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Tech hotkeys

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Use hotkeys for technologies and queue them like units!

Building hotkeys:

Archery Range
Cross/Arb = S (original: Militia)
Thumb Ring = T (original: Scout)
E. Skirmisher = D (original: Demolition Ship)
H. Cavalry Archer = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Parthian Tactics = P (original: Transport Ship)

Men-at-Arms = A (original: Archer)
Tracking = T (original: Scout)
Pike/Halb = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Squires = N (original: Scorpion)
E. E. Warrior = F (original: Fishing Ship)

Forgings = E (original: Hand Cannon)
Mail Armors = R (original: Skirmisher)
Barding Armors = T (original: Scout)
Fletchings = A (original: Archer)
Archer Armors = S (original: Militia)

Elite UU = A (original: Archer)
Elite UT = S (original: Militia)
Hoardings = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Sappers = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Conscription = G (original: Longboat)
Spies NOT hotkeyed!

Care/Dry = S (original: Missionary)
Shipwright = R (original: B. Ram)
Galley/on = N (original: Knight)
H. Dem. Ship = T (original: Scout)
F. Fire Ship = G (original: E. Warrior)
Cannon Galleons = E (original: Spearman)
E. Longboat = E (original: Hand Cannon)
E. Turtle Ship = E (original: Hand Cannon)

Lumber Camp
Saws = A (original: Archer)

Cart/Cara = A (original: Archer)
Coin/Bank = S (original: Militia)
Guilds = D (original: Demolition Ship)

Crops are NOT hotkeyed!

Mining camp
Gold Minings = A (original: Archer)
Stone Minings = S (original: Militia)

Redemption = E (original: Spearman)
Atonement = R (original: Fire Ship)
Fervor = P (original: Transport Ship)
Sanctity = S (original: Militia)
Faith = A (original: Archer)
Illumination = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Block Printing = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Heresy = G (original: E. Warrior)
Theocracy = C (original: Camel)
Herbal Medicine = N (original: Knight)

Siege Workshop
Rams = S (original: Militia)
Onagers = D (original: Demolition Ship)
H. Scorpion = F (original: Fishing Ship)

Light/Hus = A (original: Archer)
Bloodlines = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Cav/Pala = S (original: Militia)
Husbandry = G (original: E. Warrior)
Heavy Camel = D (original: Demolition Ship)

Maso/Arch = E (original: Spearman)
Treadmill C. = R (original: Fire Ship)
Heated Shot = T (original: Scout)
Ballistics = P (original: Transport Ship)
Chemistry = C (original: Bombard Cannon)
Siege Eng. = A (original: Archer)
Murder Holes = S (original: Militia)
Towers = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Fort. Wall = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Bombard T. = C (original: Bombard Cannon)

Town Center
Loom = A (original: Archer)
Wheel/hand = S (original: Militia)
Town Wat/pat = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Age ups NOT hotkeyed!


1. Make backup file in \Age of empires II\Data\ folder from your empires2_x1_p1.dat and gamedata_x1_p1.drs

2. Download the file, and unpack to Age of empires II main folder and overwrite all. (the zip file contain all necessary folder)

Other things you may want to know

- Spies, Age ups and Mill techs are NOT able to use with hotkeys
- Chemistry's location moved to where Bombard tower research will be
- Tech tree NOT showing what tech is researched
- When you research a technology it shows with the "unit created" message
- This mod WON'T overwrite or modify your hotkeys
- I was able to set only unit hotkeys in mod, but you can customize it for your taste
- To change hotkeys you have to edit the original's
- Hotkeys are based on default settings, if you customized it, you may have an already used button
- For unknown reason computer NOT research any technology
- You also can queue techs like units

Special thanks

- Keisari Tapsa's and Ruralist for moding tools
- gag2000 for some ideas from his Queuing researches mod
- The guy who asked for this mod on forum

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