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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
This is my first campaign I have made that will be distributed. It is based on one of my favorite books..."Eragon". It has 3 levels the first 2 might seem boring but the last is awesome!!! Be patient and you will win it!Please post any suggestions for improving my campaign and if I get a good rating I will put everything that I should of in the campaign that will reveal the story.
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Map Design1.0
You are Eragon, a poor farmer boy who finds a dragon egg. Soon, an evil king knows about it and kills your family because he wants the egg of the dragon.


Well, He didn't used Inmobile units AI or some sorth of Ai that would prevent the units from moving, so the unit that you had to meet kept moving in the 1st scenario. In the 2nd scenario, the author just putted you in a snowy forest and you have to kill the thieves because they have discovered you, used no more than 3 triggers in it. The 3th scenario is the one that wins it since you get like 2 heroes and 2 other players are fighting each other. It would be great if you could control your allied army, but you can't. You only get 2 mounted units with alot of hp and attack. The only thing I enjoyed from this campaign is the story. Also, in the 3th scenario there was alot of lag.


In the 1st scenario you have a champion with 170 hp and like 13 attack against Elite teutonic knights that had 300 hp. In the 2nd scenario you get 2 units that have alot of hp and attack against wolves, hunting wolves, and a long swordsman, so it's pretty difficult to die. In the 2nd scenario you get no control of either of the 2 armies that are fighting so you only get 2 units with alot of hp and attack wich isn't very good.


This is the strongest point. The story required alot of creativity to develope. But, there is alot of creativity that is required in the trigger and map design for the eye candy (There is no eye candy at all).

Map Design:

Weakest point. No eye candy at all. He received a 1 because he used some rocks and yurts well placed in the 2nd scenario. Also, no terrain mixing in any of the 3 scenarios. It was only trees and grass in the 1st scenario and snow and snow pine forest sin the 2nd scenario.

Story/Instructions: If there would be any well done isntructions he would have had a 5 in this but, unfortunately, he didn't write any clear instructions. The story was the strongest point.

I don't recommend this scenario for downloading unless you have nothing better to do.
fuzzydude45 OK. i just played this and i say that it was inacurate. First off you missed the first 10 chapters of the book and the second scenerio just plain out was BAD and the 3rd was inacurate because there was only 2 ra'zac and the shade should have been stronger and there should have been 3 battles going on outside unless that was supposed to be the end of book 2 but that would be EVEN MORE inacurate because the shade wasnt there so if i were to rate this id probly give it a 1.5 for suckyness, skipyness and inacuracy
Nalder This was the worst Eragon Level I have ever seen. The map design was horrible, the gameplay sucked and it wasn't fun at all. The story wasnt the same as the book, either. Another thing is, CARVAHALL IS AT THE TOP OF ALAGAESIA, not the bottom. I highly recommend not downloading this, because it is a waste of 375.29 KB on the Hard Drive
mydogsnameisjett I agree it is bad. But what I would really like is if you redid it them made an Eldest Campaign. If there was an Eldest Campaign I would download it!
CRAZEDMANIAC look, you need to reread the entire series.
no offense, but he's right, carvahall is near the spine.

CORRECTION: Du Weldenvarden is at the top of Alagaesia.

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Map Design1.0
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Size:375.29 KB