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The Vikings

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Version: Age of Empires II (2013)
Style: Fixed Force



The year is 1066. For generations, your people have struggled to stay alive in the savage, inhospitable wasteland of Scandinavia. Crops failed, ports and docks froze over, wild animals attacked, resources hard to access, and livestock died from the sheer cold, but the people of Scandinavia have stayed alive through their resilience. After millennia, the tribes have banded together to form a great nation of Scandinavia, and together raised massive armies. After struggling through loss and hardship their entire lives, these men think of nothing more than for a better land. They vividly dream of grass green, open fields, warm summers, plenty of game, and crops in season year-round. They raise their axes and spears, and are now more than ever prepared to do anything it takes to reach their dream. They eagerly await the moment when their boots will land upon the sand when they come ashore on a new land, and the feeling of their axes striking the skulls of anyone in their path.



A variation of the story of the Viking conquest in the 11th century. Command a Viking raiding force several-hundred against a weak but large enemy militia. Use your sharp wit and brilliant tactics to seize the island for your people.

The first minute of the game is solely introduction to the setting. Feel free to observe the custom scenery of Scandinavia, or organize your armies on the Isle to prepare to attack once the horn sounds and the palisade wall drops.



-A pre-built and finely tuned invasion battle sequence without the hassle of unloading troops

-Custom-built terrain of Scandinavia with meticulous attention to detail

-Epic and invigorating custom Celtic war music by Adrian von Ziegler

-An evolving and dynamic game play experience

-Two variables of difficulty, both selected from the lobby screen- Game Difficulty (Easiest to Hardest) as well as Starting Age (Dark age to Post-Imperial Age)


In order to enjoy the custom Celtic music and horn sound effect the scenario employs, the music files must be added into a certain game directory folder. The Google Drive link below contains the files and a very simple guide, which should only take at max two minutes. Once the files are placed, they will not interfere with anything else.

Adrian von Ziegler (
Check it out, it's amazing.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"The Vikings" is a battle depicting the warfare among the viking civilizations.

Playability 2

The gameplay consists of watching your unstoppable army mop up another viking faction;this format is amusing enough but has no actual gameplay.

With over 2000 men on the field at the opening, its no surprise that there are lag spikes. If you want battles of this magnitude, you need to use triggers to create troops;aim for no more than several hundred per side concurrently to have a better chance at avoiding lag. I could justify a -1 deduction for this much lag but ill give it a pass;its over soon enough.

Balance 1

Unfortunately this battle is a broken as they come;the enemy has many spearmen and M@A with a few elite troops in the feudal age, while your Elite Berserks and Elite Huskarls(who are benefiting from viking hp bonus) are fully upgraded monsters;and that's on hard mode. The file claims to have variable difficulty, but if im playing on Hardest and its this broken, i have no idea how it could be easier.

The player needs to be at more risk of losing;the enemy should usually have a stronger hand while the player finds a way to overcome the odds.

Creativity 2

I often criticize files for placing 2000 men on a blank map and calling it a day;this file is above those efforts, but its still the same concept. The AI randomly resigns so there is no proper ending to the scenario, which is a basic feature of good scenarios. The usage of music and the writing of a story is creative enough, but the game needs to have more implementation of widespread game mechanics and offer more variety of gameplay than watching overpowered vikings slaughtering helpless enemies. Search out other combat and viking scenarios, do some of what they do, and try to add your own character to the mix.

Map Design 2

Its not a terrible map by any means, but it is more on par with a random map and if the file didnt say it was custom map, i might have been fooled into thinking it was just a random map script modified somewhat. The enemy island is largely open areas of unmixed grass, with unbroken and undetailed forests that are identical to what a random map script provides. Therefore the map receives a 2\5 for the baseline score.

Story\Objectives 3

The opening dialogue was well written, and the addition of music added some atmosphere to the game. However there really isn't much of an ingame storyline besides the opening speech. This opening dialogue is interrupted however by ingame messages and attack warnings, and is quite messy to follow;better to pause the game after its over and read it in the chat window.

Final thoughts: I suggest trying some other Viking themed scenarios like Ragnar's Raids on steam or Storm of the North here on AoKH;these may give the author inspiration.

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Map Design2.0
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