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Robin Hood(Update once)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
At first:
I am new here,a 15-year-old boy from the scn group,Hawk of China.And my English isn't very well,so I may make a lot of errors with my words,please pardon me:)
Thank you for downloading.I'd like to read more your comments to improve my level of designing,thanks!

Game information:
This is a game like Commandos.You have a few men to finish the missions.And there are enemies that are far more than you in amount. You must use your wisdom and technique to do it.
It's uploaded in GAX as a scenario(so you should put them into the "SaveGame" list).It isn't a CPX or SCX file because this game have some "unit-stat edited" by GeniEd2 and only GAX can save them without DAT files.By the way,you can see the archers shot a aclinic arrow,the teuton knight move faster,pikemen have 1 range and so on.

Story(Copied from the "scout":D):
Long long ago, there was a well-known story which happened in England. During the crusade, the king of England, Richard the Lionhearted was captured when he was on the way back to England. The enemies asked for a ransom which was the highest one at that time. So the prince didn't want to redeem his father. Instead, he prefered to plan a rebellion to replace Richard as the king of England. Even worse, the ransom give the prince a reason to take more revenue from people so that people lived unhappily very much. Some people even died in hunger and cold.
But there is a hero, Robin Hood, the best longbow archer in England, he couldn't suffer this what did the prince had done. He fealtied to the king and kinded to the poor people, and antagonized to the putschists and evil demons. So the prince hate him very much, he asked a bishop, Rigo to antagonize Robin. Rigo had confiscated Robin's ligeance so that he had to move away. Then he chose a regius forest, Serwood Forest. Many men joined him when they heard of the kindhearted hero. They ate venison in the forest and robbed rich men who crossed Serwood. People called him Robin Hood.
Of course, the bishop cundn't suffer this. So he told the sheriff of Nottingham to kill Robin Hood. The sheriff had dispatched the army into Serwood Forest to catch Robin many times, but he failed. He was even caught by Robin once. And he was told not to do anything else next time, or Robin will kill him. But he fogot this, he and Rigo kept doing evildoing.
So Robin Hood and his brothers in Serwood decided to punish them...

-Balance has been amended,"easy" become easier,"hard" become harder.And there are many changes and difference between the two difficulty levels.(For example:in esay level,enemies' AT is lower,and some have been eliminated;in hard level,there are much more and stronger enemies without end.)
-Incidental music and sound.(most files form other campaigns)
-Some more map decorated.The gates of the castle has been moved so that the enemies can rush down.
-I've typed some words about the story,but I can't speak English so well that it may be not a sightly composition......:(
-All your men's head portrait have been change.(maybe you will be unaccustomed to distinguish them at first,but it will get better soon...)
-Many others.

Enjoy the game!

Thank Angel Tanneur99,he gave me a great review and a lot of helpful suggestions.After I updated this game,he replayed it and give a new review to make it into the Best of AOK,which make me very suprised and happy.:D
Also, thank the great designer Ingo,for encouraging me.
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Official Reviewer
If you played campaign ID 1559 Robin Hood, this is the same GAX file.

Hawk_DaghT, use the update form for your next edit, thanks.

Blacksmith Administrator
File Author
I am sorry that I have submitted this campaign for 2 times.I did that because I was wonder if it had been uploaded successfully after I had uploaded it a few days.I think I won't take the same mistakes.
And thank you for your review very much.I am trying to improve this campaign.Thanks a lot.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0

Robin Hood is a single scenario, a saved game, and a RPS, events and place are fiction, you play Robin Hood on a quest with his friends to free his nephew, kill the Bishop of Rigo and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

PLAYABILITY: The game play was fine, a new style using GeniEd2 with interesting unit changes on a well-designed city map. Enemy knights, cavalier and Teutonic, were self-healing like the Berserks in the original game, only here the healing was instant. The effect was that the player needs an attack unit with higher AP than the enemies HP to kill. An archer cannot kill long swordsmen and knights, but halberdiers, crossbowmen, arbalests and two a long swordsman, while Robin Hood the swordsmen but not the knights etc., explained by good armour of the enemy units. The updated version improved but editing and saving the file added gate bugs, multiple gate posts. Even though the first gate shows ‘open’ the player cannot enter, has to position all units in front of the gate, exposed to the enemy to enter during an attack, tedious, annoying game play especially on hard. The next gate shows the infamous ghostly gate bug, units pass without the opening, closing gate animation. In addition, for reasons given under balance, my enjoyment was limited. 4

BALANCE: The scenario has two difficulty levels, the author selected moderate for the AI behaviour while the player can chose between easy and hard at the games start. Except a few, most changes of this update affect the balance, compared to the earlier version easy is throughout the game a lot easier and hard a lot harder towards the end. The balance rating is subjective for a scenario as it depends of the skill of a player and yet it is the most objective category for a reviewer to rate. Subjective, because a scenario can be too easy on the hard level for a player and too hard on the easy level for another and objective, as a skilled, experienced reviewer starts a scenario on moderate, if it is fun/challenging with the mandatory reloads, there is no reason to knock off a point, if it is too easy he should play hard, if it is too hard, he should play easy and only knock off points if not satisfied on that second approach. With only two difficulty levels ‘Robin Hood’ denies that objective approach, not a reason to deduct for less levels, but deduction made because none of the two difficulty levels suited me. Easy provided few challenge, not many reloads, compared to the first version three out of six enemy units’ AT dropped by 20, the others between 3 and 15, the six archers of the eye removed which brought the kills down from 200 to 194, still an improvement as the original entrance level was too difficult. On hard the game was very demanding, you have to move with caution, save often and the attacks of sniping archers kept me on my toes. The game has a good learning curve trying easy first, still to use the ‘Polo’ cheat is recommended the first time. Exception to an AT rise of 12 for the long swordsmen and 15 for the halberdiers, this version plays like the original one on hard, until the killing of the sheriff of Nottingham. After that it becomes impossible with a constant flow of units. I got passed the prison on my way out after 353 kills, 38 saved games and uncountable reloads, more than twenty for single situations to move some tiles. A better player will enjoy the level; I missed a ‘moderate’ version between easy and hard, the scenario is unbalanced in itself. In addition, a single play test for the balance of the edit would have avoided the ‘closed’ gate at the games start. 4

CREATIVITY: This was very creative, from the technical design of the map with attacks from various sides to game play enhancing features like the assassins to the unit changes with GeniEd2 and the doors to the prison and the castle, which were ingenious. 5

MAP DESIGN: The events take place in ‘the city’; the design is far above average, has everything for a perfect rating, elevations and good terrain mix for the winter season. 5

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The objectives are clear, free a relative, kill two enemies, their locations marked on the mini map, the hints plenty and helpful, contain a character introduction. The author tries a fictional story mixed with historical facts in the scouts section; I did not deduct for multiple spelling errors, the author’s first language is not English. 4

OVERALL: Robin Hood is a fantastic, challenging scenario.

SUGGESTIONS: Remove multiple gate posts, introduce a moderate level with less units towards the end, few of them would even suit easy to make the way out more interesting, do a spell check and the Prince was Richard’s brother not son.

OBSERVATIONS: The above is an edit of my reviews posted on 01/05/05 and 01/08/05 for the update of this scenario dated 02/01/05 and I increased the rating for balance by one, creativity by one and story/instructions by two. Personally, I do not mind if a designer submits a saved game instead of a scenario, but it does come with some disadvantages. No introduction screen, no bitmap, no history section and a set difficulty level that a player cannot change in game. I respect the author’s motivation, still a .cpx would provide six a .scx ten difficulty levels.

IN CLOSING: THE WAIT IS OVER… After almost five years, since the superb campaign ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ by Gregory Koteles, you can witness another great fictional adventure about the most famous outlaw of all times that made it to the best of AoK.
Ingo van Thiel Great game, very challenging, and on a nicely designed map. The different fighting abilities of your heroes really make this a exciting new concept of gameplay.
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Very novel, and cleverly worked out, although I agree with Tanneur that it's too difficult on hard level. Good work though.
Dantares IV How are you supposed to go through the gate? The gate will not open for me when I bring my men there.
Official Reviewer
Well, Dantares IV it seems that nobody reads my reviews, quote,

"Even though the first gate shows ‘open’ the player cannot enter, has to position all units in front of the gate, exposed to the enemy to enter during an attack..."
File Author
Stephen Richards,thank you for your comment.Hope you can try the hard level.I ensure it is possible - I've done it many times,and sometimes even without death of my men,though I used a lot of "F3"...Enjoy~~:p

Dantares,in fact,if you've played Ulio by Ingo,you could find an easier way to enter.
En..Yeah,I said,there's a tower beside the gate so you can get in "through" the wall by it.This idea came from the second scn of Ulio.And I think entering when ememies come,as Tanneur said,make it more challenging,so I did't tell you the easier way in the game instructions.:)

Tanneur,at least I've read,and more than once.Your rewiew really gave me a lot of help,both then and now!I'm designing a new campaign,and there have been tens of triggers for difficulty levels throughout it.It's your suggestion,isn't it?^_^

p.s.I regarded the prince as Richard's son because we call prince "Wang Zi" in Chinese,while "Wang" means "King" and "Zi" means "son"...:p
Official Reviewer
Hey Hawk_DaghT,

I am looking forward to your new campaign. :-)

In Europe the heirs of the throne are Price or Princess, these are the children, brothers and sisters. I believe Richard had no son and John became King when Richard died.
Dantares IV Oh man, this game was great!!!!! But I was never able to complete it because i could not get up into the castle. Fun game though.
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Map Design5.0
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