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The Fifth Centuriae

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Age of Forgotten Empires
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 2
Set on a 30x30 map
First Scenario- You play as a young Centurion that must destroy the blockade that blocks the road leading home. Rome. The scenario is called All Roads Lead to Rome (haha, get it? If you don't, don't bother ask), and is relatively short and can depend on the first few minutes to determine if you will be victorious.

Second Scenario- The Fifth Centuriae are back! This time to defend the same blockade that you had to take. Defend the fortifcation for ten minutes until Roman reinforcements arrive

This file requires the Age of Forgotten Empires Mod. Enjoy!

Music by

Scenario I
-Fixed centurion cinematic trigger
-Added music

Scenario II
-Added effect; activate trigger: Reinforcement Timer
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Leif Ericson
It seems like you forgot to enable the trigger that sends the reinforcements in the second scenario. I had survived into the 12th minute and they never came. I also went through your triggers. Otherwise, a fun and simple game.
File Author
All fixed. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"The Fifth Centuriae" is a fun little campaign for AoFE 2.2 that combines an assault and defend the spot gameplay. The author played scenario1 twice on hard and scenario2 twice on hard, and once on standard.

Playability 4

I found the gameplay to be quite enjoyable;first assaulting the camp was a good battle requiring a balance between fighting enemies and smashing buildings, with timely reinforcements keeping the pace up quite well.

In the second game, defending the camp you had taken definitely created some tense moments, although i did feel this scenario 2 suffered from a lack of player agency;the AI allies control archers and mangonels, and in one playthrough those mangonels badly damaged my own gate while in another their archers grouped up and prevented me from leaving altogether. In the final playthrough on standard difficulty, the AI mangonels killed a bunch of my legionaries clumped up in the gateway, and i dont really think this makes the game funner.

Balance 4

The game was balanced quite well, although it did feel a bit on the easy side for me personally, mostly in the opener. The players choice of units seemed a bit too strong there, but they did put up an appropriate level of resistance so that it didnt feel like a cakewalk at any point. In the closer, the difficulty really seemed to ramp up and i had difficulty maintaining a viable camp defense up until the last minutes as my men withered away. Speaking of balance, i do wish these scenarios were a little closer in difficulty;the first seems too easy and the second too hard. However it would be perfectly fine to leave scenario2 as-is and just make scen1 harder;its fine to make a tough campaign, i just like to see each map have about the same difficulty for consistency.

Creativity 3

The author did well with striking the usual tones you would expect from a campaign of this nature. I might have liked to see more enemy wave variation or some other gameplay elements to spice it up to earn a higher score, however.

Map Design 3

The map design was good, with all areas having mixed up terrain, and the normal detailing you would expect with gaia objects, etc. The use of impaled bodies was for creating a chilling atmosphere i suppose, but it feel a little bit like it was just tossed in there. The smoke used in scenario one was not looking that good, as it wasnt lined up very well with the sources, clearly being seen to float over objects. Overall i would have expected something a bit more detailed, more exquisite, as other 30x30 minigame scenarios ive played recently really had some exceptional work crammed in, and i would expect from such small maps a higher quality of mapping, considering the author doesnt have to spend weeks or months detailing a Large or Giant map, after all. I must admit however to struggling to properly evaluate the map;im accustomed to looking at much larger affairs, and i found it difficult to apply any of my normal criteria to this one.

Story\Objectives 3

The instructions were adequate with the normal hints and objectives;with enough of a storyline to merit a 3 by the review guidelines dictates. However its rather thin and i didnt feel much personal attachment to what was transpiring. Its a combat scenario, what would you expect? Even so a good story element could make that combat all the more meaningful.

Final Thoughts: Its a good game well worth playing if you like defend the spot and base assault combat.

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Map Design3.0
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Size:3.86 MB