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AVC - A Reunion to Remember

Author File Description
Darth Sarek
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
This is my first scenario ever uploaded! This is a mish-mash of various ideas I've had; the AoK Anniversary provided the perfect opportunity to finally put it all together. It is meant to be a silly/fun scenario, and has some subtle puns that long time AoE players should get. I have learned a lot from this great community, and I hope you all enjoy the fruits of my labor!


This is a Role Playing Game, heavily focused on story. Gameplay and objectives are primarily composed of Mini-games or puzzles, with only a short combat sequence at the end.

You play a hard working villager on his way to the Age of Kings Anniversary Festival, eager to meet his personal heroes and prove himself as more than a common villager.

Get to the Festival. And face whatever challenges befall you.


Age of Empire II: The Age of Kings

Today we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this masterpiece. We write, and design, and play, and hold contests in celebration of this game we all love. But we aren't the only ones celebrating. The characters of the game want to celebrate too. After all, they've been hard at work for 15 years, following our every command, making this game possible. Today they have planned a special Anniversary Party of their own: a Reunion of their Heroes, gathering to celebrate their devotion to the Age of Kings. The venue for this grand Reunion is a world class Resort Hotel and Spa: The Wonder! The Wonder Resort will host a Festival, with all manner of entertainment, to be followed by a great Feast held at the The Wonder's Mountain Lodge Inn and Brewery. The town is buzzing with excitement.

But there is something amiss; the Hero guest list seems to be one short. Mysterious figures cloaked in red have moved throughout the town, unnoticed by the anxious partygoers. What could it be about? And what does any of it have to do with a hard working villager who wishes to be more?

If you want to find out, join these pixelated people as they gather to celebrate their 15th year of work. It is sure to be...

A Reunion to Remember
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
This is a pretty fun scenario, particularly the festival area stage with its variety of minigames, although some of them suffer from bad balancing and minor bugs. The second part of the scenario, where you're collecting resources for the feast, is more balanced, but instead suffers from too many long walks and long moments where you're just staring at the screen, waiting for your villager to collect food from a bush or farm. All in all, it's still entertaining!

Definitely the weak point of the scenario, as most of the challenges are either too easy or borderline frustrating. Some of the games in the festival area are very easy (e.g. the horse races; just keep close to the palisade and you've pretty much won), others don't work as intended (the boar game, where the boar gets stuck on the stones, meaning you can just stand still for the last 20 seconds or so), and the trebuchet game, while clever, takes so many restarts that it gets frustrating. The trade quests are probably the most well-balanced of all the quests: you're always in danger, but with the right tactics you can win out without too many restarts. Finally, the last battle is pretty much a walkover. All in all, the balance is too uneven to warrant a higher score than a 2.

The creativity is the strong point of this scenario. The idea for the scenario is pretty clever, an in-game celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the game, celebrated by the heroes and commoners found in the game itself. It is well played out with a trivia quiz and a bunch of AoK-related in-jokes and puns. Things like horse races and quizzes have been done before but not all that often, and seldom in a context where it fits quite as well as it does here. Aside from the minigames, however, the scenario is a bit bland: most missions are simple ones of the go-fetch-the-item kind, often forcing you to stare at the screen while your villager collects some resources (or just play with "aegis" on to skip the dull moments). The music, on the other hand, particularly in the festival area, is a high point of the scenario, especially the Mario Kart theme used for the horse races! Using the game's original heroes is also a clever way of getting around the fact that there's no "Change Object Name" effect in the original game.

For a first submission, this definitely shows a lot of qualities. The whole map is very nice too look at, the landscape is varied and the towns are strategically designed to make the trade cart quests hard but not impossible, as you race and dodge the guards trying to catch you. The harbor area in particular is very well made, while other parts, like the forests, are a bit too plain. Definitely a strong point of the scenario!

The story is pretty simple and works well enough with the theme of the scenario, but it is too padded with unnecessary (and unnecessarily long) bits of dialogue that don't lead anywhere. The banter between the main character and his pal at the start could probably have been cut in half, for example, without losing anything important, and while still retaining the jokes and the story set-up that is presented. The instructions, on the other hand, are good, and help you solve even the most frustrating bits (i.e. the trebuchet game) if you get stuck.

ALL IN ALL: A creative take on the contest theme, and a very promising first submission!

[Edited on 01/03/15 @ 06:34 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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Size:6.63 MB