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Bouren v1.5

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3


David Worsley AKA _AoC_DaVe or Tonto_DaVe.

Background Story

Living in a world already smelling of corruption and suffering, you will follow one young man's journey as he attempts to bring it to an end.

You will be challenged, not only by the gameplay, but you will be challenged to be able to understand, to be part of the choices of this young man.

Take part of a story as one person, who could've not even existed in the beginning, becomes a big part of history while he struggles to control his emotions and becomes the reason the region of Gripache is what it is.

The Game

Bouren is difficulty level dynamic. Even on standard, you shall need some experience with Age of Kings. If you are a familiar with micro-management of units and/or have fast hands put your skills to the test with Moderate is what you are looking for. If you believe you have it all, play on Hard for a good challenge of your Age of Kings skills and mind.

Bouren is a mix of many different types of gameplay. It contains a mix of cutscenes, fixed force, role playing, with build and destroy on the side - you will, at most, just train units from existing buildings.

Installing The Files

The content of the file should be extracted to the "Campaign" subdirectory of your main Age of Kings directory using WinZip for Windows users. The sound/music packs must be extracted to the "sound/scenario" subdirectory of your main Age of Kings directory.


- The hints section has been changed.
- A few small changes to the first northern route, which do not affect gameplay, have been made.
- A few small changes to the village where Dubari is, which do not affect gameplay, have been made.

- A big bug that completely stops the game for the Southern route when coming from Trevoi has been fixed.
- For the Northern route when coming from Trevoi, the shallow area has been made easier to get to.

- Stopped allowing player to access wrong areas of the map while searching for River Daub.
- Blocked any exits for the Blacksmith scene.
- Removed map reveal for River Daub and Dubari village scenes.
- Added Danthered to the credits.
- Removed river-route units if you went north route.
- Fixed trigger which deactivated another instead of activating it which caused a bug if you went the river-route.

- Stopped allowing player to access people near impaled peasants at wrong times.
- People could retask Uran while he was a bleeding villager to something to stop him bleeding. This has been fixed.
- Tasks Commander Cartio to near King Daub while final battle goes on.
- If you killed 2 units more than the needed amount to trigger the guard-archers to move to the battlefield, the game didn't continue. This has been fixed.

- Surviving men of first battle don't crowd around the cart.
- You can not leave the bridge area until the bridge is destroyed after the Easterner camp.
- Hints for destroying bridge given.
- At the village where Dubari is, if Bouren was behind the tower after you won, you now get him back as the house slowly burns down, and away.
- Dialogue while near the River Daub village has been changed.


Bouren has been playtested many times by many playtesters so hopefully must bugs have gone. However, if you have encountered a problem with the game, post a comment below this, or email me at DWorsley at gmail dot com.

The playtesters of Bouren, in alphabetical order are:

Adder, Aro, Berserker Jerker, Bleedteal, BrandNewCar, CropI2, Crystal Crown, Dark Blade, Devil Ranger, Dr. Lorenzo, Fede, Firebird, Grub, Gordon, KeLar, KnightConqueror, Kor, Mechstra, NightNecromancer, Ornlu, Recon, The Dark Wind, Tonto_Surgio (aka Lt_Surge), WildCardDoW, zyxomma100.

I apologise to anyone who I may have left out.

A big thank you to Anastasia for the rain-fish template.

Special thank you to who have continued to help me with my Ai scripting for Age of Kings/Conquerors.

Thank you to Guderian for uploading his sound packs to the Blacksmith.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
- A big bug that completely stops the game for the Southern route when coming from Trevoi has been fixed.
- For the Northern route when coming from Trevoi, the shallow area has been made easier to get to.
Brendragon What AI files are needed to run this campaign?
paladin_maker0 you don't need any.
File Author
All the Ai files are all ready imbeded inside of the campaign file (.cpx) so there are no Ai files to install.
Elite_Peasant Good work. You should be expecting a review from me soon. Don't worry, it will be quite good.
Elite_Peasant One thing that got past your army of playtesters: after jumping into the back of the cart everything stopped and nothing happened. I eventually used marco polo and found that the cart had just halted right outside Trevoi.
File Author
Hmm. Usually those types of bugs are just random - you are able to get passed with a reload?
Elite_Peasant Hmm... I don't want to reload. You see, the thing is, I actually saved the game when the got into the cart, so now I have to start over.
File Author
That is the only time you ever saved? I find it incredible that you could get through all that without dying. However, try just reloading it from that point.
Elite_Peasant No, I saved it in the same file (stupidly) all the way through. Of course I died, how could you not? Anyway, got the review, hope you like it.
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