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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Another basic cut and paste mod.

Heavily armored and wielding a Dane axe, this unit could be a Saxon or Viking Houscarl, or a Varangian guard in the service of the Byzantine Empire.

There is a similar set of Civ 3 graphics, but they didn't quite mesh with the AoK graphics (a little too tall). So I made this guy.

The unit uses the same number of frames as the throwing axeman which he is made from.

As always, my units are free for anyone to use. No need to ask for permission.
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adamproxdude33 that's good u should make more units like
a Mounted Janissary (Janissary&Cavalier)
a Camel Guard (Camel&Knight)
a Pike Knight (Knight&Spearman)
File Author
I have a partially finished crusader spearman. It's a pikemans body, with a spear instead of a pike, a knights long kite-shaped shield, and a cavaliers helmet. But I doubt I'll ever get around to finishing that one. It's not relevant to the time period for the mod I'm making.

I might add some new lighter Arabian, Chinese, Persian, and Barbarian/levy spearmen in the near future though. Just ES graphics spearmen but with the back shield removed and some different types of shields and heads for different cultures.
John the Late
This unit is great! Like Mahazona said, clear 5.0 for the unit graphics! The icon needs a little fixing, but the unit graphics are top quality. :)

Edit: I also exactly know which unit you are talking about, Dave. :D

[Edited on 03/13/15 @ 10:36 PM]

Mahazona Looking forward to you next set of units dave I can use all of them :)

Btw how do you add this chain mail texture?Is there a place to download such textures?

[Edited on 03/14/15 @ 03:12 AM]

Seonid This is amazing, like all of your units, Dave.

Your description of your new spearmen makes me want to either rush and finish the ones I'm making (which are actually based off of your spearman with a Huskarl shield), or wait until you make them so that I'm not duplicating work.

Just curious, what shields are you planning on using? I'm making a spearman with the shield from Kor's old Frisian Infantry, one with the shield from your light Arab longswordsman, and one using the Berserk's shield.
Havie Guy looks sweet, nice job!
File Author

I can upload the slps for the in-progress units (the yellow hat and back shield are removed, but the hand held shields aren't added yet). That might be helpful base unit to start modding from. Even if you don't start over. For example, you might be able to cut the new shieldless back off the new spearman (yet to be uploaded) and paste it over what you have now. If that is something you wanted to do. I can try to get the white background off of my in-progress units and get them uploaded in the coming days.
Havie This guys real nice
TriRem Dave, your unit looks perfect (as usual) ! I have to ask, how do you manage to copy paste the shield so perfectly ? It doesn't shake at all the movement is so smooth...
File Author
I did most of this unit years ago (it's a long story). I don't recall how I did the shield on this one, but on newer units I've started cutting a piece out of the center of the shield and pasting it onto a feature on the unit itself to make sure the shield is in the same position relative to the unit on each frame.

For example, on my most recent spearman I cut a hole in the center of the shield. I then pasted the shield so that the hole was right over the unit's forearm. Then I pasted the part I cut out back over the hole.

[Edited on 05/08/15 @ 10:11 PM]

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