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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Lord of the Rings - Battle of Minas Tirith

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Lord of the Rings - Battle of Minas Tirith

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 4
The Battle of Pelennor Fields is the Battle of Minas Tirith.
Military conquest is the only way to victory, with one single exception - If the hords of Mordor reach the seventh level of the city and raze the Citadel itself, it will be the end of freedom for mankind, and slavery awaits in the dungeons of the Dark Lord.

- Carefully investigate your starting units names and stats - they may differ significantly from normal units.
- Know your base!
- Scout your surroundings!
- Gather resources to expand your army. If you start with no villagers, gather kills and you'll be rewarded!
- Last but not least, pay attention to chat messages and instructions on the left side of the screen!
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Official Reviewer
I reckon you need to give Mordor more resources, if not two to three times as many. As it is both Mordor and Rohan have equal amounts of resources, which means an automatic back foot for Mordor given they also have to assault Minas Tirith. The forces of evil should be the more dangerous foe.

Also some of the health and attack changes to units such as Grond concern me, which has 500 attack and 1000 Hp. They don't need to be so high to make for a fun and challenging game. Important units should be strong enough to hold their own but weak enough to keep players mindful of them.

This is a good start though. Keep it up.
File Author
Thanks for the input! I'll admit that this scenario actually isn't playtested at all other than AIvsAI. Which obviously is suboptimal to say the least. On the other hand that is one of my main reasons for uploading it here, please try it out and leave your comments!

Regarding the thoughts from Mashek I'll say this:

Rohan is only capable of producing cavalry units. Mordor can put out some serious numbers of Halberdiers.... That's not a back foot in my book ;)
Also, having to attack Minas Tirith is a huge challenge, especially with the Rohirrim harassing you on every step of the way, Halberdiers or not. So, where to put your hope? Well, the leader of the Nazgul would be one of my go to guys. The other one? That's right. Grond. And you'll need him. There's a long way up to that seventh level where the Citadel is.

And as for balance when Gondor and Corsairs come into play? I really don't know =/
Gondor starts with a great fortress. But basically nothing else. The Corsairs of Umbar is definitely a wild card. I made them a standard starting civ, dark age, standard resources etc. Will they be to late? Will they overrun everything on the whole Pelennor? I guess the uncertainty is familiar =) Hopefully we'll figure this out in a comment or two!

Regards / Adamio

File Author
And oh, just realized that I Did playtest in a couple of stages with my surprisingly hard to persuade older brother.. Mostly concerning the amount of towers, automatic defenses, city strength, layout of Mordor and Rohan camps and so forth... Well. And that's about it.
Official Reviewer
That's a good point about the halberds. You may very well need to revisit the Corsairs of Umber. They begin with only 200 of each resource and in the dark age. Consider an online experience where it can take a player 30-40 minutes to reach the Imperial Age and even then you might be pushing to have an adequate army to cause concern. By 30 or 40 minutes the game could very well be over. I like the idea about the Corsairs arriving late and it's fun to have that player quickly building up with an obvious time line in mind to support Mordor, but there needs to be something here to bring the player into the battle sooner rather than later, whether that be through more starting resources or even a higher starting age such as Feudal or Castle.

You might also consider changing the player civilisations. Gondor would work better as Teutons for the defence bonus and elite teutonic knights (the woad raiders seem wildly out of place), but who could also serve as Minas Tirith's elite Guard of the Citadel. Rohan could be the Franks or as current Huns for the use of the Paladin and cavalry bonus of +20 HP - although this would require a trigger to research various tech them such as Paladin if you so chose to. Mordor should be the Goths and research Perfusion and Anarchy to give them 50% barracks working speed and hordes of fast infantry. Each team would thus have its own personality and style of play.
File Author
Interesting points!
Mordor and Rohan are selected as Huns simply to eliminate the need for houses. I may have created a problem though putting all of those tents out...
Gondor are Celts only because of building design I'm afraid!
As for Corsairs I thoughtlessly chose Koreans in search of an ironic reference to the naval focus, and initially disabled all kinds of siege weapons/cannons etc to make them rely fully on Mordors siege warfare abilities. For some reason though I didn't go through with that in the final version.
Thanks for the suggestions, gonna look into it!
Official Reviewer
I thought as much regarding Mordor and Rohan as Huns but then I noticed all the tents! If you did change the civilisations, it would make for an extra challenge for the player to protect his base to prevent houses being destroyed as well as organising assaults to win the game.

I didn't have any problem with the Corsairs being the Koreans, however you also need to take into consideration what you actually want the player to be using them for. If it's for land forces then aside from their war wagons they're probably not the best side to use.

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