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Author File Description
Richard Humphrey
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
None provided.
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skald This scenario is set on two land masses separated by a very wide river and connected by a long bridge. The land is pure grass and the water is pure water with no fish life. It looks rather like a diagram of a battle. Player 1 has a walled in fort with a castle, lots of modern buildings and various military and siege units, and a small but modern navy, but is still in the Dark Age, presumably having just been assigned to this remote outpost as a consequence of insulting some superior officer.

I started with about a thousand of each resource except for 100 wood. There is a large forest right outside the fort perimeter and you can chop wood all day without being bothered by the enemy.

A scouting expedition will reveal a row of towers guarding the enemy side of the bridge, but my cannon galleons easily outranged them. Further scouting shows the usual triple thick walls and massive front line of bombard towers. The enemy starts in Post Imperial with rather more resources.

For my first attempt I cleverly gathered resources and built up to Imperial Age, and was totally annihilated by the mother of all cavalry charges about an hour into the game.

For my second attempt I was much more ruthless. As soon as the game kicked off I rushed every unit I could press into service across the bridge and assaulted the helpless villes before they had a chance to think. Unfortunately they had thought just long enough to build two castles and I was totally annihilated again.

For my third attempt I discovered a tactic which relies on cowardice and infinite patience, thus perfectly suited to my military persona. After my order of battle was fully deployed the game was practically on auto pilot as the enemy slowly fed me bite sized portions of his forces. After 4 hours of such attrition it was ready for Phase Two, the beach head. My landing forces consisted of a company of cav archers and I soon built a castle and then sent massive artillery against the enemy towers, which by now were 5 layers deep around his entire encampment. Two hours of this pounding later, the enemy lay in ruins. I will not detail my tactics as they would be elementary for any veteran and more fun for a beginner to discover on their own.

I found this scenario quite playable but somewhat soporific after the first few hours. It seems quite well balanced to me after getting wiped out the first two tries. Perhaps if there were more resources on the enemy side, the battle would not eventuate in a lengthy attrition leading to a slow grinding end. The map, while quite simple, allowed of several tactical maneuvers and thus served its purpose. There did not seem to be any story, instructions, or hints.

Overall enjoyable but a bit lengthy. A better player would probably finish it much faster with more risk accepted. I tend to drag out games since I am a slow player.

[Edited on 09/04/05 @ 04:58 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
Longbow is a odd mix of B&D with Fixed Force. I call it Fixed Forced because not only does the AI have zero ability to gather resources, the total resources on the map are so limited you will be seriously cramped in how many units you could eventually make. Its functionally a B&D but the enemy is limited to 10k resources of each.

Playability 1

Its a dark age start with the enemy in post-imperial. You will need to make villagers from scratch and it takes awhile to build up. Meanwhile your nearly pop-capped by the starting army, which will need to be deleted to make room for more units. After that its a long wait to tech up and max out, with no enemy attacks. To win, you can simply advance using longbows, like the scenario title implies. Its a great unit with its 12 range to efficiently kill enemy units without being in danger, so despite the maps low resources you can whittle them down easily enough. Its worse than a random map. The AI doesnt react even to attacks on their town.

Your only gold and stone is surrounded by a thick woods, which you cant break easily, being britons.

Balance 1

The enemy force starts strong, but doesnt come after you. Your in no real danger of losing, possessing a massive fortress with rings of towers. Once you get longbows out and start whittling down the enemy, they have no answers. Its too hard at the start to try attacking them, tedious to build up to imperial, and a cakewalk to finally win.

Creativity 2

If the resource limitations was made that way on purpose, its atleast an attempt to make something a bit different from a random map.

Map Design 1

Should be a zero really, its a blank map.

Story\Objectives 1

There is none at all.

Final Thoughts: Play a random map.

[Edited on 02/12/17 @ 12:14 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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