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Omaha 1247 AD

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
In the year 1147 A.D., the Teutons from the mainland began a violent campaign of expansion under the leadership of an aggressive king. Under his direction the Teutons have gained control of lands from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean and from the Atlantic coast to Prussia. In 1200 A.D. he turned his eyes toward the British Isles and for the last 47 years has attempted to gain a foothold to no avail. Now the time has come for the kings of the British Isles to take the fight to the Teutons. With newfound wealth and a renewed fighting spirit the British head to war.

It is June 1247 A.D. the eve before the strike. British galleons pound the fortified coastline hoping to soften up the Teutonic defenses. At dawn you will face the men of the evilest army ever assembled in combat.

To drive the Teutons from the coastline you must kill as many of them as you can. To seal your victory destroy their castle.

May God be with you…

PLEASE NOTE: This scenario is the first to use many of the more advanced features of the AoK editor such as a custom avi intro, custom sound files, and a custom bitmap. In the days of AoE, these files were all embedded into the scn file... not anymore. Everything is seperated now. To properly experience this scenario, you must unzip the file to your default Age of Empires II folder. It will put all the files in the correct place. It will not overwrite any existing files. Enjoy!

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PrinceBimz A very nice scenario! The map is nicely done and is simple excellent. Custom sounds are really neat and when your troops hit the beach it can be pretty exciting to see all of the shots fired and troops screaming. Scenario was a little easy but still it was very fun and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new single player scenario.
Altor Great scenari based on D-day. Cool Mp3 sounds and the landing really captures some sphere of it, although they aren't the right models it still feels good really great scenario.
Janissary Commander You made a typo in your description of the game it's "May the Force be with you".
Cherub Lobby
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
A chilling medieval recreation of the Dday landing at Omaha beach. The sound effects from ‘Saving Private Ryan” are chilling and incredibly effective. A fantastic effort at recreating the landing using AOK and medieval troops. It was probably a little to easy in the end but certainly got my attention. One odd thing I didn’t get.. why the king unit? Overall a very enjoyable scenario.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Omaha 1247 AD is a FF with B&D elements; it recreates Operation Overlord at Omaha beach Normandy, France on D-Day, 6 June 1944 in the medieval year of 1247 AD. The story is fiction, the Teutonic controlled territories span from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean and from the Atlantic coast to Prussia. They also established a small base on the English coast; it is time for the King of the British Isles to drive the Teutonic invaders off the coastline.

PLAYABILITY: The scenarios start was impressive, shots of canon towers, janissaries and bombard cannons mixed with desperate screams and shouts of killing and dying troops. The sounds of Saving Private Ryan together with some custom made ones added to the game play. Once you secured the beach it wasn't up to the standard any more, after the second palisade fence you fulfilled your final objective easy, leaving many enemy units unattended. 4

BALANCE: Apart from the intense landing this was rather weak. Player 2 got stables, archery ranges, barracks, three of each and a castle, but no villager, no resources. Your fifteen long range canoneers take out from far janissaries, bowmen, towers and a castle, yet for the first minutes of game an average rating is defendable. 3

CREATIVITY: A very creative scenario, advanced at its time using custom made sounds, avi and bmp. Great job in setting D-Day in the medieval times orchestrating the landing with a good design of the area. 5

MAP DESIGN: The map shows different water depths, nice beach, good use of elevations for the uphill fights, but the terrain was not detailed enough and the enemy fortress consisted of military buildings behind square walls. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The scenarios good impression starts with the author's description page, the read me lists the scenarios 18 files and explains that all the files will be put in the correct places if you unzip to your default Age of Empires II folder. I thought it worth mentioning the helpful instructions as it is the first scenario to use an intro avi and bmp. It has a clear objective and a good story, certainly for a FF, to place the landing at Omaha beach into medieval times. "If there is any story at all, the rating goes up to a 4" and the scenario comes with an introductory custom made avi and bitmap to raise the rating. 5

OVERALL: A very creative scenario from the early days of AoK.

SUGGESTIONS: Player 2 needs some starting resources; to play hardest does only slightly change the challenge. Some villagers in the area with the gold and stone mines and some timed triggers to remove palisade walls would also help balance and playability.

IN CLOSING: A must have.
joguli Great scenario! I enjoyed both to play it and especially to read the story! Cool sounds (were they from Medal of Honor: Frontline??) I see that you've worked hard on this scenario and it has paid off. My undisputed favourite scenario of the whole!!! I strongly recommend everyone to download. The only minor problem is that this takes a lot outta your computer (mine was nibbling a lot)
age3 The map was excellant nothing more u could do

[Edited on 02/04/08 @ 09:06 AM]

legy1 this is the best scenario that is based on D-Day that i have played so far... keep it up!
tyler_t_rocks Verry Verry good but i feel its missing something not sure what tho over all i would rate 4.9 if i was rating lol...

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Map Design4.0
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