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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Robin Hood Episode 2/2 ( Old version )

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Robin Hood Episode 2/2 ( Old version )

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
- IMPORTANT: This scenario is sequel to "Robin Hood Episode 1/2" scenario.

- I suggest playing this scenario after playing the "Robin Hood Episode 1/2" scenario.

Click HERE to check "Robin Hood Episode 1/2" scenario.

=== STORY ===

LOCATION: "The poor village"
TIME: 12th century

- The governor of Nottingham is too angry because Robin Hood organized people to stop sending any natural resources to the attendants of the governor. In fact the governor has too brutal system to exploit people for his benefits. Even sometimes his soldiers kill their own people for their governor. The family of Robin Hood was also slaughtered by soldiers. Robin Hood took a decision to take a heavy revenge from the governor. So Robin Hood created an armed group by persuading people to fight against soldiers and he organized civilians to resist against the system of the governor.

- The governor wants to attack "The poor village" at first for destroying the resistance of all civilians in Nottingham. Because he thinks that if he kills all people in this village the people who continue to resist in other places will stop resisting because of fear and so the resistance will be stopped in all of other places by not fighting anymore. In fact Robin Hood and his group realize this plan by investigating some of betrayers. So Robin Hood and his group create a line of defense to protect The Poor Village against the soldiers of the governor...

=== FEATURES ===

- 2 different custom musics from DOOM II FPS game

- An interesting gameplay style with FIGHTING times and RESTING times in each day

- Dynamic gameplay with enemies who become stronger in each wave with new types of enemy units in FIGHTING TIMES and the updates that make our units stronger in RESTING TIMES

- Additional buildings that help our units in RESTING TIMES ( Like: Stable, hospital, university etc... )

- A strategical map design for the style of this game with 4 different paths that bring people to the main building

=== NOTES ===

* I made this campaign with The Conquerors. ( v1.0 ) ( Not User Patch )

* This campaign is also playable with User Patch and HD versions. User Patch players and HD players can download this campaign.

* I only tested this campaign with The Conquerors. ( v1.0 ) ( Not User Patch )

* I can adapt this campaign to HD or User Patch versions by updating this campaign if this situation causes serious problems.

* If you very stuck in somewhere or have another problems ( difficulty, bug, not understanding what to do etc... ) you can leave a comment to this page.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
Robin Hood is HellKnight61's entry to the 2016 Defend the Spot Competition.

Playability: 1
The premise of the scenario was rather promising, and a decent cinematic portion introduced the player to the action. However, the playability was greatly hampered by numerous bugs - my hero was often randomly removed, causing an instant loss, and even if that was not the case, I would then encounter a crash near the start of the second wave. Having the player micromanage their archers to continuously snipe off enemies was by no means a poor idea, but I can imagine it getting redundant over several rounds. Furthermore, the quests that the player had to perform between rounds involved an excessive amount of tedium, and as a result actually lasted longer than the action itself.

Balance: 2
I feel a bit remiss grading the balance purely on the first round of several enemy waves which surely would have increased in difficulty as time went on, so I added on a few points to give the entry the benefit of the doubt. The gameplay boiled down to micromanaging archers around and using them to focus fire down enemy infantry that arrived in single file from a few directions. From what I was able to glean from the instructions, hints, etc there is a good deal of depth to the scenario, but the pacing was a bit off and it was hampered by the aforementioned bugs.

Creativity: 3
This category was generally strong, and the main downside was that the execution of the combination of these spheres with the gameplay left a bit to be desired.

Map Design: 1
While a few fine ideas translated into some nice portions of the map, the design was generally lackluster, particularly due to its fairly regimented and symmetrical nature, which was particularly noticeable given the small size of the map. Terrain mixing and elevation would have made this a more effective map, and in the future it would be prudent to avoid making all regions square and blocky and instead go for a more organic feel.

Story/Instructions: 3
The author did a good job of including useful instructions, and mixed a few novel elements with well-established ones. The player is placed in the shoes of Robin Hood, who is defending a cathedral from the Sheriff's men. However it could benefit from a bit more depth.

[Edited on 04/26/16 @ 06:31 PM]

File Author
I am not very sure but I think both judges played my scenario with UserPatch version but I made this scenario for normal TC version. So UserPatch is not appropriate for my scenario. Because of playing with UserPatch this scenario crashed while trying to skip wave 2... In addition I think that both judges did not finish my scenario and they gave me worst ratings by not finishing my scenario...

I think both judges treated me as a kick in the teeth because when they realize the bug problems in my scenario they have to confirm me by sending a comment to this page. So I can help them by saying them to use normal version or I can fix all of bugs in my scenario and send it them again. ( If they think that you can not fix your scenario after the deadline I think they must not review my scenario because they did not finish my scenario. ) I laboured very very very much for this scenario and I think they did not response enoughly my labour...

Also I waited for too much time for the consequence of this contest... This contest extended 2 times. Judging period also took nearly a month. After waiting for a very very long time this can not be a response for me and my labours... I think they could confirm me about the problems of my scenario in judging period so I can help them before finishing time of the judging period that neary takes a month...

I think they must "DELETE" all of reviews of my scenario because they did not finish my scenario and they did not give me any feedback about my scenario in judging period... ( If they think that you can not fix the bugs after the deadline they must not review my scenario because they did not finish it... )

I am getting lose my own "SELF CONFIDENCE" because of this event. In addition this is not "FIRST" for me... I had the same problem in AVC14... That judges did me same thing with this one in AVC14. They did not say me anything about bug problems in judging period and they did not finish my scenario by giving me the worst rating in AVC14... So my scenarios became a garbage in AVC14 and DTS16... My scenario had more than a hundred triggers in AVC14... I was the person who laboured mostly by making a complex and long scenario in AVC14 but that scenario became a garbage because of judges... The other contestants did not make a long and complex scenario in AVC14...

By the way my idea in mind took damage because of both these events because I got the worst ratings in both these events and the people who had seen these events thought that I am an extremely weak designer because I became last person by being judged from judges who did not finish my scenario and did not give me any feedback in judging period... ( If they think that you can not fix the bugs after the deadline they must not review my scenario because they did not finish it... )

Lastly I think these review points and being last person in both two contests are not responses enoughly for my labour... I think judges must not review or give any points if they did not finish my scenarios... I think they must delete all of reviews from this scenario... Also I do not think that this scenario is the worst scenario in this contest... I think my scenario should be in fifth or sixth place... But I know that you will not agree this opinion because I know that you did not finish all of my scenario...
File Author
I read all of responses carefully. I think some people misunderstood me. So I wrote some information here to fix your misunderstanding...

- I am NOT ANGRY against being last or my review points... The thing that makes me angry is both judges reviewed my scenario by not finishing my scenario "HUNDRED PERCENT"...

- My opinion is if the judges can not finish a scenario because of bugs or the difficulty of the scenario they must not review it because they did not finish it... They must not give any points to that scenario. Because the scenario is unfinished so reviewing that unfinished scenario may damage the idea in mind of the author.

- My second opinion is judges can announce buggy scenarios by saying that "We did not review this scenario because it is impossible hard or it contains unskippable bugs..." when the results are out...

- I did not want to get judges annoying by sending them a buggy scenario. I tested and finished my own scenario many times before submitting it. I think they had played this scenario with UserPatch but I did this scenario for normal TC version. I think judges should try to play this scenario again with normal TC version...

- I did not have a perfect expectation anytime in this contest. I never think being first or famous or super successfull in this contest. My expectation was being fifth or sixth only...

- I had read all of reviews and comments carefully so I analyzed all of opinions about my scenario by being objective... And I do this thing in everytime in my life... ( Also before you suggest me... )

- I do not have any problem about judging period or contest extensions... I think this is a good thing to persuade more people to join the competition. The thing makes me angry is they could warn me by saying that "Your scenario contains bugs so we will not review it when the results are out..." in one month judging period time before the announcing of the results... ( I waited nearly a month in judging time period for the consequence... )

[Edited on 04/29/16 @ 12:03 AM]

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