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Campaign Pack

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: X
This is a collection of several campaigns created by ericgall. Included are:

- Adventures dans le passé
- Parallel World - Saisons 8 à 12
- Parallel World - Saison 13
- Parallel World - Entre Saisons 13 et 14
- Parallel World - Saisons 18 et 19
- Paraworld - Saison 21
- Paraworld - Entre Saisons 21 et 22
- Paraworld - Saison 22 et suivantes


Original text:

A campaign based of my adventures in the Parallel World.

Be warned, it is in French.

Also, the Adventure I lived there is not entirely the same, but this campign is simply based on it.

If you want to know more about Parallel World, or Paraworld for short, visit this link:

I repeat, it is in French, so you must know French if you really want to enjoy the story! ;)

Have a great time playing it! ;)
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File Author
For informations in French about all these campagins, visit this link on its website:

Traduction en français:

Pour des informations sur toutes ces campagnes, visitez le lien plus haut! ;)
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Campaign Pack" by ericgall23qc is a massive collection in the french language, however since these are all deathmatch style random map affairs, or the same on blank looking custom maps, it makes little difference if you can read it or not. Judging by the internal file names, there might be over 60 scenarios in here, but i gave up counting at some point.

Playability 1

The playability is best summed up as dull and tedious. With almost no exceptions, these are all 99,999 resource random map style affairs.

During "Aventures dans le passé" out of six missions, i checked out all six;

Scenario 1:6v1 in your favor on a crowded black forest-esque custom map. Atleast the enemy has infinite resources so they can put up a fight, but the player has insane resources as well.

Scenario 2:Another 6v1, this time on some islands and its a king hunt. Killing the enemy king does nothing, you just have to kill them off.

Scenario 3:You escape from prison then fight a 3v1 with infinite resources. The enemies are walled in, so you can prepare in safety as well. The enemies fight amongst themselves making it even easier.

Scenario 4:Its a 8 man FFA with an ally on a smallish random map, islands. You get infinite resources however.

Scenario 5:Its a weird game on a modified nomad where the enemies are killing each other. Two of the enemies have bases but your infinite resources make it easy, plus the enemy has many walls inside where the AI needs to put buildings, so they are crippled.

Scenario 6: Similar to the first game, but FFA. Smash Rome with your infinite resources on a lovely blank dirt1 map.

During "Parallel World - Entre Saisons 13 et 14" I checked out four out of eleven;

Scenario 1:Its a 7v1 in your favor versus a lone enemy in the corner. You both get 99,999 resources. Its a modified Baltic or Mediterranean so much of the map is covered with trees.

Scenario 2:A modified nomad map with a few enemy bases who are crippled, fight each other, and cannot put up even a token resistance. Also, you get 99,999 resources.

Scenario 5:4v3 in your favor on Gold Rush, 99,999 resources. All three enemies are stuck in one cramped base, rendering them rather weak.

Scenario 11:5v2 in your favor on Team Islands With A Bridge, you get 99,999 resources with the tueton civ. The enemies have similar, but their shared bases and pop capped starts render them very weak to your onslaught. Its a deathmatch game on a random map.

During "Parallel World - Saisons 8 à 12" out of eighteen maps i checked three;

Scenario 1:Its 5v2 on a modified random map with 99,999 resources and the enemies are stuck on a tiny island in the corner.

Scenario 9:4v3 in your favor on Black Forest, the main enemy also has infinite resources but is stuck with a terribly cramped base in the corner. Your allies have hundreds of joan of arcs and joan the maids.

Scenario 18:Its a 7v1 on a Black Forest in your favor, against the single enemy in the corner with a DoomBase and 99,999 resources for both sides. The AI has no room for military production facilities, so flood paladins until the guns stop firing.

During "Parallel World - Saison 13" i checked out the first mission;

Scenario 1:5v2 in your favor against enemies who almost completely walled in with trees, you get 99,999 resources. Its a modified random map, with changes being huge forests to get in everyones way.

During "Parallel World - Saisons 18 et 19" i checked out the first two missions;

Scenario 1:Its 6v1 in your favor against a single enemy on Black Forest. You get deathmatch resources X2 and many relics, and the Mongolian Civ.

Scenario 2:Its a 4v3 on a random map arabia modified into a maze, except its not a maze, just an endless number of bamboo cubes to make it hard to move. You get Spanish and 99,999 resources while your enemies are stuck with terrible bases;they are also enemies of each other, so they will keep each other busy while you get ready.

During "Paraworld - Entre saisons 21 et 22" i checked out the first mission;

Scenario 1:3v5 against you with 99,999 resources on an arabia map modified with forests and walls into a super mega map covering fortress. You can instantly kill 2 players with a champion flood, overwhelming purple with allied support soon after, and just need to kill off the byzantine player in the corner.

During "Paraworld - Entre saisons 21" i checked out the first two missions;

Scenario 1: At first i thought it was a playable scenario, but nope. Your 1000HP+100attack Jannisaries are fairly formidable;monks with 4000 HP help as well. Find a villager of yellow to convert, then leverage your deathmatch resources+99,999 gold to win. Its an Arena random map with lots more forest added.

Scenario 2:The author finally learned how to use a trigger do something beyond changing attack\HP, but im not sure whats up with the 500+ villager roaming. Anyway its a black forest, 99,999 resources, enemy locked in the corner, etc. Its a jungle Black Forest, with a weird road tunnel wall thing crossing the entire map, giving you an easy way to attack the core of the enemy base.Paraworld - Saison 22 et suivantes

During "Paraworld - Saison 22 et suivantes" i checked out the first two missions;

Scenario 1:5v2 B&D in the players favor on a modified rivers map. The player and the enemy has 99,999 resources but they are pop capped badly. There is some weirdness with some dozens of relics in the corner with triggers converting "monks with relic" to your control, and then back to any ally when they place relics in monasteries;wacky. The enemy has cavalry with +20 attack and boosted HP, but its not really a problem to whittle them down;the map has great chokepoints, being rivers, and forests are added to help this.

Scenario 2:A 5v1v1 on a modified nomads, the player starting on a detached island. You get 99,999 all resources. The center island has 5 enemies linked together, but its simplicity itself to champ rush all 5 into oblivion, or whatever you like to do with infinite resources.

Balance 1

The heavy prevalence of 99,999 resource starts on B&Ds, with the player usually outnumbering the enemy in allies, and often with the AI being stuck in bad bases makes it a certain win cakewalk the whole way.

Creativity 1

Its not creative to take scores of random maps, add infinite resources, and call it a campaign.

Map Design 2

Random maps combined with blank maps. Ill give it a pass, but a 1 is certainly justifiable.

Story\Objectives 3

There is objectives written throughout, with winning and loss messages, but its all in another language. Ill give it the baseline score the review guidelines suggest for a basic story just to be safe, but it isn't that detailed looking, and doesn't effect the game much without trigger support.

Final Thoughts: Please just play some 3-star rated campaigns and scenarios or higher to see how a decent campaign should look.
ericgall23aol Sorry. I have just learned that AI scripts are required and must be in the AI folder of the game in order to play a campaign created by me, so a player must have downloaded the AI scripts (Made by me!) separately to be able to play my campaigns done by myself ...

It's really disappointing, very disappointing, because I thought all the AI scripts used in the scenarios of a campaign were all included in the campaign file, but I was really wrong!

So if you want to fully enjoy my campaigns, like the way it should be, coz it is that way on my computer, download all the AI scripts made by me on this page:

Also, if you want to see my other cool campaigns made by me, go on this page:

I truly understand that withou AI, playing my campaigns is boring, unplayable or too easy. But like I said, i thought the AI were pasted in the campaign file (like the scenarios files) once i created it.

I'm honestly terribly soory, but now I learned how the game is, and it could have been so much simple if the AI were in the camapgian file, like the scenarios.

Have fun! Hope you understand French!


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Map Design2.0
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