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Vikings! Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013): The Forgotten
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 3
This group of scenarios led me to construct the Vikings! Campaign.

Made to work on Forgotten Empire and African Kingdoms, this fun-run allows players to understand the greatness of the Viking civilization and to explore the vast depths of time.

Take Erik the Red on a spirited journey, through vast jungles, seas, islands, and a confrontation with gunpowder.

Made to be played 30-50 minutes each scenario.

Place in Campaigns in _common for steam users.

best of regards,

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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Vikings! Campaign" promises to take the player on a journey to experience the greatness of the Viking civilization. Many promises are made about the campaign, but its content struggles to live up to its bold blacksmith description...

Playability 2

The games play out smoothly enough but there is little enjoyment to be had from being in the imperial age with 100+ soldiers against feudal age opponents with small armies.

Balance 1

Every map is a pretty much a freebie win that only the most inexperienced player in their very first game would struggle to win. Giving the player the ability to place trebuchets against the enemies TCs and castles while protecting them with a large, upgraded army right from the getgo of the game warrants the minimum rating here. The player needs to be at risk of losing, and generally speaking most balanced scenarios give the enemy a stronger army, bigger navy, and more technology. You need to challenge the player, and do it in a fair way to make an interesting game.

Creativity 1

There is little creativity in taking three random maps, adding hundreds of units, some bases to destroy, and calling it a day. There is very little that makes these three games stand apart from a random map build and destroy.

Map Design 2

Three random maps from the HD edition were used as the base, with no modification made beyond adding lots of buildings.

Story\Objectives 1

There is not a single word typed anywhere in this campaign.

Final Thoughts:For all effective purposes its 3 random maps placed together and called a campaign.

Here are some game recommendations for the author;
Ragnar's Raids by Filthydelphia on Steam
Wind of the North by Mashek
Storm on the Steppes by Hockeysam
Kings of Destruction - Battles of the Khans by Bassi both on Steam and here on AoKH

The first two of these are Viking themed games, while the last two are build and destroy style games. Play some of these scenarios, look at their feedback and reviews, and just try to incorporate a teeny bit of what they are doing well in your eyes into your own scenarios. And dont just copy and reupload them with extra resources while calling it "redone" either.
File Author
It is ordinary, and just a quick romp.
File Author
And Napoleon was the antichrist
Official Reviewer

Its not an average level of proficiency to post a campaign that is three random maps with lots of extra units. Here is how to make a campaign that earns more than a 1.4:

1.Start with a blank map, then create terrain and detail it to the point it looks as good or better than any random map.

2.Add some gameplay;could be a build and destroy or a fixed force adventure from one end of the map to other.

3.Be creative and make the gameplay have its own character, so that it isnt identical to what a player can get with a skirmish random map game.

4.Make the games challenging, but do it in a fair way so the player can overcome the difficulty. The enemy should be stronger than the player, not the other way around.

5.Add a story so the player cares about what is happening, or is educated about historical events. Some authors make a story before even starting work on the scenario.

6.Repeat this 3 or 4 times, make each map in the campaign different with varied gameplay, with a storyline that picks up in each mission where the last left off, then combine that and call it a campaign.

You should try to make content that is enjoyable and worth peoples time when you upload files here. Maps that provide identical gameplay or worse as the random map skirmish mode are the bottom of the barrel and earn their low ratings, like this campaign did.
File Author
I don't take orders, sorry.
Official Reviewer
murdilator, no one is ordering you to do anything. Cataphract has given his time to list down a number of key factors in improving your scenario design in order that you may create a good scenario worth people's time. Putting up walls before such suggestions and improvement is the reason you're getting low ratings for your files. There is a saying to be slower to speak but quicker to listen.

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Map Design2.0
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