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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
AGINCOURT October 25 1415<p> You control King Henry V's army of Longbowmen and Men-at-arms in a re-enactment of the decisive battle at Agincourt. You are outnumberd by at least 3 to 1 and so must use the terrain and field defences to your advantage. You have to destroy the entire French army. Which consists of players RED, YELLOW, GREEN AND TEAL(light blue) The other 3 players are just the local villages and do not need to be attacked.<p> This is a single player scenario the human player being player one, (blue) versus 4 computer opponents, and with 3 computer allies (they dont do much just their so that the map is historcally accurate!)<p> The game is best played on hardest.<p> The scenario gets a bit slow when all those archers open up but stick with it!<p>
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Agincourt is a FF, like in the real battle you, the British, are outnumbered by the French by more than 3:1. AGINCOURT 25th of October 1415, help King Henry V to build defences for the Longbowmen against the French Knights.

PLAYABILITY: As the author states on his description page: "The scenario gets a bit slow", due to the number of units fighting. Player 1 starts with 325 units confronted with different French enemies totaling over 1000. The playing part consists in building a defence structure with the restricted ressources you get, don't "cheat" building a market trading for more stone. Afterwards just sit back and watch, as "playing" is not recommended due to slow responds. You can reduce the lag by choosing slow speed. Maybe it's just me, but I found that the lag added to the overall fun seeing the frames pass slowly and the scenario had a high replay value keeping me busy for some time building different defences. 3+

BALANCE: It is recommend to only play hardest, the scenario is well balanced and play tested. The first try ended in a desastrous total defeat. In sixth attempts I lost twice, but won the last game with more than 200 units left. The scenario has a good learning curve and you will experience how you can influence this battle by variations of some palisade walls. 4

CREATIVITY: Considerung all aspects of game play, the verdict is average. 3

MAP DESIGN: The map is claimed to be historical exact regarding the villages and the battle field, but due to a lack of terrain mix and detail the design is of random map quality. 3

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: You get an exemplary introduction screen with a description of the original battle in the history section, clear objectives and valueble hints. 4

OVERALL: A well balanced scenario where lag adds to the game play.

OBSERVATIONS: I encountered a bit less lag with the TC expansion pack.

SUGGESTIONS: The market should be blocked in the editor to avoid a castle for player 1 destabilizing the good balance.

IN CLOSING: Play on hardest, slow speed, no market and if you don't mind lag, it is an interesting download.

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Map Design3.0
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