cut scene is well made and it contributes towards creating a nice atmosphere for the campaign.

After the initial cut scene in the second scenario, I was given command of a large army and very soon I was under attack from both sides. The aggressive attacks of the computer AI keeps you busy till the change of objective .The scenario offers some side quests which add a lot towards the playability (Fulfilling these help a lot in the game), however one of the side quests can be completed without following the instructions (I killed the lake monster with my Conquistadors). Apart from this the playability was superb, the constant attacks of the enemy and the rapidity of AI kept me busy all throughout the campaign, The city of Sierra Castillo has a strong defense which forces the player to use strategy while launching attacks (Attack the main gate with your whole army and they will be butchered within minutes)

The campaign was a bit laggy in some places but that does not affect the game play really. A point must be deducted for the malfunctioning of one of the side quests.
Overall the playability was engaging and exciting.4

Balance: This campaign was very well balanced. Micromanagement of your troops in small groups is required. The city was strategically placed and well defended. Taking the city with the limited arsenal of siege weapons was pretty tasking (I reloaded two times because of the loss of siege weapons). This campaign provides two difficulty options, Normal and hard, playing it on hard is exciting and challenging.

Overall this is a brilliantly balanced scenario, which offers a good challenge for Veteran Players and Moderate players alike (I don't recommend it for novices). 5

Creativity: The campaign was creative in quit some aspects, from map designing to the story; the author offers a lot of new creative elements. The theme of this FF campaign was unique and exciting (Never seen anything quit like this) you do not have to destroy the whole city for your victory here; instead you have to kill the enemy king.

Overall I find this campaign to be both creative and innovative.5

Map design: The map was beautifully designed, the atmosphere of the camp and the well-placed eye candy nicely blend in. The city of Sierra Castillo was strategically placed, the towers defend the city at key points, which makes it necessary to place troops in a strategic manner. The elevation was used nicely along with good terrain mixing.

Overall a beautiful map which offers a perfect setting for the campaign.5

Story/Instructions: This campaign is based on a fictional story, which shows the conflict between two proud kings, offers a great city siege, and has some interesting twists. The story is a strong aspect of the campaign, the story unfolds nicely and is able to create interstate best part comes in the victory message (the suspense element makes you really wonder)
The instructions and hints for the game were clearly written and gave a clear idea of what the player has to do.

Overall a very good story with clear instructions.5

Summary: One of the finest campaigns I have played. It is highly recommended for players who are looking for a good challenge.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The campaign consists of two scenarios, a cut-scene and a playable one; it is a mix of FF and RPS with few B&D elements. The story is fiction; the events take place on the Spanish side of the high Pyrenees Mountains near the French boarder in 1456/1457, you play Fredrico Cabeza from Tiago and lay siege to Sierra Castillo.

PLAYABILITY: ¤ The Siege of Sierra Castillo ¤ is one of these 'almost overall 5.0' scenarios and due to the missing effort to balance the scenario correctly the playability had too many frustrating moments. Instead of providing challenge and fun, playing was often only challenge, the category rates 'how much fun you had playing this particular scenario', which was limited. Nevertheless, I liked the two side quests, exploring the map, trying different strategies even though some failed. Probably I was too cautious, paid too much attention to the hints were it said "They key is to lose as few troops as possible", instead of playing more boldly in the beginning, hinder the enemy to accumulate resources because he trained many units, countered every attack forcing me to retreat. On the other hand, maybe I played too bold and defense was the right strategy because later in the game it became too easy anyway, the attacks of the enemy ceased and finally my 143 units out of the initial 208 opposed one enemy woodcutter. I did not encounter any bug or lag. 4

BALANCE: I wished for a lower entry difficulty level for me, a level a player who plays Ulio on hard and fast speed could accomplish without frustration on his first attempt. For an excellent game experience, Ensemble Studios provided five difficulty levels for a single scenario, which this is. Only for multi scenario campaigns, they reduced to three, as the designer can alternate easier with difficult scenarios in a campaign to entertain players of different skill levels. Here five levels reduce to two labeled hard and a bit easier by the author, and as much I am for taking the intend of the author into account when rating the balance score, here his intention failed. The intention results in omissions, like not enough effort to trigger the scenario as well as a lack of play testing. 3+

CREATIVITY: Every aspect of a scenario factors into creativity and here the balance is not creative. Still 'The Siege of Sierra Castillo' excels in many other aspects to earn still the highest rating, especially map design and story, the good mix of the FF style with side quests, the custom AI file, music, prologue bitmap, and the victory condition where you have to kill King Renoir instead of raising the city to the ground. Last not least the mix of a fictional story with real places and exact dates in time spanning from medieval to modern, which gives it an authentic touch. 5-

MAP DESIGN: The scenario's best, the map design is truly awesome. Primarily the technical design, an overcrowded military camp in the mountains without the possibility to get into any comfortable battle formation in the area facing an impenetrable city demanding tactics and a good overall strategy supported by various paths through the woods, a true siege. In addition, a beautiful design with good terrain mix, use of elevations, blending of lower and higher snowy areas and a well designed city with its defenses. 5

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Another strong category with an intro cut-scene, which brings you well into the story, two bitmaps, clear instructions and hints, the fictitious history and story in the introduction screen do not stand out compared to many, the in game development does and I liked the twist in the victory screen. It builds up suspense showing how people enter the road leading to war and how the absence of any diplomatic effort turns it into a one-way street, revenge as the final senseless motive, well done. 5

SUGGESTIONS: Try at least the three difficulty levels a campaign file provides to the designer, a standard entry level with more technologies for player 1 and less towers plus the replacement of a castle with another building for the enemy should do.

IN CLOSING: I recommend ¤ The Siege of Sierra Castillo ¤ for the expert player.
laz123 Cannot read from source disc (cpx file), so is missing or damaged.

Edit: Well, I got to play it, but on easy it was too hard. 20 enemy keeps, a population max of 35 so I couldn't make any more seige weapons. An excellent game if you can win.

[Edited on 02/02/07 @ 06:26 AM]

laz123 Well, I got to play it, but on easy it was too hard. 20 enemy keeps, a population max of 35 so I couldn't make any more seige weapons. An excellent game if you can win.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The Siege of Sierra Castillo is a fun and enjoyable FF Campaign consisting of a short Prologue setting the scene and explaining the background. The Second Scenario is the main FF battle. I really liked playing the campaign. It is a very fun and enjoyable Siege game. I was on it for hours

Balance: 4
The Balance was good. The beginning was easy but as soon as I started attacking the city I got really stuck. It was heavily fortified with towers and had a lot of soldiers surrounding it. When I finally breached the wall the game got even harder. The soldiers were coming at me even faster.

Creativity: 5
The Scenario is very creative. It is a Fixed Force scenario which means you cannot really build any extra units. The campaign has a custom AI file, great music, a nice bitmap and a good use of trigger tricks. The Map design and story also add the Creativity’s score.

Map Design: 5
The Map Design is great. The map is full of cliffs, elevation, GAIA units and terrain mixing. The outskirts of Sierra Castillo is mainly a forest which looks really nice. In-between the forest and the city is your base. It is a wide opening in the forest and has a broken road leading to the city.

The City of Sierra Castillo is really pretty. It is heavily fortified and looks very realistic. The buildings are mixed around and the roads are blended together nicel with bits of broken, fungus and normal road.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story of Sierra Castillo is a very fun and enjoyable story, which makes the scenario a lot better. It is a very fun city siege tale and is based on a fictional story. King Bob VI has done a great job implementing the great story into a great Age of Empires campaign. The Campaign also a great instructions. They are clear and precise and tell me everything I need to know. There uis also a really helpful Hints page. I knew what to do at all points.


[Edited on 03/01/10 @ 10:43 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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