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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » For boring people ... 2? (Updated 2)

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For boring people ... 2? (Updated 2)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
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Ruler of Hell
Map Design3.0
For Boring People...2 by Paladin_Maker0
This Campaign is mainly like an RPG type for 2 wizards fight out like normal RPG games and there are attacks and stuff.

This scenario is like other RPG games where you get to choose your attack etc. This scenario had good features and attacks such as the Undead attack etc and good thinking but I feel that the whole scenario could have been made better. There could have been various features found in other RPG styles such as upgrades. I am sorry to say this but the battle doesn't bring out any intensity which you find in others. You could have kept many various features and getting new attacks. But, though one feature which was good enough was the ability to choose your side to experience a new style. The playbility was average according to me. 3

The Balance was average in my opinion. There was an option to choose your sides, Holy and Evil were both good enough though Holy had a better advantage. But both ways I found the game too easy to win and there was no fascinating experience. It was easy in Evil and even easier in Holy. So the balance wasn't that good. 3

The Creativity was quite good and the author had good ideas about what units to use for which attack. The Trebuchet as a meteor, teutonic knights popping out like mummies etc stuff was real good thinking. The Taunt System was used for attacks instead of using objects to specify the attack. The Creativity might have been the best out of all of the aspects found in the campaign. The author must have spent the highest time for this aspect. One suggestion, for the meteor attack you could have hidden the trebuchet instead of making it visible. Anyways the creativity was quite good. 4

Map Design
There was no battle field or anything as such. No Intensity as if you are in a real Fantasy Battle and it had a simple small area of designing with no new good features. Maybe you could have made the wizards(monks) movable and they can find new weapons and stuff so the area would have been larger and some good eye-candy could have been used. The Map Design was not very much special from others and can be improved very much. 3

The Story was quite poor. Infact there was no story at all. It was just 2 wizards fighting. You could have said why that happened. Maybe because one couldn't resist the power of the other and decided to go and war. Anything like that. You get my point? Make some basic story so atleast you can feel the atmosphere. The Instructions were not provided at all. Neither were the hints good enough. Infact only 1 hint was there. Choose the Holy Side because it has healing. You could have provided various hints such as one which I shall provide right now-
The healing on the Holy Side can be quite useful because if the enemy does 30 Damage and you heal 30 with your healing move so indirectly his attack will be 0.
In such ways you are providing various hints to the player if incase he is finding any difficulty (which I don't think he will). Yet, no matter how easy the game is hints are a must. I found the Story/Instructions to be quite poor with no base as such. 2

I would recommend this scenario but according to me after sometime the player would get bored. Careful tweaking of some aspects of gameplay can make the scenario get a much higher rating than what it is gotten now. This scenario can easily be improved much more. I would surely like to see a better version of this so I can have more fun. :)

Overall Rating
Map Design4.0
For Boring People 2 is a follow-up to the previously released campaign 'For Boring People' by the same author. The original campaign was a short scenario whose sole purpose was to display the effects of the A. I. based taunt system. This scenario displays a slightly advanced use of the taunt A. I system and up to a certain extent is better than it predecessor.

The game play consists of a clash between an 'Evil Wizard' and a 'Good Wizard' who fight each other using various magical spells. The player has the option of playing on the side of good or evil which adds to the playability of the scenario. The various magical tricks performed by the wizards are well-executed and interesting to watch. I enjoyed playing on the side of both good and evil.3

The objective of the scenario is to kill the enemy wizard. Careful spell selection and use is essential to defeat the enemy wizard. The hp of the two fighting wizards is represented by two palaside walls which are located on the far North corner of the map. This makes it difficult to follow the hp loss of your wizard and is a major setback for the balance of the scenario.2

The author has shown some great creativity in this short scenario. The evil and good wizards have a different set of tricks. The magical tricks are very well made and look good. I especially liked the 'meteor shower' trick. The taunt-based A. I. system has been used perfectly to select and execute the various magical tricks of the scenario.4

The author has put in a fair amount of effort into the map. The game play requires the revealing of a small part of the map, which is very well designed by the author. A little bit of eye candy is used apart from that, various dead units have been strewn across the battlefield to make it look as if a great battle had taken place at the place.4

The story of the scenario consists of two wizards fighting each other after a great battle. The only instructions required in the scenario are on how to select the spells the player wants to use? how to use it? Etc. These instructions have been properly provided by the author.2

This campaign is very useful of you want to see the use of the taunt based A.I. system. Apart from this the magic tricks of the scenario are a treat to watch.

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Map Design3.5
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