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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Game of Thrones - Battle of the Blackwater (299 AC)

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Game of Thrones - Battle of the Blackwater (299 AC)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force

To those of you diehard fans of the TV series (and the book series too) of Game of Thrones, I offer you my humble devotion.

Before you play, I highly recommend you to see the actual battle scene from the TV series just so you can get a glimpse of what's going on.
You can easily view it on YouTube. (Simply type "Battle of the Blackwater" in the search box)

There are AI files and SOUND files so please do put them into the right folders before you play. It will vitalize the game beyond imagination.

Suggested game speed is normal.

Please enjoy and do not hesitate to provide feedbacks as I would very much appreciate it.


First Campaign
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mahazona Its nicely designed like defend the spot scenario but lacks any conversation or story to make it realistic.Its just a fight from the start with no time to plan at all.

Its not bad but not good also.
Official Reviewer
May i request a mod move this to the scenarios section?

Review inbound, but first i have to find out how to win on hard 0.o Its quite difficult, but maybe possible....
Official Reviewer
Moved. Thanks.

I just played this and I was literally 2 seconds away from winning when Tyrion charged into the enemy and exploded into a fiery ball with his last bit of health. :'(

[Edited on 02/17/17 @ 02:06 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
'Game of Thrones - Battle of the Blackwater (299 AC)' by jaj564 is a single player scenario depicting the infamous siege from Game of Thrones, pitting the powerful Baratheon invasion fleet against the dwarf Tyrion Lannister and a small group of defenders. The player must defend from the limitless Baratheon forces for a total of fifteen minutes, while keeping Tyrion Lannister alive.

PLAYABILITY: I personally enjoy these type of games; a fixed force setting while under siege by a vastly more superior enemy. The game is challenging and fun, but its simplicity does greatly detract from the overall enjoyment that this scenario provides. It's essentially a fifteen minute grind until victory, providing you can even make it that far as it does err more on the side of difficult and not always for good reasons. Another downside was the endlessly spawning enemy troops, which gradually increased the lag as the game drew on. If I were to offer a suggestion to the author, it would be to build on this scenario, and include more triggered events, various side missions and more importantly some story, to provide points of interest for the player while he is grinding away to a hard fought win. 3-

BALANCE: This was quite challenging on a number of play throughs but I feel as though I win as much by luck than skill of play, as much of it depends on how the AI-controlled Tyrion reacts to the enemy forces rather than through strategy or tactics used earlier. Tyrion is a Furious the Monkey Boy and controlled by the AI, meaning if he charges into the enemy then there's very little you can do about it. Often by this point in the battle you have very little forces left and it's game over. This is a fine mechanic to have, but perhaps he could be made a little smarter by using a looping task effect that brings him to the top of the map every twenty seconds or so, meaning the enemy must come to you, rather than through Tyrion charging blindly into hordes of enemy soldiers and losing the day by mere seconds until victory. 3

CREATIVITY: The author has set a good foundation here, with an adequate use of triggers, unit renaming and various map design features such as the siege towers, but the overall simplicity of the game play, which is very routine, does affect this rating quite a bit. One might also argue it's not very creative to have unlimited troops spawning at any given time. I would suggest investing time in creating a trigger mechanic that spawns a certain number of enemy troops, and deactivating at a certain point, reactivating once the enemy has lost so much. This means you will be able to control the battle a little more effectively, and there will be no chance for lag. 2+

MAP DESIGN: The map design, which depicts a small segment of King's Landing and the outlying beach on which the Baratheon invasion fleet disembarks, suits its purpose as intended, although it's still fairly basic overall. In general, the city looks quite good although the beach looks odd with square blocks of elevation and water shallow only for the ocean. More terrain mixing would benefit this greatly. 3-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: There is not much here in the way of story or even much of a background history regarding the fictional event, and I suppose the author guessed everyone would already know about it from the TV series or even the books. Hints are adequate and there is a good aftermath description in victory. 2

SUGGESTIONS: Stannis' forces often get sidetracked attacking the walls of King's Landing, and it would be wise to make player 4 allied to player 3 to prevent this from happening - unless of course it is an effect you want. As for the map design, it is good but the square elevation formations on the beach look odd and could be tweaked to make them look more natural. Rotate the craters outside the main gate so they're more random rather than the uniform rotation that you've used.

CONCLUSION: This really isn't that bad of an effort but it isn't anything exceptional either. The author has clearly done well with what's in the scenario currently, but more is needed to make it a good scenario.

In a sentence - A fun way to spend 15 minutes and not much else.

In closing - I recommend this download to FF and DtS enthusiasts.

[Edited on 03/17/19 @ 09:43 PM]

Official Reviewer
Nice review, Mash;you pretty hit all the points i was thinking of making while playing. After a few failures i put this on the back burner and didnt get around to it before your review came in.

I agree on the fun factor;the 2.6 is deceptively low as it was quite a playable game. Its a reasonable attempt and could become a much better game, so the author should definitely not be discouraged by this rating. Its much more fun than a ton of other 2.6 or less scenarios
Official Reviewer
Thanks Cataphract. I did return to the individual rating for each category a number of times hoping to find a way to change it. Unfortunately, I feel like it's pretty spot on if not slightly harsh, but like I said in the review it could very easily score higher with an update. Actually, if I were to change anything, it would be to amend creativity's individual score to a 3, but I felt the 2.5 was much closer to the mark. With even just some triggered dialogue and in-game events, this would have been a 3 easily. Likewise with a little more work on the story side of things, this category would see an upgraded score as well. This is a decent fun scenario and I do recommend this download. I hope if the author ever returns that he does see what I am getting at here. That being said, if you do consider reviewing this, I'd be interested to see your take on the rating.

[Edited on 02/23/17 @ 04:50 AM]

File Author
Wow! Thank you, Mashek, for reviewing my scenario!
I'm very glad to see that someone is putting a lot of effort in reviewing my work despite being a complete simplicity! That is very touching.

I'm sorry to hear that Tyrion, furious the monkey boy, died in a mere second before your victory.
I can only imagine how painful that must've been.
Nevertheless, I bet you got to finish the map in the end! Congratulations, Ser!

That was actually intended to happen as I figured it would be more challenging for him to move around mindlessly instead of him staying at one place so that players could put a few men to guard him at all times. I was expecting for players to keep an eye on Tyrion as if he had a mind of his own. He was just trying to grab himself some fresh Baratheon blood, that's all. That's why I created Podrick and two members of the Kingsguard to protect him. But I agree with your suggestion of looping the trigger so that after few seconds, Tyrion would return to his original post.

No, I'm certainly not discouraged by your ratings. I'm just very glad to see people downloading my map and trying it out for themselves. That's all it matters.

When I first started making this map, I was only starting to get used to how all the map editor worked. I didn't know much about triggers except the few simple ones back then. Now I know a whole lot more but surely not as much as you, Mashek.

I was going to add more stuff like dialogs, more sound effects, and more cutscenes but I completely forgot about this map!

I will touch up a few things based on your suggestion and reupload it eventually. I'd be glad to hear your opinion when that day comes.

I created a 1v1 map on Steam Workshop, if you are interested in Game of Thrones like me, I won't stop you from checking it out! ;)

Thanks again for your kind suggestion and feedback. I enjoyed reading your review a lot.
Thank you Cataphract887 and Mahazona for your reviews too! You guys all rock!

valar morghulis
Official Reviewer
Glad to see you return jaj564, and I would be happy to play and edit my review for any future update you might have in store for us. :)

I do like the mechanic whereby the player has to watch over the computer-controlled Tyrion, and you should definitely keep this feature.

In short, some edits to the map design to spruce the city, beach and ocean up would possibly see the rating increased to a 4. More in-game dialogue, general story, something in the history text (think about what you had in the victory screen), would see this category upgraded to a 3 or 4. More stuff in general would also increase the creativity rating - you're basically looking at a mid 3 or higher overall rating in no time at all!

That being said, practice makes perfect, and after an update to this file you might also like to design other battles from the Game of Thrones world. I would very much like to see more from you as your current work already showcases good potential.
Official Reviewer
The new map you made on steam looks interesting, however the population cap starting at 600+! Do you not get lag in that game? It seems to be a multiplayer scenario, so i assume the other player has similar :-)

Usually super high pop cap games are crazy hard to balance, because large numbers have an effect on range vs melee balance and units like paladins start becoming ineffective, as massed units are hard to control and make progress against

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Map Design3.0
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