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Portuguese Civ Mod II - v 2.1b

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The Portuguese Civ Mod II is the second version of the Portuguese Civ Mod, and it adds three new civs and new gameplay features! All of this was only possible thanks to the help of many contributors!

-Includes all of the features of the first version of the Portuguese Civ Mod: wonder powers, support units, mecenary system, redesigned scout and sea buildings!
-Five new civs (Portuguese, Aragonese, Moors, Berbers and Navarrese) have been added with unique bonuses and features
-A completly new age, the Renaissance Age, with new units and technologies, has been added!
-A new resource, Experience, with an unique way to obtain it, has been added!
-The Mercenary system of the first version of the Portuguese Civ Mod has been expanded!
-And, as usual, all of this is packed in an intuitive and straightforward installer!

More information about the Portuguese Civ Mod II can be found at readme, which is included in the download, and also in the official website:

For general discussions about the mod and scheduling of multiplayer games, you can join the official PCM Discord Server:

How to install it:
Just run the installer and follow the instructions given!

Don't forget to check out Portuguese Civ Mod III, too!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Portuguese Civ Mod II is much more than the title could let you think : not only it adds new civs, which has been seen many times before, but it transforms the gameplay of the entire game to take it to a level no mod had reached before.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5
Let's talk about novelty : really, I don't know what to start with. With the 5th resource, Experience, which is gathered thanks to your achievements ? With the new age, Renaissance, and all of its gunpowder units and awesome canons ? Or should I mention first the countless new features (packing buildings for raider civs, trainable heroes, tell me you are not excited about that !) ?
If you have ever heared of cool features that was planned to be part of the original game but ended up scrapped, like slaver units, boarding boats and so much more, you finally have the oppurtunity to see them in action !
I realized I haven't talked about the new civs and so much more, but I hope I gave you a glimpse of how innovative this mod is, and therefore totally indispensable.

Quality/Instructions: 5
The quality is the top you can find, at the level of Age of Chivalry and ToME, almost professional. New interface graphics, new voices for each civ, it only lacks a campaign. Oh wait, go the Age of Kings Campaigns in the menu and you'll see it is planned !
This is not a total conversion but it somehow feels like one, you still play the Age of Empires you know and love but at the same time it brings you back to the time you played it the first time, a bit confusing at first but so enjoyable.
It includes a new building set for the iberic civs, and new graphics for the Renaissance buildings. Part of the units graphics are high quality 3D modelled and others are well executed copy paste graphics, and they all mix well and fit into the game nicely.
It would be nipicking to try to point out some imbalances, for it is impossible to avoid them when you make so much changes, and the game is fairly balanced overall.
Some could say there are so much changes they don't recognize the game, to them I reply they have forgotten how to have fun.
The installation is intuitive with the custom installer, and it comes with a PDF that ewplains the novelties of the mod.

Additional Comments:
Download it. Not much else to say. Directly in my top 3 mods everyone must have played, with the two monuments that are Age of Chivalry and Tales of Middle-Earth.
Bala Arizalu Well it's time to play :D
Gallas Really nice work! Many new stuffs and specially loves the experience idea and new age (seems like you tried the 5th age mod).

Some question if you don't mind:

Why villagers have 3. build page? do you have a plan with that?

How you made the "To Arms" lose hp by time?

The Bank's gold increasing remind me to the Age of Galactica. Did you get the idea from there? If yes, I'm proud of sbody found it useful too :)

The 5. resource can be used by just .dat editing or need addition rework?

Anytime when I try to edit tech tree for my projects I end up in a game crash. Do you have any tips or written guide for it?

Do you planed to upload it to Voobly/Steam mod center and continue updating it?

In addition, I found a mistake. The Bomb Ketch have 50% accuracy percent while it have blast radius (0.75). This result some attack have no damage (maybe happens for other units too, better check all). You should remove the blast, or give it 100% percent to avoid this problem.

Overall you took many effort into this mod and you did a great job.

[Edited on 07/25/15 @ 05:16 AM]

Tomcelmic I've got a problem. I've downloaded the installer. Then when I open it, it vanishes after a few seconds, so I can't install the mod. I've got windows 8.1 on my computer. It's the first mod I could not install, the previous version worked very well...what can I do?
File Author
Thanks for the review TriRem!

@Bala, Gallas: I'm glad you guys liked the mod! :D

@Gallas: Thanks for your comments!

Well, actually, I only heard about your 5th age mod after I was already developing the renaissance age in my mod. And the same with the Bank, lol

Villagers have 3 pages because of the Byzantine Support Building (Fire Tower). If you team up with Byz, you'll see that the Fire Tower will end up in that third page!

About making levies lose HP by time, well, it isn't that easy to explain how to do that, but, if you need it for a mod, just drop an e-mail ^^

About the 5th resource, first of all, in order to get it working, you need to open UserPatch installer, press F5 to show the restricted features and check "Ore resource amount display". Then you'll need to do some more hacks, and the rest is just .dll and .dat editing ^^ I can tell you more details, just drop an e-mail ^^ (actually, I may even do a tutorial on this on the future...)

And thanks for reporting this bug! I'll solve it ASAP! ^^

And once again, I'm really glad you liked the mod! ^^ :D

@Tomcelmic: Hey!
Well, I really don't know what could be happening.... Have you tried to run it as administrator? Might solve the problem...
Tomcelmic Thank you. I tried it, also running with compatibility mod. Nothing works. I reinstalled it, and it doesn't work either. I'm out of ideas...
AFFA the cleric [q]Thank you. I tried it, also running with compatibility mod. Nothing works. I reinstalled it, and it doesn't work either. I'm out of ideas...[/q]

Maybe there is some incompatibilities between the mod files and your OS, try to ask Daniel a Manual installation files and check out if it work!
File Author
@Tomcelmic: I tried to install PCM 2 in a Windows 8 VM and in a Windows 10 VM and everything went well.....

I'll see what I can do about that
File Author
@Tomcelmic: Hey!
I got an idea of what could be causing the problem in the installer
Could you try to download this installer and see if the problem persists?
Gallas Thanks for your answer danielpereira.

I don't need at the moment this hp losing, but I like to learn more and more, because then I can develop new maps or mods. Who knows what crazy ideas will come in future :)

Keep up and waiting for more features!
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