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Reign of Wolves (English version)

Author File Description
Khan Ivayl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7
"Gifted with intelligence that was rather humanlike, Ornlu the Wolf dreamed of building an empire powerful enough to compete with the empires of man..."

- a colorful mixture of RPG, fixed force and B&D
- you can train wolves without mods or data-files*
- an elaborate background story with political intrigue

* = completely debugged

Currently this file contains a revisited version of the old classic by Fabian and Ivo (Khan Ivayl). The wolf-training system has been refined, the map-design pimped up, the texts and dialogues smoothed... enjoy the story of a powerhungry wolf and his legacy.
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Map Design4.0
Reign of Wolves by: Khan Ivayl

Reviewed by: Exar

Reign of Wolves is a campaign featuring a fiction story about Ornlu the Wolf who build a long lasting Wolfish Empire.

This campaign offers much challenge! At the first scenarios it might seem easy but once you get in the middle of the campaign things start to get hot! Enemies are harder and have larger bases with more troops! I had it damn fun when I played this campaign, through I felt something has missing. Perhaps I wanted a few more twists? I think so because it was more like just B&D, FF or RPG. The scenario where you have to get the prince to the Castle is amazing! The timer gives the player in a pressure so that he may not think much and so it’s gets amazing! Simply, this campaign offer great deals of challenge but is missing some twists. For this I give a 4.

This is way too simple in the beginning; even newbie’s can beat the two first maps, however after the second map things start to get harder. Here newbie’s might be defeated early while Veterans might win in a few min. This was a strong point in this campaign. A 4 here too.

This was the campaign’s strongest point! The training system with the wolves was just great! Train wolves, I have never seen before. Also the timer system in one of the scenarios was great! Simply, this is just worth a 5!

Map Design:
This was too much like random maps with a little more eye-candy. In some scenarios there was much eye-candy so for this I give 4.

This seems to be well done with the story, however the objectives and hints is a little unclear and there is several grammar mistakes. For this I give a 3.

Overall: This is a great campaign! Its fun and challenging, so I would strongly recommend this scenario to everyone!
Chris_novais Your campaign is very interesting,but you shouldn't use random map in your scenarios, instead you should create your own, adding some eye-candies into it. Anyway the story was very cool but the instructions were not very clear, the first scenarios are very simple but it gets better in the last scenarios.
Well that's all, congratulations for your work.
Map Design3.0
I really wanted to like this campaign, as the storyline promises so much uncharted territory. However, the campaign didn't nearly reach it's full potential, and I was disappointed in this. Here's why:

Playability: (1)

I felt that this campaign had elements that, if implemented properly, would have made it an extremely fun campaign to play. However, most aspects were implemented poorly.

For example, numerous conditions were linked to one trigger, meaning you had to complete the scenario before any objectives were crossed out or removed. On the second scenario, there is an example, in that you have to kidnap human babies to found your empire. Excellent idea, but very poorly implemented. I wasn't attacked by humans, which made this easy. However, the second part of the trigger appears to be finding some kind of 'secret weapon' which even using marco polo I could not discover.

Lag cropped in in the later scenarios for me, and this was another bad factor.

Lack of a decent AI proved a problem too, with computer players resigning here and there (before they should) and also on that point, the wolf packs in scenario 1 resign when you take them over, which I find crude.

My final criticism is that there were no objective changes. At the beginning of the scenario you are given your objective (which is actually numerous objectives as previously stated), and this stays with you for the rest of the scenario, none added, none taken away. This inhibits a progressive story IMO, and I found my mind wondering, and ready to move on to the next scenario before I completed the current one.

Balance: (2)

This campaign was crudely balanced IMO. The first levels were painfully easy to complete, whereas later levels were not so much hard as slow. I didn't particularly struggle with any scenario except for the fact that I had to have patience to beat the computer. I felt this was poor and with careful playtesting could be radically improved.

Creativity: (4)

The campaign had very interesting ideas in some areas, and I felt that the creativity level was quite high. I did however mark down on a couple of things.

Firstly, the INCREDIBLY annoying fact that every time you create a new wolf unit you must manually task it away from the flag. A simple task object trigger would have easily fixed that and been much better for the player to use, rather than having to leave battles to move newly created units.

Also, as was mentioned, having triggers 'all-in-one' was painful.

Finally, some tasks, such as 'kill all the lumberjacks and hunters' were so poorly thought out that I had to travel all over the map looking for the one that got away (even though lumberjacks had resigned).

On the plus side though, I loved the replacing cavalry with wolves and all such triggers. I thought these were extremely creative.

Map design: (3)

The map design was a lot poorer than I hoped to see, in fact I even contemplated giving it a two. The maps seem no better than random maps, and elevation is crudely used. Cliffs are 'split' on a number of occasions by use of elevation, significantly detracting from the adequate map design around it.

Story/Instructions: (2)

Again, this category only just scraped up to a two. The grammar and spelling were extremely poor. Althought this seemed to have been written by someone whose native tongue is not English, the mistakes should have been blindingly obvious to playtesters, which makes me doubt that there was much playtesting done.

However, the storyline was interesting, and although a little cliched, it was interesting to see it done from a vulpine perspective.

All in all, I think this campaign has a lot of potential if reworked, as the storyline and creativity were high. However, lack of playtesting and attention to detail really let this down. I'd certainly re-play it if it was improved and resubmitted however.

Khan Ivayl
File Author
I would like to take back the defensive answer Fabian and I had for dark_blade's actually very sincere and good criticism. I hope if he is still around he can forgive the passive-aggressivenes of the then young and insecure designers. If he can read this I would also like to add that currently I am revisiting Reign of Wolves and though it might never reach the quality of master-pieces like Dracula or The Successor, the revisited version shall get rid of the most annoying errors, pimp up the design a little and improve the texts and dialogues.


Khan Ivayl

[Edited on 06/26/15 @ 05:40 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I thought at times the playability sucked because the levels (once it got passed the first two levels) were pretty much the same and made you want to do something else. However, having said this, some of the levels were really fun and orginal, like the one where you have to defeat the Tsar and his guards, the cossacks and that other one in the middle of the campaign.

Balance: 3
I thought the one where you have to take that wolf-raised prince to his bride was kinda difficult, especially if you took a bloody hard route first time round (like I did). But most of the time, and if you did find the right way on that particular level, the battles were good and quite testing, but not too much so. So well done.

Creativity: 4
I thought the ideas that went into this were really good at times, and I especially liked the bit where you click on the trebuchet and u get a pack of wolves. That rocked. But at times you aped other ideas (the first mission reminded me of 'the crucible', the first Genghis Khan mission) but overall it was really original.

Map Design: 3
Ah, yes. The first two levels seemed a bit random to me, like you'd seeded them, but I guess you needed a kind of sparse wilderness for them cause its in the middle of nowhere. What I really liked was the Ukarainan castle on the penultimate level and the map design to the one before (the prince goes to princess one) had some awesome scenes in it, even though the timer really didnt make you want to stop and appreciate stuff.

Story/Instructions: 4
I really liked the storyline, I thought that it was really original and was worth the setbacks in the game. The instructions were kinda few and far between but it didnt matter cause they were clear, save a few examples (like the second map, why the hell was I supposed to know that you were supposed to take down the enemy camp? It never told me to do that).

Additional Comments:
Overall I liked the campain, but it did get tedious, especially towards the end. But I'd still recommend it to anyone as it is a really good campaign and a lot of effort has gone into it.
Khan Ivayl
File Author
Me and Fabian wish to thank for all the critic we received. Even to Dark_Blade, though we disagree with some of his points, he, too, gave as an impression of how the masses react on our work. Yet if we countiniue making campaigns, then because of thankful players like Exar, Preece and Chris Novais. Thank you, guys!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Reign of Wolves is an not-so epic story. Very creative, very humorous and great fun to play. Not the most challenging perhaps, but very entertaining.
Here is my review of it.

Playability: 5-

The gameplay was very enjoyable. In the first scenario you're up to unite the wolf packs and chase away the lumerjacks and hunters in the region. Not challenging at all, but its comical. One of the wolf packs is irritated on a wild cat that you have to kill, another wants you to show your hunting skills by killing Iron Boars, and so on.

On the second scenario you where to raze houses and kidnap children. Also very easy, since no one attacked you while doing it. Razing the enemy village afterwards was easy too since you could just kill off the villagers and then raze the town center to win.
Neither a challenge, but truly creative.

On the following scenarios you have to finish many funny missions to make all of Siberia to your own kingdom, Wolfistan. You later ally Ukraine to attack whats left of Russia and the tsar.

There where no bugs that I could find, but why the wolves you created didnt task by themselves was irritating.

Also, many missions where very simple and plain, not very detailed. But still, its not bad enough to rack down the scores. A 5 here, though a weaker one

Balance: 3

As said before, the balance of this campaign is not the best. Its not truly bad but its not very good either.

The first two scenarios are so easy that even my youngest brother would manage to win them quickly.

After that, the scenarios get more intense with more fighting and large Russian armies. You have to be on your guard and spend your recourses well if you're to win. The wolves are great against infantry, but heroes, like Alexander Nevski as you included here, are very hard to kill.

But still, the scenarios wherent very hard to win and some where extremly easy. Therefor it gets a mere 3.

Creativity: 4

The Reign of Wolves is as a whole very creative, since the story is unique and a very funny B&D campaign.

Since the whole concept is very creative, I give the campaign a high score. But the concept alone doesn't stand to give the scenario a 5 here. It needs smaller, creative things too. Here are some, with their catches.

It has many creative aspects, such as you can actually train wolves, without any big data files or modpacks. Very simple. But still, the fact that you have to task them away manually so that the next wolf can come up is very annoying. One single trigger could have fixed that.

The second thing is the objectives. Uniting wolf packs, kidnapping children, raising humans as wolves to build their buildings. All creative and funny.
The catch here is that they are very few. there is like one or two missions on each scenario

Summary, it gets a 4 here. Not perfect, but very good

Map Design: 3

Even if the scenario includes eyecandy in a few places, its very sparse and where its used its used instead of regular map design, like plain grass 1 with mountains and some paths and flowers. It doesn't look bad, but could have been much better.

Almost all of the scenarios rely on a Random Map as basis, then the authors has added some eyecandy and some extra things for special areas, such as the ruins on the first map.

So the map design is not really good. It is still good for its use, and it suits the campaign very well. And so it gets a 3.

Story/Instructions: 4

Absolutely the best part of the campaign.
The whole concept is new, with a humanlike wolf starting to conquer the world and name his country Wolfistan, outnumbering the Russian Tsar.
The story is detailed and well made. However...

... the instructions are not. Of course, the instrustions are good and they do their task, but its completely filled with spelling mistakes. No grammar misses that I could see, but spelling. Just for one example "soldjers" for soldiers.
Also, the instructions are very sparse, since there are so few triggers. Those who come are very basic and they could easily get a little more touch to make story even more interesting.

There is one good point about have so sparse with instructions. For people who like to think by themselves, this campaign is very good since you have to make up all the details yourself. For those who dont like it, its pretty boring to play then. I do like it, so I take it positive :)

Summary, lots of spelling mistakes. Could have been done better, but it's still very good.
A 4 here, making it a total of 4.0
Official Reviewer
I send an e-mail with regard to your review but received "User unknown (state 14)". Be sure the email address listed in your HeavenGames account is an active, working email address, as it is the only way we can contact you.

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Map Design3.3
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