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Illuminati AI

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(Updated on 05/02/17)
Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.4
; Illuminati AI v1.0c
; by Aleph

; ==== SETTINGS ====
; Game Version: AoC UP 1.4
; Game Mode: Random Map
; Civ: Any
; Teams: Any
; Map: All land maps except Michi. Works best on open maps like Arabia.
; Map Size: Any (should correspond to number of players)
; Difficulty: Hard
; Resources: Standard (Low)
; Population: Any
; Reveal Map: Normal
; Starting Age: Standard
; Teams Together: On
; Lock Teams: On
; All Techs: Off

; ==== TAUNTS ====
; 120 - force monks-only strategy (only 1v1 and monk civ - AZT/BYZ/JAP/SAR/SPA/TEU)
; 123 - confirm illuminati
; 250 - chat current strategy (allies, self, AI enemy in 1v1)

; == NOTES ==
; UserPatch required, does not work with Age2:HD
; does not cheat
; cannot play water maps or michi
; untested on pre-walled maps (e.g. Arena) and chokepoint maps (e.g. Black Forest)

; changelog 1.0b -> 1.0c
; - fixed a rare but CRITICAL BUG that caused the game to freeze

; changelog 1.0a -> 1.0b
; - added missing eco balances for a few civs' unique unit strategies
; - removed obsolete aztec monk system (will be replaced with something better soon)
; - fixed a critical bug that would train and delete villagers at the same time
; - fixed a bug that could cause unwanted garrisoning
; - minor tweaks and fixes

; changelog 1.0 -> 1.0a
; - changed default arena strat for some civs to boom
; - will now escrow paladin upgrade earlier
; - will now build a monastery earlier on arena-style maps if there are relics around
; - will now save 100 gold for a monk in the same situation
; - can now train camels as counter units instead of spearmen, depending on cavalry and infantry upgrades
; - can now research heavy camel upgrade
; - improved emergency tribute (only for allied Illuminati)
; - improved relocation
; - fixed a bug that caused a premature strategy switch on arena
; - minor adjustments

; changelog 0.9a -> 1.0
; - rewrote retreat from TC/castle to consider rams in the proximity
; - will now stop military production to reboom when severely hurt in TGs
; - will now train spears vs enemy knights as flank
; - will now tribute resources to allies if asked and able to spare them
; - can now ask for tribute
; - can now research coinage and banking
; - can now retask shepherds to boar in dark age
; - can now retask foragers to farms
; - can now rebuild in TGs
; - can now also make camels in pocket krush
; - added Daedric and Tribal to the list of AIs it can coop-attack with
; - enabled Mayan KLEW in settings where there's no more than 2 enemies, except FFA and 1v2 (previously: only 1v1)
; - adjusted KLEW build order
; - will now fully idle its TC in early castle age when KLEWing
; - rebalanced pocket krush, will now be more agressive in early castle age
; - rebalanced fast castle build order
; - improvements to feudal age farming
; - improvements to garrison controls
; - slightly improved 1v1 scouting
; - increased window during which eagle flooders won't make supplementary units
; - replaced old code which could've caused a premature stop to home scouting in TGs
; - fixed a bug that would stop vill production to save pop space for trade carts too early
; - fixed 2v2v2(v2) not being detected as FFA
; - fixed strategy selection in uneven team games with player disadvantage (won't flush in that case)
; - fixed a bug that caused booming players to build a barracks in early castle age
; - fixed a bug that could cause the scout to attack enemy units when attempting boar steal
; - fixed a bug that could cause wood to be sold while researching castle age
; - fixed a bug that could prevent padded archer armour research in feudal age
; - many minor tweaks and fixes
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.0

Illuminati is a fine AI and an excellent addition to the UserPatch AI Scripting Ladder. Though a rather specific AI tailored to 1v1s as Aztecs on open maps, Illuminati stands as a prime example of what can be achieved when elite scripting skills are meshed with the increased potential that the UserPatch allows AI scripters with various new forms of functionality. As of now it sits at an ELO rating of 1628 in the ladder, a very impressive achievement given the company in which it stands.

With regard to gameplay, the AI benefits from the high level of game knowledge exhibited by its scripter, who used to commonly play AoE2 multiplayer at a competitive level. Unsuspecting players will watch in shock as their base is overpowered by masses of Monks, pikes, eagles, and siege. Furthermore, the early game of this AI is formidable, and it can achieve Castle Age times quite impressive for an AI. Although there are a few things that could be improved (such as a dearth of military buildings as evidenced in some ladder games) and some bugs here and there, the author has done an excellent job of responding to feedback and improving his AI accordingly.

Additional Comments:

An up-and-coming AI, Illuminati definitely deserves a look. Even experienced multiplayer players will find it to be a healthy challenge, and I'm sure that as time goes on the author will continue to improve it even further. Excellent work, Aleph!

[Edited on 01/12/16 @ 01:50 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, Sam!
I'm currently doing a lot of work on the AI. It now has basic Team Game functionality (including a great pocket eagle flood), many new micro features and I'm adding more civs.
VisualAnty Hi, I've tested your AI against the Imfamous Barbarian AI, and it performed splendidly (Ill) Japanese vs (Bar) Chinese both were on Random civs, Arabia 1v1 and Illuminati had upperhand by the 27 min mark. Barbarian did however have a slightly stronger Economy Score and led by about 40 points ahead of Illuminati and stole a boar. In Comparison they are both on par where as Illuminati did perform better at its Skirmishes against the Barbarian I have to agree this is a really well rounded AI and to me it feels like the leading AI at the moment. Its challenging as hell. A very good job on your end keep up the good work! Rating 5!
Illuminati is definitely a TOP AI and at least a MUST HAVE.
Its newest version "0.9" is hugely improved for teamgames. Keep up the good work Aleph :D
osquitarxp is very good

[Edited on 01/06/17 @ 07:12 AM]

arthas1010 Very good AI

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