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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Paraworld - Seasons 24 and 25

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Paraworld - Seasons 24 and 25

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 15
A campaign based of my adventures in the Parallel World. (Between Seasons 24 and 25)

Be warned, it is in French.

Also, the Adventure I lived there is not entirely the same, but this campign is simply based on it.

If you want to know more about Parallel World, or Paraworld for short, visit this link:

I repeat, it is in French, so you must know French if you really want to enjoy the story! ;)

Have a great time playing it! ;)
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Paraworld - Saisons 24 et 25" is part of an ongoing series depicting events from a Parallel World. Considering the campaign is an epic 15 scenario tale, ill be looking at only the first 5 missions to gain a representative sample;few few good campaigns are even as long as this, and prospective players would certainly have a good idea what the contents will be based on it.


Scenario 1:Its a 5v2 in your favour on a Fortress random map. There is a wacky trigger system spawning enemy spearmen and your own ETK on a ice rink, then when you kill the spearmen your every unit on the map gains HP, infinitely. Both you and the two main enemies have infinite resources, but the AI is wholly inept at leveraging this and you can effectively rush them down. The enemies are heavily pop capped so will struggle to make a good base quickly;if all else fails, you can wait until you have dozens of 10,000 HP units and crush them with those.

Scenario 2:It is LITERALLY the same map as the above, but now your allies also spawn in some troops, and every soldier of yours and your ally gain HP everytime this happens. On further inspection of the map terrain, i realized this appears to be a modified version of a scenario in the authors previously released campaign pack.

Scenario 3:Its a 5v3 on a custom map, that has had the pine forest tree with no leaves map copied to form huge blocks of forest consisting of one tree type. The enemies are stuck in a cramped black forest-esque center while you and your allies are on the outside with lots of space to build. You get Persians and 99,999 all resources;all three enemies are walled in tightly, completely passive, and make virtually no buildings or units.

Scenario 4:Its a 6v1 on Team Islands With A Bridge, apparently a rehash of a map from the previous campaign pack. Its 99,999 resources against a similar B&D enemy.

Scenario 5:6v1 B&D in your favour, 99,999 resources, this time you get elephants spawning in infinitely with boosted HP, and every few seconds your enemy gets attack boosts on all their military units, while their monks and missionaries gain boosted HP often;however its only on about a dozen units total. Also, the map has a custom map copied forest consisting of a single tree repeated in pure symmetry. The AI is fully braindead and i overran them with ease, they dont make units or buildings much. However, the enemy has looping triggers turning any unit that approaches their base under their control, so it seems unwinnable.

Balance 1

Its not possible to lose these games unless you delete your own units. Many, you could probably win by leaving running a few hours while your AI allies do the dirty work. Except mission 5, which seems to be unwinnable thanks to triggers, which is also very bad for balance.

Creativity 1

I suspect every map included is simply a rehash from the authors previous work, Campaign Pack. The biggest change is that triggers give you and your allies endless increasing unit HP across entire maps. Other than that, it isnt creative to put 5 random maps together, spam units and buildings, provide 99,999 resources and call it a day.

Map Design 2

Random maps with some custom map bordering on blankness. It gets a pass.

Story\Objectives 3

The story with ingame dialogue is increasing somewhat in volume, with bigger objectives and hints. Its still all in a foreign language, and has no impact on any ingame actions;you are playing conquest random maps. The review guidelines suggest a 3 as a baseline score for scenarios with objectives\hints\etc and a basic story, and it certainly gives no impression of being worth more than that based on volume and the reviewers intuition of what good stories look like.

Final Thoughts:I suggest the author play any 3-star rated campaign or higher to get an idea of how a decent campaign should look.
ericgall23aol Sorry. I have just learned that AI scripts are required and must be in the AI folder of the game in order to play a campaign created by me, so a player must have downloaded the AI scripts (Made by me!) separately to be able to play my campaigns done by myself ...

It's really disappointing, very disappointing, because I thought all the AI scripts used in the scenarios of a campaign were all included in the campaign file, but I was really wrong!

So if you want to fully enjoy my campaigns, like the way it should be, coz it is that way on my computer, download all the AI scripts made by me on this page:

Also, if you want to see my other cool campaigns made by me, go on this page:

I truly understand that withou AI, playing my campaigns is boring, unplayable or too easy. But like I said, i thought the AI were pasted in the campaign file (like the scenarios files) once i created it.

I'm honestly terribly soory, but now I learned how the game is, and it could have been so much simple if the AI were in the camapgian file, like the scenarios.

Have fun! Hope you understand French!


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Map Design2.0
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