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The rebellion of Lynyegur

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.4
Style: Build and Destroy

The rebellion of Lynyegur is my largest and most complex project so far, and my entry to the Classic Design Competition 2016. This single player scenario is a mixture of build and destroy and fixed force elements, where you will follow the difficult quest of Sir Lawrence, who is sent by his King to face the rebellion of Lynyegur, a remote province of the kingdom.

Throughout this long scenario the player will experience a variety of situations: from small skirmishes to epic battles, sieges, economic struggles and even naval warfare. The game is made strategically challenging by the limited amount of units available from the beginning and by the fact that the vital gold is hidden in remote or well guarded areas. Enemy hordes attacking fiercely and getting stronger with time will keep the player busy, and force him to find the right compromise between attack and defense.

The scenario comes in three difficulty levels. Easy is meant for the beginners, who can enjoy the action without having to focus too much on micromanagement. Moderate is the desired difficulty for the average-experienced player. Hard is supposed to be challenging even for the most experienced player, that will face a stronger enemy with less resources and less time.

As always, I tried to provide the best experience for the player by focusing on atmosphere and map design as much as on the balance and gameplay. Please leave some feedback if you happen to play this campaign. I only playtested this entry myself, and so I will be happy to update it based on your suggestions!
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Map Design4.0
The file started as FF and transitioned into B&D later. Player started with a small band of troops and had to reach an ally, where he was given extra troops and production buildings to work on a new objective; reclaiming an allied town. Once the town was reclaimed the game turned into B&D. With very little time to build the economy the player was suddnely facing enemies on three fronts in two bases. Combined with the early lack of gold, low population and absence of some unit options,such as skirmishers, the early part of B&D was a struggle for survival. With three objectives to stop the enemy attacks and a main objective to move the story further the early game was far from boring. When the player finally overcame the given tasks, he was presented with another, almost impossible one: Defeat a great army at the gates of the newly obtained town. After several retries and a conversation with a skilled friend, the reviewer beat the obstacle by exploting the AI and massing 40 scorpions from a single siege workshop and move them over half of the map, sitting them behind housewalls. This further increased the time span of the game to around two hours. Player's final task was demolishing a fortress guarded by long range catapults and longbowmans, as well as a standing army below each of the castles that had to be destroyed. An AI weakness brought the game down here, as the armies guarding castles didn't react to any attacks. For the record, two castles were brought down by player's longbowmen alone.

Overall the game was challening and very entertaining to play. It also smoothly transitioned from style to style, which further enchanted the fun of the play. Due to the struggle to finish the game the joy of playing it slightly fades away, but still the file's overall enjoyment is scoring quite high. 4+

The balance of the game was pretty weird, with hardcore challenges even on standard, while on the other hand numerous weaknesses of the AI and author's decissions in the gameplay exposed a particular part of the enemy's structure to the player to abuse. Such were for example the very very long ranged mangonels in the final challenge. What sounds terrifying at first turn out to be easily defeated. The longer the shot, the longer the projectiles flies and a small effort in micro (or sometimes just walking of player's units) was enough to evade the shot. The nature of the challenge should be adressed in order make the idea of long ranged stantionary defeses really glow and the difficulty changed to give chance to the less skilled players to still complete the game by making the Standard difficulty easier. 3+

I liked the use of relics that imediatly gave gold and disappeared, thus preventing the player to stack amazing amounts of gold. It's worth mentioning the author put some effort into decissions which units to block from player. By removing skirmishers, for example, crossbowmen were the only ranged unit available to the player in the early game, making player extra careful when investing their gold. The only side of scenario where the creativity felt a bit lacking were the objectives which consisted almost entirely from "destroy the object". Still each of these was a bit different with a new approach needed to each and every one. 5

Map Design:
The map doesn't use complex eye candy tricks, but is rather based on nicely done green-into-brown, late summer forests. It,however, is still quite crowded with trees and occasional rocks/bushes. While map is pleasing to the eye and very realistic,there are some places where it colides with the gameplay and block the player. Two main spots that should be adressed: The plateu in the late game, where trees greatly blocked player from building up, and northern town, where there was no connection between the western and eastern farms, making ally units walk quite a distance to reach defense line (all the way around where the sheep are). Overall map design is beautiful and gives the organic and realistic feeling, but at some places "disturbs" the gameplay; no building space, tight spaces to walk occasionally ruin pathfinding. A small touch here could be ambient voices when player moves around the map. 4+

The storyline follows Lawrence, a man appointed by the king to deal with a rebellion in the province of Lynyegur. A very convincing and detailed story is explained in the oppening screen and trough the ingame instructions chat. The only thing missing was a nice and short ending cutscene, nothing too big, but a small sentence closing the scenario, instead of just ending it after the final objective. There was also no closing screen message, where the aftermath could be explained. The detailed hints helped a stucked player, explained changes to the gameplay (relics, limitations) and the scout offered nice overview of the map. The objective screen was written in a clear way, always very organized and easy for player to follow. 5-

Additional Comments: A minor change would be appreciated when attacking southern town, as nowhere in the hints or ingame chat is written how the nobles look like. I killed the whole army before realising they were berserks (neither was renamed)

[Edited on 10/12/17 @ 11:22 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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