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War of Succession

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
During the middle ages, one of the greatest causes of war was the division of hereditary lands by siblings after the death of the father.<p> In this scenario the human player plays a son who must thwart the efforts of his step brother and step mother to take over the throne. Your sister has called for you to urgently come to the capital and take control before it's too late.<p> It's important to follow the onscreen directions in this.<p> I've played it many times and all of the triggers should be working.<p>
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skald I’m surprised this scenario hasn’t gotten a single review or even a comment. The author obviously went to a lot of trouble designing the map, which is really quite intriguing and topologically appropriate for many tactical maneuvers. The map would easily rate a 4.0. (I am merely remarking on this, not reviewing since this is mostly RTS and that’s not my strong suit.) There is a story line with hints and inflight instructions, and a lot of tricky trigger work that allows the game to develop in different ways . The game is 90% RTS, starting out with the hero taking over a city that is already built up very nicely and equipped with a full modern army. The enemy attacks right away and I found it distracting to be under constant attack on my city walls while trying to get my villes working in the fields, realign my armed forces structure, and guide my hero along his quest on a different part of the map. Maybe it reminded me of another day at the office.

I couldn’t get all the triggers to fire correctly but I believe the author when he says he has tested them. I think I just didn’t do things in the logical order the triggers need.

I would recommend this as a download for somebody who enjoys a high intensity RTS with an RPG quest going on alongside.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
War of Succession

I was hoping War of Succession would turn out to be a gem in the rough, an overlooked scenario from the earliest days of the blacksmith. Unfortunately the scenario turned out to be a mediocre affair at best with also some bugs and oversights.

Playability 2

The scenario gameplay is rather similar to a random map 1v1 with both players given large imperial age bases. The fixed force section lacked any challenge or real obstacles so there was little to do except go from point A to point B.

Balance 2

There was never any challenge offered to the players hero and starting units. When the capital is found an entire city flips to your control, a city which is arguably stronger than the AI city. Their initial attacks after nearly 30 minutes were easily repulsed by the starting units;i was surprised to see them show up at all by this point, having written them off as braindead. The FF sections gave you many units and very minimal enemy resistance.

The game suddenly ended with a "You are victorious!" seemingly due to the enemy AI taking their hero on a assault on my base.

Creativity 2

There wasnt much done to differentiate the game from a random map. The fixed force sections had a few "ambushes" but the force allocated to the human was many times stronger than the threats.

Map Design 2

The map was about on par with a random map with many expanses of unmixed terrain. There are numerous locations where the camera can be placed to view wide swathes of grass terrain with no disruption, even at my preferred setting of 1600x900 down from full HD;in the games original resolutions these are huge expanses indeed. The roads are wide expanses of cobble with no particular detail.

Story\Objectives 2

There was a story about various family members vying in intrigues for a throne, but it was delivered with the barest minimum of dialogue and a lacklustre objective page which mentions some characters i dont think were even featured in the scenario. There were no scenes depicting the characters during their few lines of dialogue.

The instructions were fairly straightforward but very simple. Fortunately if you simply literally follow the instructions you will step by step proceeded with the story. Hints simply suggested to pay attention to the chat and no scouts or history section. The victory message simply said you secured the throne and thats that. The throne in question seemed to belong to a Doge despite the scenario being filled with turks players, and Doges are from Merchant Republics, not Monarchies.

The AI players were not even given custom names so the opponents simply pull their names from the random player name list used in random maps.

Final thoughts: Some consideration must be given to the early release date, but i do believe even when compared to the original ES campaigns this one still falls short.

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Map Design2.0
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