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Downloads Home » Best Files » Defence at Lorgan's Watch

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Defence at Lorgan's Watch

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

"Get on with it yer mongrels, the enemy is at our doorstep. To your posts!"

Lorgan's Watch has stood guard over Hanern's eastern approaches for centuries. This old fort has long proven itself a bulwark against enemy aggression through many hard wars, but stretched supply lines and further troubles abroad have left it neglected and in disrepair. Indeed there is little anything else in these remote parts save for a meagre garrison of poorly-supplied militia.

For Captain Baldur, all that is left on his mind is counting down the days until he can return home where his wife and a warm hearth awaits. The battles of the Old War are now a children's bedtime story of the past, and what was once a thriving land has given way to the decaying chill of winter. Surely no one would be foolish enough to attack during these cold months, would they?

This is my entry to the 2016 Defend-the-Spot contest with features including:

  • Gloomy winter atmosphere

  • Gripping defend-the-spot style action, including fixed-force and build-&-destroy game play

  • Highly-detailed and atmospheric map design

  • Almost 70 custom sounds

  • Over 800 triggers

  • Difficulty-level-dynamic game play

  • Multiple endings: victory or death awaits you. How will Baldur and his men be remembered?

I hope you enjoy this project!

*** Winner of the 2016 Defend-the-Spot Contest ***

*** This campaign received the award BEST STORY and BEST SCORE in the Game of the Year Awards of 2016 ***


  • Speed: Normal
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768

    This file requires only the base game in the Conquerors to function. It is not compatible with HD.

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Archilog Finally, I won on moderate - after probably more than 40 replays. Great game!

    (By the way, maybe it has already been discuted in this site, I just wondered if One player's One-Shot-Scenarios - without any possibility to save the game (?)- were challenging enough to be built, a category for great and realistic design imagination and multiplayers adrenaline bonus - the cons would be: speeder and more attractiv beginning and shorter story - my two cents, or perhaps an idea for me to reflect if possible).

    I love the fall-winter design, the story, the beacon, the timing of this game! I understand the two months and a half of big work! I didn't like so much the restrictions, but it has to do with DTS style - although those restrictions were not so annoying in the fantastic 'Blood of the Bear' scenario from the same author, since going out of the fortress made no sense...

    Thank you again, Mashek, for this great scenario!
    (Now, a little rest before an attempt on Hard? ;)

    [Edited on 05/19/16 @ 01:11 PM]

    Official Reviewer
    File Author
    Really appreciate it Archilog, and glad you enjoyed playing the game! It does make the 2 and a half months hard work well worth it. I knew the restrictions would prove to be annoying, but it is a necessary evil, otherwise you would see spawning troops appearing out of thin air! Again, many thanks. Good luck on hard. ;)

    You could always take your idea to the Scenario Design forums and see if you can't start a discussion:
    Official Reviewer
    File Author
    This file has been updated to fix a couple minor bugs as well as the discoloured bitmap.
    Lord Basse
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    Defence at Lorgan's Watch is an action-packed scenario with a truly immersive atmosphere, which it owes to its fantastic map design and clever use of music and sound effects. You truly get the feeling of being stranded in the midst of winter, fighting against impossible odds and somehow coming out victorious. The scenario is constantly challening, but ever so rewarding once you figure out a strategy that works. I had to replay it multiple times to survive to the end, but it was very rewarding to finally see Morgen off and win the day. This is DTS and atmospheric storytelling at its finest.

    BALANCE: 5-
    While a bit on the hard side, even on standard and moderate difficulty, the scenario never gets so hard that it is frustrating. It really demands that you figure out the best strategy possible and stick to it. Once you do that, the game still manages to strike a balance where it is just hard enough that you can win by playing smart, but not so easy that you can just lean back and let things play out. It is a true challenge and whenever you do fail you can always track it back to a fault in your strategy, rather than some arbitrary rise in difficulty thrown at you by the trigger systems. Perhaps it could be made easier on the lowest difficulty, but it is still a very well-balanced challenge throughout.

    The scenario takes a bunch of creative ideas and executes them all very well. High points include the strategic layout of the map as well as its chilling beauty, the limitations on the player that force you to manage every unit and every resource with great care and, perhaps most of all, the fantastic and incredibly immersive atmosphere created by the map design and well-orchestrated music and sound effects; for one thing, the increasing strength of the horns leading up to an attack was truly bone-chilling!

    As mentioned already, the map is stunning. Mashek is well known for his wintery landscapes and he may just have outdone himself here. This is one of the most atmospheric designs I can recall ever playing and it would still have been so with all the sound turned off. From the late autumn forests to the shabby, derelict fortress, every square of the map looks crafted, as if nothing was left "just good enough" but improved to perfection.

    The story ties in with Mashek's Kretharn War series and works really well as a spin-off. The characters, while swiftly introduced, are quickly made to feel real and one can really sense their dread and steadfastness in the face of overwhelming odds. The instructions are also very clear, and you never find yourself lost.

    IN CONCLUSION: A terrific scenario, wonderfully atmospheric and challening. Well worth downloading!
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    Map Design5.0
    Favorites: [Who?]3
    Size:19.62 MB