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Unfair Advantage

Author File Description
Tim Mason
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Here's a single player game where u r in control of a well-guarded fotress. U have many unique units of all kinds, but there's a catch!! Everyone else is against you!! Good luck and have fun!!
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skald This appears to be the first of several submissions by this designer. It has 8 players. Player 1 (Viking) is on a large island connected to its neighbors by a couple of bridges. All players are Post Imperial. Player 1 gets 99,999 of each resource but the other players get only between 2000 and 5000 of each. Diplomacy-wise, all players are enemies with all other players.

Player 1 gets a Town Center and 340 units, comprising 46 villes, 41 cav, 14 cav archers, 41 elite longboats, 62 ranged units, and 110 infantry, all elite units from various civs. Player 1 also gets a stone wall and about 120 bombard towers, stacked 3 deep in some spots, and numerous docks. In spite of the numbers I never got any significant lag.

Since I didn't get any siege units to breach enemy walls I chose to send my units on suicide missions until attrition brought their numbers down. I'm afraid I was rather harsh with my 46 villes, too. When I was finally able to build rams I spent a leisurely 4 hours slowly steamrollering over my neighbors, up both flanks and having my hammer meet its anvil in the far North corner. Units killed 804; buildings razed 306.

This scenario would be good for a beginner who needs the comfort zone of an extremely defensible perimeter (that would be me). It's also instructive to take some of the 99,999 gold and buy spying, then sit back and watch how the computer players fight each other (since it's everybody against everybody). You might even be tempted to finance the most distant opponent so he could wipe out his neighbors for you.

I found it extremely playable but rather repetitive after a while. We don't need to ask about balance in a scenario titled Unfair Advantage! I didn't notice any particular plot twists or surprises. The map had some interesting choke points designed into it, which created opportunities for ambushes The story and instruction are basically Kill Everybody and Attack Fast.

For a little more excitement, you could take this scenario and give the computer players as many resources as Player 1, and let them all form an alliance against you. Of course, you'd have to call the office and say you were going to be sick for two days.

Overall I enjoyed it.

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Unfair Advantage is a scenario where you have an invincible base, infinite resources, and the 7 AIs have 3 villagers and a TC each

Playability 2

This should really be a 1, but i suppose its about as playable as any random map deathmatch. There wasnt any lag for me, which would have earned it a 1.

Balance 1

You would have to leave the game running AFK for several hours to lose.

Creativity 1

Its not creative to give the player 350 units, 500 bombard towers, and 100k all resources.

Map Design 2

Its a random map, Team Islands. Connecting the islands with bridges is the only change.

Story\Objectives 1

There is none.

Final thoughts: Not worth downloading.

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Map Design2.0
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