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Guard Cavalry

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
A unit I made for a friends mod.Can be used in any Middle eastern scenario or as an upgrade to the light cavalry line.

How to use
You need to download turtle pack and open the graphics.drs using the drs editor there you can look through the slp files and Light Cavalry/cataphract.right click on the cataphract stnading slp and replace it with the GC standing graphic slp.For the rest follow the same method.

Special thanks to
DanielP for converting to slp and fixing the anchors.
Kallehagen for the Icon
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Official Reviewer
Usefulness/Novelty: 4
"Guard Cavalry" is a modpack containing graphics for a unit that looks like a hybrid between the cataphract and the light cavalry. It is basically the armored cataphract riding a light unarmored horse. Though it only uses existing AOK graphics put together through the "copy-paste" method, it has the potential to be very useful in certain custom scenarios, and it just looks very cool overall. You can't go wrong with a combination between two nice-looking units.

Quality/Instructions: 5
The instructions are pretty straightforward nowadays, when everyone uses Turtle Pack for modding. The unit itself is of very good quality, it is hard to tell the difference between it and the original AOK units, in terms of quality. The anchor points are flawless too, so you will have no problem integrating it in your scenarios.

Additional Comments:
This is a flawlessly copy-pasted unit that you can use for scenarios which require a more original look for one or several cavalry units, without altering the original graphics too much. Definitely a recommended download for scenario designers that use modding.
Official Reviewer
Guard Cavalry is a new unit by Mahazona. Made through copy and paste, this unit takes the solider from a Cataphract and the horse from a light Cavalry and merged them together to create a new light cataphract/guard Cavalry unit.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5
There are so many possibilities for this unit. As I stated before this could be used as a light cataphract, a guard cavalry, a new hero unit, etc. The possibilities are endless and this unit is a welcome edition to the scenario. I’ve not seen many other units that look like this and this is certainly the best quality of all of the ones I’ve seen. It’s good to add a new unit which is a lighter armoured horseman which still looks like a solider, as opposed to the light Cavalry which looks more like a scout than a soldier. Totally fantastic and very useful new unit.

Quality/Instructions: 5
The quality of this unit is absolutely flawless. Copy and paste units are the hardest units to create because you have to find elements from various units that blend together nicely in all angles and for each action (attacking, dying, walking, etc). This, plus the time it actually takes to copy and paste these units together smoothly, makes these sort of units unbelievably hard to create but Mahazona as fine an incredible job with this unit. The animation in this unit is very smoothly and I can even say flawless. There is nothing to complain about here. Being a copy and paste unit ensures that this unit blends in perfectly with the rest of the graphics in game and it comes equip with its own unique icon, player colour, and has accurately set anchors. Mahazona has even provided instructions of how to add this unit into the game through Turtle Pack.

Additional Comments:
Overall this unit is a really welcome edition to the AOK editor. It is a realistic and unique unit which blends in perfectly to the game and is of superb quality. An absolutely recommended download.


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