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Renewed AOE 2

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Version: The Conquerors
Hi, i'm new to modding but still i want to do my part, and so i ended up messing a lot with the units balancement, the result is pretty good however.

A LOT of changes but basically what's new is:

- Almost all units have 2x HP, but same attack and armor.
- Unit balancement changed quite a bit.
- farms and fish traps have UNLIMITED food but give food at a lower pace ( they cost more wood too ). Why? Cause i don't like when the players run out of resources and have to resign ( expecially in Single Player ).
- Trees give 300 wood instead of 125 ( they take longer to chop down however ).
- Castles do less dmg, arrow towers gain +1 attack, and more hp ( why, because they used to be crappy, and the castle OP ).
- Castle has 6.000 base hp (wow!), but now costs 650 stone, 400 gold, 400 wood. They are still the nr.1 defence, even though with less attack and much higher cost.
- Walls are a weaker defence now. A stone wall has just 1.000 HP instead of 1.800 and less armor. Expect a massive 540 HP siege ram to rape your walls down unless you destroy it before it gets close.
- Attack BONUSES have been softened. Spearmen will no more rape knights, hand canoneers will no more rape infantry, arrows will no more slaugher spearmen, huskarls don't rape archers and so on... it is still fundamental to use the right counter, though.
- Catapults are now best used on buildings and rams. They still can be used on groups of weak units, but don't rely too much on them.
- most units now require just food and gold ( or food alone ) instead of wood. Wood is now used for SHIPS and SIEGE equipment ( and buildings of course ).

These are not all the changes i made, but you get the idea.

How does it play? The whole purpose of this is to make your defences less effective, and focus on units. You just can't sit and watch as your towers slaughter approaching enemies, you are better off killing them with your own units, with the aid of your defences of course.

Defences are STILL important but don't rely solely on wall+towers because you can't afford to be so comfortable anymore. Pay special attention to rams, they don't go down easy and they pose quite a threat.

As you can guess, expect bloody and long fights. 120 HP arrow shrugging Huskarls will come your way and make you beg for mercy. Frank Paladins standing at 380 HP will roll you over unless you are well prepared with a line of pikes. A massive 560 HP Siege ram will utterly destroy your defences if you don't pay attention.

INSTALLATION: just put the downloaded file in your data directory, which is inside your age of empires 2 folder. The previous file will be replaced so make a backup copy of that file (empires2_x1) before proceeding.
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File Author
And now an updated version is ready, hopefully all tweaks are correct and balancement is fine. Enjoy!
John the Late
How are you expecting to kill a 540 HP ram before it reaches the walls?
File Author
You are no more supposed to sit invincible behind your walls. Turtling is an unreliable strategy now. If you played age of mythology you know that walls are not that good, and turtling is not a good strategy.

Anyway there are many changes in this game and you should play to understand. The 560 hp ram is imperial age only, you are more likely to face the 370 hp battering ram.

I'll now make a few examples of WHAT you are capable of doing in this mod.

Remember those sluggish useless teutonic knights? Now they dropped some armor and became a bit faster. And thanks to the fact that they have twice the health and catapults dont rape them anymore, an army of these guys became quite dangerous. Scorpions are recommended.

Spear line units became quite good now. More attack and no extra dmg from arrows makes them a valid defense.

Towers are quite good now, more hp and armor and less cost makes them an irreristible temptation.

It is true that some units became rather useful like throwing axemen and mamelukes.

Back to the rams: if they get close they are most likely to bring them down, but once inside the enemy is faced by your own units and strenghtened towers. You'll like the stronger town centers too, with more hp, attack and range.

Soooo... to sum it up, you just do not fear and play. You'll soon find out what you have to do and how.

Please report eventual errors or unbalancements, i'm very open to suggestions.

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