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Rajas Kingdoms 4.10 Century Vision

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013): The Forgotten
This work is based on 5.2, to increase the common usage of playing and enjoyment of Age of Empires II.

Notes: Notebook: Infantry:

Swordsmen: 55 Food, 20 Gold; +5% speed; 20 (-1) train time

Halberdier +2 damage (8), -2/-4 vs Cavalry (30,28), -3 vs War Elephants (25)

Arson costs 150 food, 15 seconds (-50 gold, 25 seconds)

Militia +1 Damage, +1/+1 vs Eagles, Buildings

Man-At-Arms +1 Damage, +1/+1 vs Eagles, Buildings

Long Swordsmen as below

Pikeman, -2 vs Cavalry (20), -3 vs War Elephants (22)

Throwing Axemen 0.95 speed (-5%), 8 frame rate delay, Elite TA -2 seconds (15)

Berserk +1 vs buildings and Eagle Warriors

Eastern Swordsmen +3 vs buildings

Nordic Swordsmen +3 vs buildings

Two Handed Swordsmen +1 melee armor, +5 HP

Champion as above, also, 1.90 ROF, +5 HP, +1 vs Buildings (5)

Eagle Warriors +2 vs buildings; Elite Eagle Warrior +1 pierce armor (5)

War Wagon -10 wood cost (100 wood, 60 gold)

Scouts -5 Food, -3 train time

Genitour +1 damage (4)

Camel Archers +1 vs Cav Archers (5,7)

Conquistadors have 1.4 speed (1.3), +2 armor resistance

Janissaries have 45% accuracy (instead of 50%)

Elite Gbeto +1 attack; 8 frame rate (10), also Gbeto 8 frame rate (10)

Magyar Huszar 75/90 HP, 75 Food Cost, 15 Train Time (+5, -5, -1); +1 Pierce armor

Imperial Camel +1 damage (10)

Market Trade +5/-5 (for 25% market trade)

Feitoria +0.05 (0.50) gold rate

Cartography 50 food, 50 gold, 5 seconds

Guilds 300 food, 100 Gold, 50 seconds, 15% rates

Boyar 100 HP, 1.45 speed; 1.80 ROF; Elite Boyar 130 HP, 1.45 speed; 1.80 ROF; 55f, 75g

Arrowslits 200f, 200w, Castle Age

Towers +3/+4/+6/+8/+8/+8 vs Camels

Khmer receive Arrowslits

Missionary 35 train time (-30%)

Elite Genitour available for Berbers in single player, scenarios and campaigns


Boyars fall correctly, slower (11 frames, 0.15 instead of 11 frames, 0.10)


Genoese Crossbowmen 40 wood, 40 gold, +3 vs Spearmen; Elite Genoese 55 HP

Elite Karambit Warrior & Karambit Warrior +5 HP; +2 vs Buildings (NEEDED), and

Elite Karambit Warrior -1 s train time (5)

Elite Rattan Archer has 40 HP, 0 vs Infantry

Elite Chu Ko Nu +5 HP

Elite Janissary & Janissary 45% accuracy

Shotel Warriors +4 vs Buildings (4, 5)

Elite Woad Raider + Woad Raiders 1.25 speed (+0.05)

Malaysians keep their fishing boat bonus

Malaysian Battle Elephants get -25% cost reduction

Battle Elephants +1/+1 pierce armor (3, 4), (+0.05) 0.90 speed

War Elephants +1/+1 pierce armor (3, 4), 0.65 speed

Slavs Farming bonus increased to 20%

Druhizna 700 Food, 500 Gold (-500 food)

Teutonic Knight +1 vs buildings (5)

Fire Ships -2 pierce armor


Spanish obtain Siege Engineers

Persians receive Arbalests

Italians Lose Hussars, get Heavy Cavalry Archers

Burmese get Siege Rams

Condotierro have +10 HP, +2 pierce armor

Siege Towers 200 wood, 150 gold


Richard the Lionhearted +5 cavalry armor

Vlad Dracula 250 HP, 1.4 speed, +5 cavalry armor, 1.80 ROF

Bayinnaung and Suryavarman I 500/500 HP, +0.10 speed, +1 pierce armor, 1.0/1.0 area

Tabinshweti +1 pierce armor (4)

Khousrau +200 HP (570)

Charlemagne +2 range

Thus goes the testing!

Copy and paste this over Empires.2.dat: empires2_x2_p1

best of regards,


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
"Militia +5 HP, +1/+1 vs Eagles, Buildings
Man-At-Arms +5 HP, +1/+1 vs Eagles, Buildings
Long Swordsmen as below
Two Handed Swordsmen +1 melee armor, +5 HP
Champion as above, also, 1.90 ROF, +5 HP"

The game is featuring early drush very often, with m@a play occurring frequently enough in top level games, there is no need to boost the swordsman line other than the useless long swordsman himself. Also the champion was a good unit already.

"Scouts -5 Food, -3 train time"

The metagame is dominated by early low pop scout rushes from many civs on a variety of land maps. This buff reinforces an already dominant strategy;its not good.

"Indians receive Arrowslits"

One of the very best civs right now, doesnt need to be receiving more things

"Spain receives Crossbowman"

Why? Its an interesting quirk to not have xbows for them. They are a pretty strong faction that is still being picked in high level team games etc despite it

Ultimately its just a balancing mod, and one thats rather pointless looking
File Author
Who are you?
Official Reviewer
An opinionated commentator.
File Author
You do not understand.

American law, which is international, is clear, that speech is a privilege that is made into a right, such that, when you molest it, it can be taken away from you.

It is to be abused pas the age of 15.

Respect me.
Official Reviewer
Free speech is never to be taken away at any age for any reason. It is a constitutional right which is the birthright of americans, and indeed our constitution goes one further and proclaims this to be a universal right of all men.

That said, what ive written in no way transgresses on the terms of service or even common decency.

Your pride in uploading poorly thought out content to the blacksmith is now resulting in you receiving critical feedback on a number of your files. Learn to ignore it, improve the content, or stop uploading it.

[Edited on 03/11/17 @ 10:07 AM]

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