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Saiyan Pride((Androids attack))

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
**A mysterious boy has arrived from the future and warned the z-fighters about a great danger looming for planet earth in three years...The boy proving his story to Goku has warned them about two ruthless super powerful "androids" who will come,bringing destruction and death.The z fighters led by Goku have three years to train in their fighting power to become stronger to face the androids.
Vegeta has adopted earth as his new home,and jealous of his rival Goku being able to turn super saiyan,he has trained to the extreme,for him to achieve super saiyan as well...Reluctantly on the z fighters side Vegeta will also have to face the androids coming to destroy his new home planet...
Will he become a super saiyan in three years...and will all the z fighters be ready to face the androids after the three years are up...**

-Character bios and the full story are in the scenarios.

*This a campaign based on the anime and tv show Dragon ball Z(Set in modern times).Its set in the first two android s saga.However I have not stuck to the story fully and only the last scenario out of the 3 is fully based on what is shown in the tv show.
I got interested in making this after playing around with the editor and triggers one day and making william wallace turn "super saiyan".(I was in the middle of making another campaign which i put on hold)

*Two playable RPG scenarios and one slighly interactive cutscene scenario.
*Energy attacks and other tricks.
*Player controled super saiyan transformation in one scx.
*Vegeta flying.(okay its just stormy dog but i got nothing else :) )

*Beserker jerker and DGDN for the great invisible tile trick.
*Immobile units ai gold…sorry I don’t know who made it but I used it from"the Nativity set"i think.

-This is my first completed campaign and submission to the blacksmith please tell me what you think of it or if there are errors/bugs.
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File Author
please review if you have time...
Map Design4.0
Playability-I found it good,2 scenarios were playable and 1 was only to watch.Number 2 was the best because the player could change form.It was a differnt way to play instead of the normal.There was a good trigger works in the gravity room where the unit keeps stoping and not attacking.Watching the effects was fun but not much player control so it was like a watching scenarios

Balance-balance was good.The enemys were not that hard to kill with a powerful hero but it could also be killed if it keep on attacking.Again scn 2 was the best because it was not that hard,and not too easy as well,and needed some plan to defeat the mangonels

Creativity-it is a bit different from dragonball android saga,but its still based on dragonball which is a manga,it had a twist of the story so it was a bit creative though not a lot

map design-It was ok,not that good but i liked the moon.a bit of rocks and craters was good.In this one scn 2 was bad,it did not have much designing

storyinstructions-it was the best thing about this scn,there was alot of writing and explaining and it was easy to know the instructions.There was good background story and bios

bad things-not to good degign except moon,quite short,
good things-nice triggers,creative way of playing,story
Gwame No offense, but its strange. Reviewed twice. Given a 1.4 and a 4.6. I think the first was a bit underrated and the second was overrated.
File Author
whoa 1.4,a bit harsh dont you think,honestly,ive seen scenarios with blank maps and a cliff,five units with five triggers lasting five seconds get more than 1.4.cmon this cant be that bad can it?
Thanks pollutionfreejc for the review which was beyond my hopes to get..i never thought i'll get that much for this one.I'm happy wit 3.0
@anzac,the signaure was supposed to be a joke
File Author
I dont wanna be trumpeting my own trumpet but i think this is worth more than 1.4 and im sure its not good enough to be 4.6...
That's why i tried to get a review from more experienced reviewers,i think it ended up ok,3.0 is sweet for me.
Man i wish Elite_Peasant reviewed it,i woulda got 3.8,i guess it depends on the person reviewing it
or at least my hypnotising sig in the forums shoulda worked.
Map Design2.0
Saiyan Pride is a three scenario, RPG campaign based on the popular animated series Dragon Ball Z.The campaign revolves around the character of 'Vegeta' in the DBZ series.

This campaign offers two playable scenarios while the third is mostly cutscene. The first two scenarios pit you against enemy robots as you train to become more powerful. These scenarios are fairly enjoyable. The cutscene part of the third scenario is well executed.
There are no bugs in this campaign and game play is lagless.2

Saiyan Pride offers little in terms of balance. The first scenario is very easy and using the super saiyan attacks can complete the second scenario. The only bother is to rest Vegeta after every skirmish to revive his hit points.1

The author shows some creativity in the campaign. The super saiyan transformations (Specially the one in the third scenario) are well executed. The gravity chamber in the first scenario was impressive and the power attacks of the warriors look good. The design of the space ship in the first scenario was nice.3

The maps are plain in nature. The surface of the moon in the first scenario is not much impressive (Littering it with more craters and using better elevation would have made it more better). The second scenario has little map desinging. Some effort has been put into the map design of the third scenario. The burning city and the final battleground are well made.2

This is the most impressive aspect of the whole campaign. The author has provided a detailed outline of the story of Dragon Ball Z.Detailed background of the central characters of the story is also provided to make it easier to understand for those unfamiliar to the series. This campaign covers the part of the story when Vegeta undergoes his super saiyan transformation and the events leading following it. The game play instructions are suitably provided. The opening bmp images add to the backdrop of the campaign.5

Download this campaign if you are a Dragon Ball Z fan.2.6

It is not easy to make a convincing Dragon Ball Z campaign in AoK but I appreciate the effort put in by the author.However This campaign can be much improved. Try to put the player in the dragon ball z universe by providing a larger map with more interactive features. Also make the campaign more challenging. There is a good scope for the author to improve this campaign.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The campaign, a RPG, consists of three scenarios, one playable and two interactive cut-scenes, based on the Dragon Ball Z anime cartoon, here the Androids Saga, and you play Vegeta from the royal line of the Saiyans.

PLAYABILITY: The game play was above average and below, while the second scenario was kind of superfluous, no fun at all, the tricks in the 1st and 3rd were highly enjoyable and kept my interest throughout the campaign. I encountered no bug or lag. 3+

BALANCE: The playable scenario is too easy, I played on moderate and hard, still somehow tricky to rate. According to the tutorial a cut-scene rates 5, while we only rate the playable scenarios in a campaign for balance and disregard cut-scenes as epilogue, prologue and between scenarios. Saiyan Pride is different, scenario one provides little challenge, the second, an interactive cut-scene has a mild concept of balance, provides some challenge and player 1 can loose the game, but all he decides are the healing periods, when and how many tiles to move forward. After Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan the player has no control of the unit, he watches the fighting as a cut-scene and the third is a 100% cut-scene exception to a walk to the battle ground. 4-

CREATIVITY: Saiyan Pride is a good adaptation of DBZ with AoK, a firework of good ideas, trigger tricks, story and history, while the design, game play and balance need improvements with regard to creativity. The creative items were an energy blast with tasked macaws which is probably the ‘Kikouha’, another good trigger effect, the powerful energy balls attack, not sure could be the ‘Final Kame Hame Ha’ a combination of Goku’s and Vegeta’s forces, normally attributed to Vigito, the flamethrower centurion tank, the gravity chamber, creative design of the space ship as well of the moon with craters, rocks and a good use of elevations all in the first scenario, including meteors hitting the space ship. The second scenario was creative with regard to the transformation into a super Saiyan, that’s it, but the start of the third was just great, Vegeta uses his Ki to perform the Bukujutsu. Finally the battle, it starts with talking, and the following fights are repeatedly interrupted with dialogues… If you saw the series, it could be mockery or let’s say you take animated cartoons for real, then Saiyan Pride is as realistic as you can get with AoK. 4

MAP DESIGN: This was disappointing, while there was some effort in the first scenario, the space ship and the creative design of our satellite, the second map was just walled road terrain and the third was too flat, too green, I believe this could be better with a little effort. 3-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The campaigns best category, a good history section about the Trunks Saga to bring you into the story of the Androids Saga, a pleasure even if you do not know the series. The instructions were clear as well as the in game objectives and the campaign provides two themed bmp, 5

OVERALL: A creative campaign from a designer with the potential to make it into the best of AoK.

SUGGESTIONS: Make the playable scenario more difficult and work on your map design.

OBSERVATION: My approach above for the balance rating refers to this campaign only, first scenario a 2, second 4, third 5, rounded up to 4-, taking the intent of the author and the campaign’s overall cut-scene character into account. I might take a different approach to a similar campaign and will rate from case to case in the future. The main difference in the overall rating of the two reviews below is balance with 0.8 points. One reviewer finds the campaign as far too easy and only rates the playable parts, both approaches have merits and are defendable. To review is partly subjective, balance depends on the player’s experience, so we have to put some trust in the reviewer’s judgment and HG supports a variety of opinions.

IN CLOSING: A good adaptation of DBZ, which I recommend to download.
File Author
Thanks for the reviews and the 1.4 review was removed.
Map Design2.0
Review of Sayain Pride, designed by Blademaster_23.

In Sayain Pride, you take on the role of Vegeta, a Sayain prince. After witnessing his largest rival uttain power that he is not even close to having, he swears to attain his rivals level of power, and even surpass it. Thus, Vegeta goes off into space to train. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, since I used to be a big fan of DBZ when I was 9, but after some reccomendations, I downloaded this interesting scenario.

Playability - 3.0
Blademaster had one fully playable scenario, and two cutscenes. The first was rather fun, other than the long walking times. The seconds was far too easy, and got boring quickly. The third was where it shined. He had tricks that caught my interest, things I'd never seen before. One thing I particularly enjoyed was the transformation scenes to Super Saiyan.

Balance - 1.0
The balance of this campaign was rather... Out of sync. The first campaign was relatively easy, I had no worries at all. The second was simple, you only neede to transform after walking up to the enemies. It was tedious, and rather boring.

Creativity - 3.0
The Super Saiyan transformation, the flying dog trick, and the space ship. These were wonderful adaptations, and the fldog was something I'd never seen before. There were mediocre energy attacks, and then some really interesting ones. He used birds to signify energy. But a couple of his magic attacks weren't well executed. He used utility tricks quite well, the execution with them was almost perfect.

Map Design - 2.0

The map design was mainly Dirt 1 and Grass 1. In certain areas, he spiced up the place, but paths mainly consisted of flag guidance, and one white road. It was rather bland. But, he gets a 2.0 for the innovative idea of his spaceship, which was an interesting thing to behold, and it worked quite well.

Story/Instructions - 5.0
The story was well explained, even those who don't have a clue about the series can understand it to a degree, and the instructions were executed well, other than one point in the first scenario. The storytelling went well, though I got a little sick of caps... But that can't be helped. :)
I knew what was going on all the time, and I knew what I had to do. I enjoyed the character dialogue.
Good job, Blademaster. ^_^

Additional Comments: I'd brush up on your map designing, and make the scenarios a little bit harder. Toss in some elevation, and a bit of chance for balance, and don't forget terrain mixing. Gaia units work well. I understand that it however was the future, and it's hard for AoK to incorperate that. You did well with what you had, so feel proud. Look at some good campaigns, and download a couple more utilities, and you're all set!

File Author
I will update this in the future.Thinking of adding two more scenarios.
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Map Design2.8
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