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Revenge of the Haynor

Author File Description
Marshal Gandalf
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
V 2.2

Revenge of the Haynor is a story about brave duke Doreham, who came home to his city of Haynor and found it razed. He manages to avenge the fallen glory of the city againist cruel count Scagabog.......

Campaign includes:
-One scenario in cpx file
-Enjoyable battlefield
-Short intro
-In-game difficulty, three levels
-Random actions
-Improved Marko Crnigoj's morale system, which is changing rapidly in this short scenario

I hope you'll enjoy this work as much as i, when i made it. I wanna thank all of those, who helped me making it (they are mentioned in game).

If any bugs found, post review or email at
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
kevingamer prime
Map Design4.0
Revenge of the Haynor, by Marshal Gandalf, is a very short, very action packed battle scene. A game usually takes about 10 minutes if everything goes well, however I died a few times. It is challenging, and tests a player's true skills. Normal is just right for me.

Playablility: 4/5
This game was really, really fun. It tested a person's skills and required intense micromanagement. The only problem was length. I understand that a Campaign's length should not affect the quality of gameplay, but this one does. It was one battle, a great one at that, but one. The storyline then just cuts, leaving the user wanting more. The playablility was greatly enhanced with greatly stronger units, especailly HP wise, making a user care for every single unit. Units and counter units galore, all with a lovely backdrop of intense battle music. Despite this, the story does not really move along and the Campaign is far too short. The ending to me felt like a fast semi-truck being rammed into a wall.

Balence 5/5
Perfect. The battle is extremely strategic. I personally retreated and used the chokepoint spanning across the river, then fell back to the ruined town, luring isolated units to thier deaths. The second time, I scattered and flanked the enemy and gradually led them to the checkpoint. The third time, I just killed the boss with pikes and did hit&runs. I'm sure there are a million strategic ways to win the battle. The small number of units (around 30-40), but strenghthened is both easy to manage and intense.

Creativity: 4/5
Short. The presentation of the story needed work. The way the campaign ended could use some serious work. Without expanding the story, the campaign could still be much longer. There was simply not enough meat in this scenario. Great sound, however. Excellent opening intro and the battle music fits wonderfully.

Map Design: 4/5
A very small section is used, but that small section is populated with strategic points for battle. Good ruined town, it looks very realistic.

Story and Instructions: 4/5
The storyline is not well developed and only lightly wraps around the scenario. The instructions were short and to the point, however. The hints helped greatly. A story was present, though very underdeveloped. The Reviewing tutorial warrants a 4.

In conclusion, the story could use work, as long with presentation, could use work. Otherwise, the conduction of the battle was brilliant.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I greatly enjoyed playing Revenge of the Haynor by MG. It did wonders for replayability because it was so short. There was also more than one way to win and I spent several hours trying to figure out a new one each time. I did not encounter any bugs or any lag while running this campaign either.

What would have made this campaign better is if MG would lengthen the story. It would not tax replayability if the player was given the option to skip the story bits if they have seen them a million times already.

Balance: 5
I found this scenario to be very well balanced. Easy provided a good learning curve for newbies, moderate wasn't TOO easy, and hard was a good challenge. Good effective use and improvement upon Marko's morale system really helped the balance of this campaign. Kudos.

Creativity: 4
Overall, this campaign is quite creative. The objectives are to kill the enemy's leader. The campaign doesn't leave you alone as soon as the action starts and throws you some reinforcements sometime during the battle. An idea to earn a 5 rating would be to add in a sidequest to futher diversify the strategies used to win.

Map Design: 4
I liked the design of the razed city. The battlefield wasn't all flat ground. Some rocks, which hide a nasty surprise that won't be spoiled in this review, serve as eye candy. Better than a random map.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were clear about what the player is expected to accomplish. You know exactly what you need to do to win the whole way through. The campaign does that without telling the player EXACTLY what to do, and that is a bonus. However, the storyline could be improved upon by making it longer and by adding cutscenes.

Final Thoughts
Revenge of the Haynor by MG is well worth the download. It lets you get to the action quickly if you're looking for a quick, rapidfire boxing match.

[Edited on 04/17/05 @ 07:50 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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