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Robin Hood

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This is a file I made where you're Robinhood, and you rescue a town and go kill a kingdom. You cannot use docks or some siege weapons (only rams) so you must go through an island in the middle with a forest on it. Tell me what you
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J.D This scenario was ridiculous. I gathered all the GAIA equipment and men and made a run at the fortress. They quickly destroyed all my things. Then I built up my city to discover that I couldn't make cavalry or any siege weapons. What am I supposed to do? This scenario is ridiculously hard and not rewarding.
Cherub Ilya
Map Design3.0
Yet another in Cherub Ilya's reviews, slowly slogging through the oldest single player scenarios! This is almost what I would call an average scenario -- at least there were some instructions! No events, no triggers (that I could detect, anyway), nothing really _changes_ throughout the game. Don't get me wrong: this is not _necessarily_ bad. I like a good 'build fast, then beat 'em up' scenario too, but it is often too much like a random map setup anyway, so why go to all the trouble of writing a scenario and then downloading to play if I could get about the same payoff from a random map?

This scenario is a bit better than that. Not that there is really any story. There isn't. Build and then wipe. But _MAN OH MAN_ is it hard to beat up on the enemies. There are plenty of resources. Huge gold fields. And you'll need every last one of them. Disclaimer: I am not too good at offensive playing. I find myself often unable to track the multiple things you just have to track to keep an offensive going _and_ keep your gatherers gathering and mining and whatever. If you're on the defensive, at least everybody is more or less in the same place on the map!

So this scenario requires you to face two impressive enemies. You get one friend too, which may help a little. Or it may hurt (I find it especially irritating that my ally almost invariably builds walls _IN_ my town area). More than once I've watched my ally send off attack forces of one unit. Oh great! More blood spilt, not the slightest chance of any success in this attack. Why not just throw the resources down the drain and save us all the time?

But to get back to the mainline -- these two enemies are pretty tough, but your own limitations are far worse. As the robin hood player you get no horse of any kind (can't even build a stable) and _NO SEIGE OF ANY KIND_ except rams. That may not seem like much of a limitation, but when you're going against a Tuetonic enemy with multiple dozens of towers, the majority of which are bombard, well, you never get anywhere near the towers, even with multiple rams. Actually, I did see exactly ONE ram get TO a tower before it was immediately hosed by a bombard tower. O joy! Wave goodbye to a thousand or more wood and stone for a single brief offensive (of course supported by many other units). I did finally manage to finish off the other enemy (not the teuton). It took me nearly three hours of game time, but I DID it!

I'm still struggling with what to do against the Teuton though. I found that my archers _do_ in fact have the range on those blasted bombard towers, and I've managed to whittle away two of them so far (while withstanding the combined ravages of monks, hand cannoneers, and teutonic knights). This is why I think I'll go back to this one. Not necessarily because it is well designed (it isn't really). Not because of the story (there isn't one). Not because of the amazing map (it's nothing special). Just because there may be a way to crack this tiny puzzle -- how to get in to that Teuton and beat him.

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Map Design3.0
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