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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Chinese Design Contest: The Rebellion of An Lu-Shan

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Chinese Design Contest: The Rebellion of An Lu-Shan

Author File Description
Lord Lucas
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3
In 755 AD, the Chinese General, An Lu-Shan led a rebellion
against the ruling Tang Dynasty. He seized the cities of
Siking and Luoyang and threw China into turmoil that lasted
for 8 years. In this campaign you get to lead the armies of
the Tang Dynasty and crush the rebellion.
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Angel Tyrael
Map Design1.0
Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this campaign. The Rebellion of An Lu-Shan had a good potential, but I feel it was executed poorly. More effort and creativity could have been put into this campaign.

PLAYABILITY: I found the entire campaign boring. The entire campaign was made up of several long and drawn-out build-and-destroy scenarios. Perhaps the author should have added more variety in the campaign to increase the fun-factor.

BALANCE: The campaigns were difficult, but possible. No complaints.

CREATIVITY: IMHO, pure build-and-destroy campaigns aren't creative unless you do something extremely unique. There were a few twists in your scenarios, therefore I raised the score somewhat.

MAP DESIGN: There isn't enough eye candy. Furthermore, there is barely any detail. I don't think the author put too much effort into making the map design realistic-looking.

STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: Your objectives were clear-cut. I was never lost as to what my goal was. This area was well-covered.

HISTORY: This area impressed my most, actually. The vocabulary was over high-eloquence and the "history" and "scenario instructions" message boxes were filled with abundant information.

Overall, I was disappointed in this campaign. I found the scenarios a bit boring and bland. However, a great deal of history is available in this campaign and is easy to comprehend. More effort in fun-factor and map design would have raised the score greatly.
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"The Rebellion of An Lu-Shan" really excels in the history and creativity departments, as the description is sufficient and the victory conditions vary widely. In other fields, there is room to improve, but all around it is a very enjoyable campaign.

The Story/Instructions provided a background to the story and summarized victory conditions. The hints were helpful, as was the scouts section (It's impossible to pass the last scenario without reading them). The writer doesn't lengthen the story, adding unnecessary details, yet doesn't make one-sentence paragraphs either. A perfect 4 to my definition.

Unfortunately, the map in all three scenarios is a bit "cartoonish" as I call it. The borders and lines between forests (both bamboo and more European trees) is very defined - forests, as a fellow reviewer once remarked, tend to thin out before stopping, which they don't in The Rebellion. In addition, terrains tend to blend into one-another, and they don't seem to want to do that either. Rivers usually have shallows and plants nearby, etc. etc. A serious overdose of blank areas and an underdose of eye candy is apparent.

Playability was a blast! Just for some examples, the first two scenarios are mostly B&D, but the last is rather DM-like. One of the better ideas I saw in this campaign included optional missions, which take some extra time, effort and resources, but do pay off at the end of the day.
Normally it would get a 4, if it were not for something that really stuck out in the 2nd scenario... a pool in the middle of a wall of my rebellious enemies. True, the walls did cover up the small strip of land some designers tend to miss, but I just thought to myself, "Hey, why do I have to go all around the map and breach through walls, towers and gates if I can build a dock here and transport my army across the pond?". Which is exactly what I did.

Balance was a very good spot in this scenario. Not only is the military reasonable, but the economy is very well measured. For example, in the second scenario, the map is utterly barren of any resources. After the first couple of minutes, one may find himself paying a visit to the market all too often had it not be for the regular tribute the player gets from his allies. Great idea! Well done here.

Creativity gets a 4 for the varied missions, the "extra-credit" instructions (I know, it's been done before, but not in many places), the varying styles of gameplay etc.

History scores high as a category due to shown research and work and History sections that consist a little bit more than half a paragraph. :)

In short, top notch, I like!

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Map Design2.0
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