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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
No Description Available
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skald In this scenario you need to round up a lost artillery battalion, guide them safely to your fort, and withstand an assault by the British. I survived this relatively unscathed, which means it wasn’t a very deadly attack, since I am not the world’s best RTS warrior. After the British wave has spent itself you may build up a little and then go on the offensive, returning Fort Mackinac to American hands. It’s a rather slow pounding assault on the Fort since the British do not sally forth in any great numbers.

The map is a contradiction -- a large green expanse of grass with some bamboo here and there, but great care taken in placing the British fort buildings. The second time through, I used Marco Polo and discovered a giant battle between the Ojibwa and the Hessians which I had no inkling of the first time.

This would be about a medium-low priority for downloading.
Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
Dylan1 is another ancient file from the oldest days of the blacksmith. This one is actually interesting in that it details George Washingtons early life, or more specifically his military career's beginning.

Playability 2

The game launched into a standard B&D after the obligatory fixed forced mission. The players base was a bit derp but this is fairly normal to see. The two enemies on the map are at war with each other, but it quickly ends with the large army destroying the tribal villages. Your ultimate goal is to conquer an island, Fort Mackinac(ive been there in real life!) but this is quite annoying to do as the enemy has a fleet with cannon galleons and you have no way to contend with them except spamming blitzkrieg castles on the shore. Dock construction was also limited to a small fixed spot, making it harder to mass a fleet. The AI did some random resignations, infact i couldnt win by the scenario objectives because they threw in the towel first.

Balance 2

The enemy put up an appropriate level of resistance and had enough troops to outmatch the players starting force, making you have to consider your moves. Infact the initial attacks on my base were so fierce i was obligated to construct a death trap funnel using walls to hold out;this construct is formed by creating a narrow chokepoint with tunnels protruding outwards from your main opening with secondary walls 5-8 tiles out and placed in parallel to your death trap;this is to keep enemy archers from outflanking your death trap defenders and raking you with enfilade fire. That said, i suspect this intensity is more due to the 1.4UP AI and probably isnt nearly so tough in 1.0c. Later in the game the difficulty fell off completely as the AI expended its initial force and had difficulties training new units. The later parts are a complete cakewalk and fairly boring. The map was filled with resources, far more than you would ever need.

Creativity 3

The author tackles a subject well outside the timeframe of AoKTC, and like most scenarios of this nature has to struggle against the limitations of a game engine simulating medieval warfare. The author attempted a cinematic intro battle but failed to arrange the camera to catch the action. The idea of having a 1v1v1 with the british army smashing the natives and you in the crossfire was a decent attempt.

Map Design 1

Unfortunately the map is quite under par even for the times, as a random map simply gives a better visual aesthetic. There are vast expanses of uniform terrain which always earn a automatic point deduction. The forests are the usual splotches of wood you find in a normal random map. There is actually one shining star in this mess, which is a nice looking island. If the entire map was looking like that island, i would probably assign a 3\5 here.

Story\Objectives 2

Its a reasonable effort, but his one biggest mistake is not putting a description on the blacksmith file page. Because of that you have no idea whats going on until your into the scenario. I wasnt sure where to go at first, but thats not a negative since your intended to have to search and find the lost men. Your entire mission objectives are quite literally in the objectives and you wont receive any dialogue or instructions ingame.

Final thoughts: An interesting but flawed scenario, the initial assault on the players town was the highlight but you could probably get this experience many other places.

[Edited on 02/12/17 @ 12:17 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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