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Mighty Assassin

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7
This is a prequel to The Mighty Turks/The Mighty Turks 2. I recomend you play those first before downloading this. This campaign is quite different, however. Instead of controlling entire armies and battles on a grand scale, you will be controlling a single man, an assassin for the first King Leoric. He sends you on a very dangerous mission. If you fail, the consequences will be fatal to the Empire. That is why King Leoric chose you. He knows you are the only who can pull it off.

I know that this campaign may seem frustrating and very hard at times, but just keep trying and you will be able to complete it. There are little tricks to everything.

Please feel free to give me any feedback about your thoughts/comments on this campaign.
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Map Design4.0
I must admit I downloaded this campaign purely because I saw the title and wanted to see how someone else approached the problem of creating a professional assassin in AoK. (My project at the moment features such a man. ;-)) I enjoyed this campaign. There was room for a lot of improvement, but all the basic ideas of the campaign were there.

Mighty Assassin is the story of one man (the assassin) who is set the task of killing four high-ranking enemy men. However, in his quest he ends up killing far more. I won't spoil it for the rest of you, so will stop at that explanation. :-)

Playability (4):

This was a reasonably fun scenario to play. Numerous ambushes made for a tense atmosphere, and ensured the player had to keep an eye on his assassin at all times. Without touching on balance yet the campaign had some challenging bits, despite the fact that it was essentially a 'suped-up' hero running round the map, and this made it enjoyable.

Balance (3):

The balance was adequate in my opinion. It had room for a lot of improvement, but it wasn't so poor that the campaign couldn't be enjoyed. The authors choice of unit, a conquistador, meant that the player had to preserve life as much as possible, as automatic healing doesn't occur.

Also, although one shot will kill any normal enemy, choosing such an inaccurate unit meant that the player couldn't be guarunteed a kill per shot.

However, there was a distinct line between normal and hard targets. Hard targets were quite hard to kill, but normal ones just felt like 'padding' units just there to space the campaign out, which were way too easy.

Creativity (3):

A reasonable effort at creativity. The first scenario where escaping from the city was very clever, locking the player in and forcing him to find an alternative exit, all the while being under fire from various enemy units.

Using relics to increase HP was also clever. If the player had few remaining HP, the resultant was lower and this could make things hard.

Finally the battles were also creative and balanced. You can use your army in a number of ways: shields, cover fire, or even use them to take out your target as you bait the target.

Map Design (4):

In my opinion this was a hard category. The author clearly achieved more or less what he wanted to achieve. However, what he wanted to achieve could have been improved.

I was frustrated by the large maps that were designed so I could only cross them to my target by going in zig-zags across it. However, I haven't marked down for this as I feel that this is what he set out to achieve, and it works well in the mountain scenario, just not all of them.

I did however mark down for the one or two times I encountered bridges. I had to fight on some bridges, and afterwards I had to cross. However, on a couple of occasions I had to reload as my allied soldiers blocked my route across the bridge. This then led to me trying to go first and getting killed! Maybe the soldiers could be tasked over the bridge after the battle finishes.

A few little alterations to things like that would greatly improve it and I may even be tempted to give a five! ;-)

Story / Instructions (4):

Good story and instructions. A few grammatical and spelling mistakes, but not so many it was painful to read. Also it would have been nice if the assassin and his targets had been given names, but nothing drastically stood out.

The story, although quite generic was told adequately, and instructions were clear and easy to follow.

All in all, a fairly good campaign, certainly worth a play, but I doubt it'll get too many re-plays. :-)

[Edited on 03/06/05 @ 04:25 AM]

theliberator Great Campaign with a good storyline. A little hard at times but otherwise its great!!!!!!

[Edited on 03/23/05 @ 05:01 PM]

The Turk verry good one brother.
DoomMaster Good scenario. Could undergo a little more improvement on map design and story.

The map design was all right except it was a bit frustating and "eye hurting" looking at just a land covered by only snow grass.

The story could be a little more gripping and interesting.

This is all my opinion.

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Map Design4.0
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