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Four Swords RPG Official 2017

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 4
Version 1.4RC

Dark times brew in the mythical land of Conga. Corrupt, malevolent fanatics and organizations exercise harsh control among to indigent societies striving to prevail. Four Swords recounts the legacies of Vito, Rek, Donny, and Jac; four weary townsfolk who risked all they held dear to oppose the evil plaguing the masses. The story opens following a fateful night where a strange meteor crashes north of the townsmen, fresh for inquiry.

[MM] Map Makers Studio, proudly presents its finest development yet! This elaborate RPG is meant for the highly skilled and competitive Role Play users. It will be impossible to beat without the collective work of three teammates, with frequent saving (and likely restoring for first timers). Teamwork and communication is a MUST! Story line and objectives are appropriately updated as players progress. Be sure to follow to avoid getting lost.

The following are the included features but not limited to this extensive RPG:
-An elegant and detailed storyline that unfolds smoothly throughout the scenario.
-An innovative style of leveling up characters, far in contrast to traditional style RPGs.
-Numerous boss and mini-boss battles that require tactical play to prevail.
-A high amount of randomized settings and outcomes.
-Uniquely handpicked characters/heroes that contribute effectively to game play.
-Exceptional healing system in the southern design of the map.
-GPS system to indicate and communicate players. locations to each other (no cartography allowed!).
-Many secluded and secondary areas loaded with tricks, eye candy, bonuses, and even storyline.
-Proficient map design that heightens overall quality of the RPG.
-And over 2900 triggers!!
-Multiple sound files to enhance game play.
-Much, much more! Play and find out for yourself!

P1-4 -> Any
P5 -> Celts
P6 -> Aztecs
P7 -> Spanish
Reveal Map -> Normal
Starting Age -> Standard
Game Speed -> Fast
Teams Locked -> ON
Difficulty -> Standard
Music -> OFF (Scenario has its own sound/music files)

Please report any bugs/errors found to _Skorpion_ . . Hope you enjoy this RPG and play it again and again! Comments and feedback are always desired and appreciated.

Demo Video:
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Awesome, varied gameplay makes this the best RPG ever created. By far.
Bug free.

Balance: 5
I find the balance of the map perfect. Its impossible to get through without prober team work and strategy. Still there is a small chance to complete it in one try with a dedicated team

Creativity: 5
The healing system is worth five stars alone. On top of this the map offers epic boss fights like nothing ever made before, and a great looking transport system allowing entrance into more or less hidden buildings, caves and dungeons.

Map Design: 4
There is nothing spectacular about the design of the map, the magic is all in the triggers. Still it guides you through it very naturally, always leaving you with a target or uncharted terrain off the main path

Story/Instructions: 5
The storyline is well thought through. There is a meaning behind every objective, always leaving you one step closer to the main goal.
Instructions are quite clear, its easy to keep track of where you should be headed.

Additional Comments:
Its simply the greatest, most advanced RPG ever released.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5-
Even with the trigger count, no lag or errors are generated from the map itself. Boss battles and other elements seem to have been very carefully constructed and tested out. Only some minor issues (like players being locked out of boss battles due to not working as a team) may be noticed, but nothing capable of docking the map's play-ability. The music sound files are fluent and don't deteriorate the map's ability to run a smooth flow to the game. I thoroughly explored through the map more than once and nothing crashed it or made players unable to continue.

Balance: 5-
This RPG is very difficult, as illustrated in the description. It won't be kind to new players but it certainly isn't impossible, unless you try beating it alone (hence it's in the multiplayer category; I wouldn't recommend playing it alone or continuing if your teammates die). Beating it requires a competent ability to follow the story and objectives as well as the "GPS System" given to you at the beginning of the game. Although players are given entirely different character units, no unit is far superior to others and how "fair" it is for each player depends on teamwork and for everyone's recognition on the importance of sharing upgrades and regeneration bushes. Also, balance-wise, the more thorough your explanation of the map and hidden areas, the easier you will make the game on yourself. Though you are very likely to die the first several attempts, you CAN eventually be victorious.

Creativity: 5+
One of Four Swords' most noteable (if not the most) aspects would be the new items it brings to the table and the AoE-RPG world. Just pick one and it alone will easily grant a 5 rating for this category: Unique leveling up system reliant on completing side tasks (although you do earn leveling up "stones" for killing certain bosses and receive HP boosts for clearing certain areas), a TON of randomized upgrades and outcomes that players won't notice until playing it several times, a special healing system with a recharge rate that allows players to use it over and over (mastery of hotkeys and healing usage is a key to winning this game), absolutely impressively designed mini-boss and boss battles that require strategy and massive team work to beat (unlike most boss battles where you right-click the boss and run away or in circles when your health gets low, sometimes you get trapped in the boss arena), multiple music files that enhance game play, and a lot of hidden tricks I don't think I should be at liberty to spoil for those who haven't downloaded it yet. Four Swords has gone above and beyond and has done what no other RPGs have before.

Map Design: 5+
Eye candy. Absolutely gorgeous map creation as each segment of area has been loaded with detail and care. The creator has clearly dedicated a lot of time and effort growing the physical features. Any mapmakers who play it would find a lot of inspiration after a thorough scan of the map. Whether it's a boss arena, the starting town, other towns, or simply the roads players must travel through, a lot of uniquely installed tricks are given that make it no bore.

Story/Instructions: 5
Easily the most elaborate and well-written out story released yet! The tale unfolds more than one twist and contains content that keeps the players paying attention wondering what happens next and how it will all connect together. Most maps include a slight story at best, so this one really sets the performance of story above and beyond.

Objectives are frequently updated and descriptive enough to direct players without them getting lost or confused. Hints and Scouts are very helpful as well for those who care to take a look. Even when you have been defeated, the "Loss" aftermath will include recommended settings and tips on how to do better next time.

Additional Comments:
The bar for RPGs in AoE history has reached a new level, as Skorpion has just advanced the game. RPG maps like Diablo 3, Reckoning, Warriors Odyssey II, and Gerudo Bandits were good for their time but have really been dethroned for being the best. All RPG players need to download this and give it a try, but have the expectation of not being able to win unless you find three really good teammates who will work with you to get through it. This one is destined to be a classic for The Conquerors gaming history, as it has high potential to revive the genre of Custom Scenario maps.

Absolutely well done! This is nothing short of brilliant.
iLikeHell All beautifull and funny, but has a big problem: it can't be played in single player. It is a big and long map, not easy to be played online. I think it would be really better if able to be played in sp
krmyth9 iLikeHell, _Skorpion_ did not intend for it to be beatable via Single Player; as it is a teamwork game.
File Author
I understand how hard it is to beat this RPG. I do want to say though with a good team of 3 people. With constant saving and exploring the map well, it is very beatable. I've tested this map many times and beat it several times with 3 people. 4 people make it a lot easier though.
Keep in mind that this game offers first come, first serve rewards up until boss fights. Playing with 3 people as oppose to 4, means you don't have to share rewards with 4th player, which in the end will make all 3 players stronger.
If you all want a detailed description on how to properly beat reward challenges such as Mind Control, Brawlers, and Ace Shooters. shoot me a comment here and i'll give some Team based tips.
lceCream RIP Innocent Man. #NeverForget
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Four Swords is a four player RPG scenario created by Skorpion. In the scenario players must choose their hero and travel across the mythical land of Conga battling high ranking members (boses) of the corrupt Imerpials.

Playability: 5
Four Swords was an incredibly enjoyable scenario which I played with some friends. We thoroughly enjoyed the scenario and would definitely play it again together. The creative gameplay and engaging story made the game fun and exciting. The huge game and creative mechanics mean that there are thousands of triggers in the scenario, yet amazingly there is no lag or errors effecting the gameplay. The only downside I can think of is that this scenario requires all 4 layers to play it, it can't be played with just 2 or 3.

Balance: 4
Four Swords is an incredibly hard scenario and therefore good teamwork and communication is a necessity. The unique gameplay and challenging boss battles can often require special tactics that need to be learned quickly in order for you win. In order to succeed players need to be able to follow the story and understand the instructions given to them. The objectives and hints are helpful additions.

Creativity: 5
An incredible creative scenario, Four Swords incorporates many trigger tricks into its design. The gameplay has unique mechanisms in it to allow for creative boss battles. Being RPG scenario there are many special aspect to it - unique levelling up system, randomised events and a healing system are the highlights. The music also adds to the atmosphere of the game well.

Map Design: 4
Four Swords is designed and a giant map which is completely filled from corner to corner. It is clear that alot of effort has been put into the map design to create the mythical land of Congra. There is a good mix of different terrains and eye candy, settlements are designed well and there are creative elements such as black squares, shoreless water and dead farms blended with dirt. While the map is good, some areas seem plain and could do with more terrain blending.

Story/Instructions: 4
Skorpion as done well to write an engaging story that build as convincing world and really builds a great atmosphere for the players as the travel through the scenario. Not many multiplayer scenarios have detailed stories the continue all the way throughout the scenario, and this one is just as detailed as most single-player scenarios. Unfortunately as great as the story was, I felt like sometimes it hindered the playability of the file, especially the cutscenes. If this was a single-player scenario it would not be a problem, but for a multiplayer scenario me and my friends just wanted to play and the cutscenes got in the way of that. Also we were constantly chatting throughout and dong that meant we missed the cutscenes anyway.

The instructions are helpful and necessary. They are clear and well written and help the player through the scenario and give helpful hints into how to defeat the hard boss battles and travel to the next mission.

Additional Comments:
Overall Four Swords is an incredibly unique scenario and well worth checking out. I honestly believe it to be the best multiplayer scenario made for AOK.

Thanks Skorpion
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Four Swords is an ambitious and complete multiplayer scenario, offering a deep story and sophisticated RPG mechanics.

Playability: 3
It is unfortunate that the lowest mark should arrive first. My main problem with Four Swords is simply that it is not as much fun to play as I had hoped for. While the sophistication is plain to see, there are some obvious features that show a lack of care towards the experience of the player. The most immediate drawback is the lack of balance for multiple players. This is a scenario which can only be enjoyed by four proficient players who understand what they must do. Your experience is based primarily on who you are playing with. Some of the fights are tedious, involving either a large number of enemy units moving together in a swarm, or a single boss enemy with significantly increased HP which takes a great deal of time to kill. I wasn't a fan, to be blunt. Other drawbacks include a challenge in the early game based solely on a "beaten path", where exploration is rewarded with a game over through extreme difficulty. And since success requires a full team of players, this is frustrating.

Balance: 4
The challenge of difficulty, approached in the order anticipated by the designer, is appropriate. However, as mentioned previously, the scenario requires that the players stick to the approach intended for them. There is no freedom to choose a different path, and there are extreme dangers located early on, simply for the purpose of being dangerous. In addition, the choice of units provided to each player does not offer a fair balance of difficulty. Since much of the difficulty is avoided by cheesing units which are tasked away, a ranged unit offers a significant advantage, and a melee unit offers significant difficulty.

Creativity: 5
Four Swords shines through sheer scope of ambition and technical brilliance. Both in design and execution, Skorpion shows flair and ingenuity, with RPG mechanisms such as levelling, healing, and a unique map system. While I feel these systems are not without their flaws, their presence alone mandates a high score in this category due to the sheer variety of gameplay on offer.

Map Design: 4
The map design is impressive, giving an above-average level of detail to a relatively linear path around the map. Some areas, such as forests, seemed to use blocks of terrain as barriers, however, in an unnatural sense in order to shape gameplay. I didn't feel that elevation had been considered as a method to shape combat, and most areas, although detailed in terms of terrain, did not seem to have items placed in order to craft the visual spectacle or provide barriers to unit movement.

Story/Instructions: 4
This is a category where Four Swords is at once excellent and mediocre. The story is rich and deep, building a world which develops as the players progress through the game. Unfortunately, at times this storytelling comes at a cost for playability, with lengthy cutscenes being an obstacle to playing together as a team. The instructions, on the other hand, felt very sparse and disorganised. The objectives menu did not feel particularly well employed, with finding the next location dependent on chat messages which displayed on loop. As we chatted to each other ourselves, this proved a problem if we were distracted.

Additional Comments:
While not without its flaws, Four Swords is an excellent multiplayer scenario which sets a new standard in terms of storytelling and exposition. This is a lengthy experience which deserves your attention.

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Map Design4.3
Favorites: [Who?]2
Size:48.84 MB