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Downloads Home » Best Files » Defence at Lorgan's Watch

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Defence at Lorgan's Watch

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

"Get on with it yer mongrels, the enemy is at our doorstep. To your posts!"

Lorgan's Watch has stood guard over Hanern's eastern approaches for centuries. This old fort has long proven itself a bulwark against enemy aggression through many hard wars, but stretched supply lines and further troubles abroad have left it neglected and in disrepair. Indeed there is little anything else in these remote parts save for a meagre garrison of poorly-supplied militia.

For Captain Baldur, all that is left on his mind is counting down the days until he can return home where his wife and a warm hearth awaits. The battles of the Old War are now a children's bedtime story of the past, and what was once a thriving land has given way to the decaying chill of winter. Surely no one would be foolish enough to attack during these cold months, would they?

This is my entry to the 2016 Defend-the-Spot contest with features including:

  • Gloomy winter atmosphere

  • Gripping defend-the-spot style action, including fixed-force and build-&-destroy game play

  • Highly-detailed and atmospheric map design

  • Almost 70 custom sounds

  • Over 800 triggers

  • Difficulty-level-dynamic game play

  • Multiple endings: victory or death awaits you. How will Baldur and his men be remembered?

I hope you enjoy this project!

*** Winner of the 2016 Defend-the-Spot Contest ***

*** This campaign received the award BEST STORY and BEST SCORE in the Game of the Year Awards of 2016 ***


  • Speed: Normal
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768

    This file requires only the base game in the Conquerors to function. It is not compatible with HD.

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    AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Archilog Hello,
    I'm an old AOK fan, and tried this scenario this week-end. I like it, even if I think that some triggers prohibit a free behaviour (like when you're trying to attack the enemy from behind with some cavalry).

    I didn't understand how to use the 4 outposts to win some upgrades - I clicked many times and nothing happened... is this a bug? (Edit: okay, I got it, I have to move the horse...)

    Nevertheless, this is a good game and this site is a must. Long live AOK Heaven!

    [Edited on 05/08/16 @ 07:50 PM]

    Official Reviewer
    File Author
    Hey Archilog, thanks for playing and even better on returning to a great game (and site)! The reason for the "restrictive" game play was because most of the enemy attacks are triggered in from the centre of the field. It wouldn't take the sneakiest player to figure out ways to manipulate that to his advantage. Glad you figured out the outpost mechanic. Perhaps I could have been a bit clearer in the hints section!
    Archilog Thank you for reply, my friend, I really like your scenario. Your explanations are very clear, in fact I just didn't read enough... (well, my answer was actually longer...).
    I suppose I've found a bug - or there's something strange in Ai's behaviour. Let me explain:
    after the first assault, with ballistics researched and a fair number of population (I mean, not bigger than the authorized 50), with the south tower and the first gate down BUT the two other gates (south and east) up, thanks to three villagers repairs, your ennemy just goes on with a few cavalry poor rushes (max. 3 at a time), but no massiv attack happens (on the contrary, when I first had my two south gates crushed, I couldn't defend very well because of the big normal assaults that occurs normally in the scenario).
    I don't know why, but the scenario seems to block at this point. Even when I broke a wall to escape, and went to the outpost, nothing happend when I tried to lit it, I just lost my Sargent...

    I tried this 5 or 6 times...
    Any idea ?

    [Edited on 05/09/16 @ 03:54 PM]

    Official Reviewer
    File Author
    Thanks for the feedback Archilog. I'm not sure how you managed to keep the Inner Gate up but due to the incompetence of the AI, the gates must fall for the attacks to continue. The AI simply does not appreciate attacking walls, I'm not sure why. It's one of the inherent bugs in this scenario. As for the difficulty of the waves, maybe my skill level is a bit too high as I normally get through with no problem. I find you need to balance your force near the Inner Gate, while using the mangonel to defend against ram attacks from the east. Once they are dealt with use your mangonel to destroy waves coming in from the south. You can also build watch towers to help soak up the attacks.
    Archilog It's rather easy to repair the second south gate since it receives 3,000 defence points at standard level. This is impossible at intermediate level (only 1,000 points), but I didn't try to put 4 villagers on it - I doubt this is possible without chemistry (*) and arrow minimal upgrade.

    (*) Not Ballistics, as I said before.

    Well, I'm trying your scenario at intermediate level, and it is VERY difficult. But also funny!

    [Edited on 05/10/16 @ 03:57 PM]

    Official Reviewer
    File Author
    I apologise for the difficulty, but glad you're enjoying it at least. It requires a fair bit of micromanagement and attention, but it's one of those things where it's very difficult to balance due to the nature of siege game play.

    The Inner Gate should only receive 1500 Hit Points, even on standard difficulty. The South Gate receives 3000 but in my experience it always falls to the enemy attacks. Are you able to check again please?

    Also, seeing as you're enjoying this you might like to check out another campaign I made called Blood of the Bear. It's another siege scenario, however a little more epic:

    [Edited on 05/10/16 @ 04:20 PM]

    Archilog Hello,
    No need to apologise, I do prefer hard battles :)
    BTW, I already played your other one, yes, it was a great pleasure, even my young son loves it - and sings its soundtrack!
    When will come the time he'll beat me?

    You are right, these are only 1,500 points to the inner gate, but it is enough to maintain it up.

    In this intermediate level, an ennemy's trebuchet just crushed my second monk... well done! Is there any limit to monk number? it seems so... I never succeed in having more than two, despite my frenetic clicks!
    Official Reviewer
    File Author
    I'm glad to hear! As for the monks, I deliberately only made just the two available for the sake of difficulty, although having 3 available for standard difficulty might be an idea for a future update. Those trebuchets really do their work...
    Archilog Finally, I won on moderate - after probably more than 40 replays. Great game!

    (By the way, maybe it has already been discuted in this site, I just wondered if One player's One-Shot-Scenarios - without any possibility to save the game (?)- were challenging enough to be built, a category for great and realistic design imagination and multiplayers adrenaline bonus - the cons would be: speeder and more attractiv beginning and shorter story - my two cents, or perhaps an idea for me to reflect if possible).

    I love the fall-winter design, the story, the beacon, the timing of this game! I understand the two months and a half of big work! I didn't like so much the restrictions, but it has to do with DTS style - although those restrictions were not so annoying in the fantastic 'Blood of the Bear' scenario from the same author, since going out of the fortress made no sense...

    Thank you again, Mashek, for this great scenario!
    (Now, a little rest before an attempt on Hard? ;)

    [Edited on 05/19/16 @ 01:11 PM]

    Official Reviewer
    File Author
    Really appreciate it Archilog, and glad you enjoyed playing the game! It does make the 2 and a half months hard work well worth it. I knew the restrictions would prove to be annoying, but it is a necessary evil, otherwise you would see spawning troops appearing out of thin air! Again, many thanks. Good luck on hard. ;)

    You could always take your idea to the Scenario Design forums and see if you can't start a discussion:
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