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The rebellion of Lynyegur

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.4
Style: Build and Destroy

The rebellion of Lynyegur is my largest and most complex project so far, and my entry to the Classic Design Competition 2016. This single player scenario is a mixture of build and destroy and fixed force elements, where you will follow the difficult quest of Sir Lawrence, who is sent by his King to face the rebellion of Lynyegur, a remote province of the kingdom.

Throughout this long scenario the player will experience a variety of situations: from small skirmishes to epic battles, sieges, economic struggles and even naval warfare. The game is made strategically challenging by the limited amount of units available from the beginning and by the fact that the vital gold is hidden in remote or well guarded areas. Enemy hordes attacking fiercely and getting stronger with time will keep the player busy, and force him to find the right compromise between attack and defense.

The scenario comes in three difficulty levels. Easy is meant for the beginners, who can enjoy the action without having to focus too much on micromanagement. Moderate is the desired difficulty for the average-experienced player. Hard is supposed to be challenging even for the most experienced player, that will face a stronger enemy with less resources and less time.

As always, I tried to provide the best experience for the player by focusing on atmosphere and map design as much as on the balance and gameplay. Please leave some feedback if you happen to play this campaign. I only playtested this entry myself, and so I will be happy to update it based on your suggestions!
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GranCalabaza My Conquerers game crashes when I open this campaign, any idea what is wrong?
File Author
Are you playing with userpatch 1.4? It is the only thing I can think of at the moment!
Official Reviewer
I get the same issue too while using the Conquerors. I can only get the scenario up through the map editor but it crashes as soon as I test the file or even select Triggers. Judging by the units placed in close formation, you have used User Patch. If this is the case you will need to update your file and include a notification and link to User Patch 1.4.

[Edited on 09/28/16 @ 05:05 AM]

File Author
Yes, UserPatch 1.4 is absolutely required. I thought I had written it somewhere but I might be wrong. I will update the description immediately! Sorry for the inconvenient.
iLikeHell The map is very beautifull, but the game has many bugs. Purple base units do not attack and to kill the castle and the other goals is to easy, In the 3th part i have lost all the units and res, when the bridge fallen. Then i closed all
File Author
@iLikeHell: Hi! Thanks for downloading the map. I am glad that you like the design.

The scenario probably suffers from some general balance issues that I hope to address in the near future. However, I would not define any of them bugs. If you found some other bugs, could you explain them a bit more specifically, so that I can fix them?

Which difficulty level did you play? The units in the purple camps are supposed to keep their positions in order to guarantee better defense and prevent the player from luring them away. Attacks to the player's towns are carried by small forces that spawn regularly in specific locations of the map. These are supposed to make your life quite difficult, by putting continuous and increasing pressure. Is this feature that did not work? As far as I know both people that judged the scenario had no problem with this, and did not complain about the goals being too easy (quite the contrary!).

In the third part, it is correct that you lose control of the cities, resources and units that are left on the other side. This is said in the objective screen, but I can try to make it more clear. So you can probably reopen your game and try to win it, I think that everything worked as intended. It is a bit shocking, but that's the way I made it :)

[Edited on 10/03/16 @ 10:00 AM]

iLikeHell Hi, the problem is that the units should be defensive, but they are actually in not attack stance, and therefore does not oppose any resistance. I play on hard
File Author
Oh, that's very bad and does not happen to me, nor happened during any stage of playtesting. Are you sure you are playing with Userpatch 1.4? Did anyone who played the game -possibly the judges of the competition- experience the same issue?
iLikeHell I play only with 1.4. Unfortunately, that's a big problem. The only part that does not happen to me is the initial purple camp. I think the problem is the trigger 3:Stance-> block units. It block all purple units
File Author
I see. But with Userpatch 1.4 the freeze unit effect with number set to 2 is supposed to put units in defensive stance. That is what I did and it works perfectly for me. Did anyone else experience the same issue? I think that it worked fine for the two judges that played the game, otherwise they would have reported the bug and they found the scenario very difficult anyway.

Do you have the chance to modify the triggers of my scenario (I never opened a custom campaign with the editor so I don't know how it works)? In that case you could try put a small delay in the trigger (3-4 seconds) in case it goes wrong at the beginning due to some overload. I would really like to help you but it is not easy since I don't experience the bug...
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