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Cart blood

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Blood
Number of players: 2-8

Capture and hold the Relic Cart to win! Every 10 seconds you get 10 gold while it's yours. But watch out, while the Cart is yours, you don't get new units!

Host settings
Host can set 4 victory condition:
100, 500, 1 000 or 3 000 gold to win (stone shows this setting)

Map rules

  • This map supports only FFA games
  • While owning Relic Cart you don't get new units
  • The Relic Cart can't go behind spawn points (to avoid bugs and unfair gameplays)
  • After 5 minutes a middle bonus activates: +50% gold if the Relic Cart is there
  • Middle flag color shows Cart owner
  • You can check player scores at left corner by Relic HP
  • Relic Cart is visible in fog. Don't lose it!

    (click on image for bigger picture)

    Kill rewards

    50 - Scale Mail Armor
    100 - Padded Archer Armor
    150 - Fletching
    200 --- Army level 2 (Crossbowman, Champion, Knight, Pikeman)
    250 - Forging
    300 - Scale Barding Armor
    350 - Chain Mail Armor
    400 - Chain Barding Armor
    450 - Leather Archer Armor
    500 --- Army level 3 (Elite Chu Ko Nu, Elite Berserk, Cavalier, Halberdier)
    600 - Bodkin Arrow
    700 - Iron Casting
    800 - Plate Mail Armor
    900 - Plate Barding Armor
    1000 --- Army level 4 (Archer of the Eyes, Minamoto, Paladin, Camel rider)
    1100 - Ring Archer Armor
    1200 - Blast Furnace
    1300 - Bracer
    1400 - Chemistry
    1500 --- Army level 5 (Robin Hood, La Hire, Master of the Templar, Elite Mameluke)
    1700 - Squires
    1800 - Husbandry
    2000 --- Army level 6 (Elite Conquistador, Elite Teutonic Kinght, Kushluk, Halberdier)
    2200 - Bloodlines
    2300 - Thumb Ring
    2500 --- Army level 7 (Charles Martel, Elite War Elephant, El Cid Campeador, Harald Hardraade)
    2750 - Spies
    3000 --- Army level 8 - Final (Genghis Khan, William Wallace, Cobra car, Elite Genitour)

    Technical informations
    Total triggers: 690
    Conditions: 1481
    Effects: 3 241
    Map size: 90x90

    Special thanks
    - DiGiT, JustTesting1234 and LOD_mantis for aokTS
    - WAIFor for Imagenario as map design

  • AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5
    No bugs or crashes found. As a map of 600-700 triggers, no lag is generated from the scenario itself or any problems that would take away the enjoyment from the versus map. Best played as a Free For All map.

    Balance: 5
    All players start with the exact same conditions; a sheep that may spawn any of the four units on that current level and each level has a fine balance of units, as each unit is weak against another of the four. Even better is that all players have a shot of catching up when they are behind since the one controlling the relic may no longer spawn!

    Creativity: 5
    That I can recall, this is the first versus map I've played to where you gain a disadvantage to the other players when you control the relic cart that brings you closer to winning the game; very innovative! In most versus maps in this category, once you take control or gain the lead, you're usually hard to take down.

    Map Design: 5
    A simple design that allows for an easy battle ground. A chart of relics is provided in the left corner to show the winning progress of each player, keeping score, which is nice to have. Not being a RPG or anything of the sort, the big compliment to the map isn't meant to be how it looks, but how it plays. With that said, there's not much more to elaborate on this segment of the review.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    No story, being a versus map. Instructions are lucid and forward; any player who takes a glance at the objectives or even doesn't and plays around with what do to will get a quick grasp of how to win and how to generate units.

    Additional Comments:
    A fun and quick versus map. The host is allowed to choose a score limit to map the game as long or as short as players would like for it to be. Solid job Gallas!

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    Map Design5.0
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    Size:24.76 KB