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Battle of Falkirk

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
Battle of Falkirk

By sSc_Cobra007

Member of Human Life Productions


Map creator: sSc_Cobra007
AI: Zanzard Lothar and sSc_Cobra007
Sounds: Exar and sSc_Cobra007
Testers: Exar, Crusader, Reuch, Stephen Richards and anyone else I left out.


The battle of Falkirk was ment to lost, but you can change history in this campaign by leading the scots into victory.


S1-Battle of Stirling Bridge (Cut-scene).
S2-Plundering (Pre-battle mission).
S3-Battle of Falkirk.

Please send any suggestions and bugs to

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Map Design5.0
Review of Battle of Falkirk
The Battle of Falkirk is a three-scenario FF campaign, which depicts the Scottish rebellion led by William Wallace to free Scotland from English Grasps. William, one of the most famous characters in European History was unable to fulfil his dream of freeing Scotland as King Edward of England defeated his forces at The Battle of Falkirk and crushed the Scottish Rebellion. William himself was captured and executed brutally.
In this Campaign, however you get the chance to change history. What if William had won at Falkirk?
This three scenario campaign gives you command of Wallace and his men as you see them defeat the English at Sterling Bridge (Opening Cut scene Scenario), Raid English villages avoiding British Garrisons (second scenario) and finally meet the massive armies of King Edward and his allies in the decisive Battle of Falkirk.

The first scenario of this campaign is a cut scene, which showcases the Battle of Sterling Bridge. This short cut scene is interesting to watch and the nice atmosphere of the scenario makes it all the more enjoyable.

In the second scenario, you get control of Wallace and his Small band of men and are given the task of raiding English Village to cut off food supplies for the English army. This scenario is extremely fun to play. Guiding the unequipped forces of Wallace through the snowy terrain, avoiding the powerful English Soldiers to raid the small villages and cut off English supplies is exciting and engaging. The fine Brave Heart soundtrack playing in the background adds to the atmosphere and sets the mood for the scenario.

The third scenario, which is the Highlight of this campaign, depicts the Battle of Falkirk. You play on the Scottish side. The stage is set for the great battle to follow as the vast armies of Edward and his allies gather on the other side of the river. Before the start of Battle, the player is given command of Robert Bruce and his men and has the option to fulfil some side quests to give some advantage to the Scottish in battle. It is really fun to dress up as English Arbalest and pass of as regulars in front of English troops in one of the side quests.

The battle starts initially and the English troops and their allies charge in large numbers at the Scottish troops marking the beginning of the bloody battle. The battle keeps the player engaged right through as waves of Enemy troops attack in large numbers. Victory comes when the Scots raze the Castle in the English camp.
The great atmosphere, beautiful map, and the enjoyable side quests contribute a lot to the playability of this scenario.

Overall, all the scenarios of this campaign are fun to play and give this campaign high replay value. 5

The main scenario of this campaign is the third scenario that offers three difficulty options, Easy, Moderate and Hard. On easy level a bit of management of your troops is enough to get victory against the English forces. On moderate level, the campaign is slightly tougher and it becomes essential to use correct unit counters (The Pikemen, which run through the cavalry, are no use against the champions). Along with that the player must use the terrain to his advantage.
The moderate level offers a fair challenge to the players. The hard level offers a great challenge; the battle begins immediately after you choose this level. There are no allies this time; instead you have to face three enemy sides rather than the usual two in the previous levels. The level offers a great challenge and there is a significant difference than the other levels, which makes it the pick for the veteran player.

The second scenario of this campaign is very well balanced and offers a great challenge for even experienced players. Few scenarios have challenged my skills as this one did. Managing the ragged group of Wallace and his soldiers against heavily armored British troops requires careful micromanagement and requires the use of every clever tactic in the game. William with his heavy attack is the decisive factor in this scenario (He must be used wisely to counter the powerful English troops). Highly enjoyable and challenging this one is a must play for good players. 5

The theme of this campaign offers little scope for creativity but in spite of this the designer scores in this category for his excellent presentation of the campaign. The whole concept of the second scenario is well crafted (The idea of raiding villages to cut off food supplies looks believable and you can almost imagine yourself in the place of Wallace)
The side quests in the third scenario are well timed (It doesn't seem that the designer has forced in the side quests to add weight to the campaign). The placement of pikes in the forests surrounding the Scottish camp in the third scenario represents a clever tactic adopted by Wallace to fight off the charges of the English Knights. The use of various eye candy and trigger tricks add to the creative aspect of this campaign.5

The map design is the strongest point of this campaign. Right from the opening cut scene scenario the excellent map design skills of the Designer come into light as the beautifully recreated area of Sterling Bridge comes into view with the snowy terrain and the gently flowing river. The map design gets even better in the second scenario set on the snowy English plains. The various snow terrains have been well mixed to make it look very realistic. The English villages and bases have been very well designed and it really looks like a 12th century snowy European countryside. The battlefield in the third scenario has been very well designed with proper mixing of terrain. The designer has used various Gaia and beta objects carefully to enhance the map design. Great detail has been put into the map and even the unexplored areas of the map have been designed with detail. The elevation on the riversides and forests is perfectly used

Overall excellent map designing.5

This historical campaign covers the achievements and highlights of the life of the Scottish Hero William Wallace but mainly revolves around the Battle of Falkirk. The story has been well developed and it covers all possibilities which could have resulted in a Scottish victory at Falkirk. The instructions are clearly written and the hints and scouts sections have been written in detail. The scouts' section has even got a symbolical map of the battlefield in the third scenario. The designer provides a different introduction image for every scenario to add a nice touch.
Some spelling mistakes however are seen in the instructions and hints sections (eg: saving is written as 'saveing'). These minor mistakes need to be rectified. 5-

A great campaign which offers excellent game play. Highly recommended for downlaoding.

[Edited on 06/08/08 @ 09:15 PM]

Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
(Note: this review has been updated in light of the changes made by the author in response to my original review.)

This campaign consists of three scenarios depicting the events leading up to The Battle of Falkirk, and the battle itself. A battle for Scottish liberation, it took place in 1298 between the English King, Edward I (the 'Hammer of the Scots’) and William Wallace. The first scenario is a cut-scene showing the preceding battle, at Stirling Bridge, a notable victory for the Scots, although at a cost as Wallace’s friend and advisor Sir Andrew de Moray died from injuries sustained there. In the second scenario, you must lead Wallace and a small group of Scots on raids against English supply points, and the third covers the Battle of Falkirk. In reality, the superior English forces prevailed, but this campaign gives you an opportunity to rewrite history.

I enjoyed playing this campaign. The cut-scene is short and sweet and the two playable scenarios are quite different in nature which provides pleasing variety. One minor change needs to be made to the cut-scene: the view of the battle should be altered upward as it currently takes place virtually off-screen. The second scenario requires a certain amount of stealth in order to avoid the English patrols, as you weave between the clumps of snow-covered trees to find their bases. There is a pleasant wintry atmosphere to this, appropriate for the Scottish climate! Despite the author’s changes, I still think there is a slight imbalance in the resources you gain (particularly gold) which are not enough to make powerful troops to counter the powerful English, so one can virtually rely on William Wallace alone as he is very strong. The final scenario requires strategic skills appropriate for a large-scale battle, using counters and so on. It was entertaining as it took me a few attempts to win (on hard) although I could see that victory was achievable, and in fact I think it was probably a little too easy. Both playable scenarios have the facility to set the difficulty level in-game.

By and large the balance was OK, although I think it could be improved. In the second scenario, as mentioned above, resources gained could be more equally distributed. Also, Wallace is strong and self-healing and it is possible to win with him alone, even if it is time-consuming and tedious. It took me three attempts to win the third scenario on hard. The first time I got sidetracked by a side-quest and lost badly, the second time I beat off the attacks but was left with only WW, RB and the rams with about 10 HPs between them, not enough to destroy the castle, but the third time I won easily and was left with a large number of troops. Even though it took me three attempts, I think it could be made harder by providing more resistance at the castle or just more enemies generally.

There was some good use of triggers, e.g. the arbalests for the Welsh mission, and the assassination sub-plot was well-handled and made an interesting (and authentic) diversion. The map design was, with a few reservations, good, particularly in the second scenario. There was also some rather good use of sound in the cutscene.

The map design in the second scenario was effective and atmospheric (although I wondered if some of the trees were a bit too regular). In the third scenario the map is also fine, with some attention to historical accuracy, viz the placement of trees near the Scots encampment. It is not quite as interesting, however, being rather flat and somehow lacking a Scottish air. (On a related theme, in a historically-themed campaign I was doubtful about the presence of cavalry archers although I haven't marked down for this!)

Story, instructions and hints were excellent. Clearly the author did a fair amount of research, something which is evidenced throughout. In particular, the Scouts section of the final scenario includes a clever representation of the terrain. On the minus side, there were spelling and grammatical errors littered throughout. The author should use a spell-checker, or send it to me, I'm always happy to check this sort of thing.

All in all, this is a diverting campaign which I think would appeal to anyone other than the most diehard English patriot, unwilling to countenance the thought of Scottish victory, or the most diehard Scottish patriot, unwilling to recall a battle which their side lost. (An historical aside: there is apparently some evidence that Robert the Bruce was not at the battle at all

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Map Design4.5
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