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First Battle of Panipat

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
The Mughals ruled India starting from early 16th century till late 18th century before losing to the British. The founding emperor Babur led many brilliant military campaigns against the Indian rulers to consolidate the future of the empire.

Driven by the urge to fulfill Timur's legacy, embark on the history's one of the greatest campaign to rule the Indian subcontinent.

This scenario is about the first battle of Painpat fought between Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal armies, where being awkwardly outnumbered Mughal forces managed to win by Babur's superior tactics. It was the earliest battle to use the gunpowder firearms and introduced cannons in Indian soil.

This is my first ever scenario in this great forum that live the game I would say, though I am a horrible AOE2 player but still own only one game which is this one(along with two dlcs from steam). Ever since 2003, when I was first introduced with the computer at the age of 10 this was the game I saw my cousins playing; till then not a single day passed without me playing this game for at least 30 minutes. Countless sleepless nights passed before this scenario was made, and my scenario folder is full with unfinished projects.

With bassi helping and encouraging me a lot, this project was successfully finished. bassi was also the only playtester for this game. I would really appreciate if you rate and comment this game.

Some features:
~ 3 Custom AI with a total of 2000+ lines.
~ Detailed map design with realistic forest, eyecandy and nice geography.
~ Design tricks from the university articles learnt and applied.
~ AI is aggressive and challenging.
~ Compatible with HD version also.
~ Population limit is 150 for this scenario.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4+
A very entertaining scenario, with challenging B&D and a few nice sidequests. I really enjoyed playing it, even if I usually don't enjoy B&D genre too much. I have a feeling a bit use of your ally would be appreciated by the players. Here I would go for a reinforcements system, like tributing your ally resources for unavailable units like Mameluke or Elephants. Another sidequest or 2 would also boost the playability up. 4+

Balance: 5
I am no B&D expert, but I played on all difficulties. On hard and moderate I was defeated in the first 20 minutes, while on standard I managed to survive and after an hour and a half of battle for survival I gained an upperhand and won. A very, very challenging scenario. 5

Creativity: 5
Author's creativity was shown mostly in map design, rather than trigger tricks, but it was very good in this aspect. I really liked the small touches in donating resources to the ally to get (unavailable) monastery and open the trade with them. 5

Map Design: 4-
Map design was done great in some parts, with nice use of both terrain mixing and elevation. I really liked the stables in Babur's camp, the mixed Pine/bamboo forests that turned slowly into pine only on the southern side, and jungle only in the north. A very nice waterfall and pond was made too. The town of Panipat was also done very well. However I missed a bit more terrain mixing in the northern jungle and most of southern part of the map, where enemy camps were, and some extra eye candy all over the map. Some polishing could surely be done all over the map. 4-

Story/Instructions: 5
I have no objections here, with history section presenting us the backstory of Babur nicely, scout section giving a nice overview of the map, hints offering nice tips for the player and objectives written clearly. Story was well chosen and presented. 5

Additional Comments: A very nice work for the author, who claims it is his first, and also very well done playtesting by bassi, as there wasn't a single bug I would encounter. Recommended download.

[Edited on 07/03/17 @ 01:50 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'First Battle of Panipat' is the author's first submission, and conveys a rarely discussed historical battle about Babur and his exploits conquering Northern India in the 16th Century. The result of this battle, and of the two following it at later dates, would eventually pave the way for the Mughal Empire's dominance over India for the next two centuries.

PLAYABILITY: 'The First Battle of Panipat' is a single scenario designed in the mould of the ES campaigns, with classic B&D game play and an immensely challenging and fun game play experience. The historical subject was well-chosen and conveyed, while the custom AI ensures that you will always be kept on your toes for the entirety of the scenario. On the downside, there was perhaps little else to set the scenario apart in what is overall a standard B&D scenario experience. Not necessarily a bad thing, but there is room for improvement. 4+

BALANCE: It took me half a dozen attempts on moderate consisting helplessly of reloads and restarts before I finally swallowed my pride and switched to standard difficulty. The player is simultaneously faced with three enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and the wide variety of troops they send. It is an experience that is akin to playing online whereby every minute counts in your early game build. Too often you risk becoming caught up in the quagmire of defence and reacting to your enemy's attacks, while failing to progress on other fronts. As walls are disabled and resources are scarce you will never be able to turtle or build to a position of strength without first having to fight for it, while completing various side quests are crucial for the late game. The overall steep learning curve here is enough to warrant a deduction, but with that said I also found the experience gained through having such challenging custom AI to be an exceptional and hugely entertaining experience. I was later able to complete this scenario on moderate difficulty by utilising some underhand tactics and a bit of clever economic strategy, such as walling with houses and keeping numerous town centres and farms in a defensive zone. 4+

CREATIVITY: While the scenario provides a standard yet challenging B&D experience, it does add a somewhat extra layer to the game play with optional objectives that unlock the monastery and important trade with your ally. Where the scenario really shines though is through its custom AI, which provides a relentless, challenging and immensely fun experience. 4

MAP DESIGN: The map design works very well in the context of the scenario, with strong enemy bases, scarce resources and a weak starting position, in what is an arena type experience. However, the wide open spaces aren't always as detailed or polished as they could be, while other parts of the map barely qualify as being better than a random map. In general, this is a well-designed map but there is room for improvement. 4-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The author has provided good coverage in just about every compartment here, with adequate hints and scouts and a concise history section. There is really not a lot to point out here, with exceptions that it all does feel quite standard, without any layer or depth to the story progression once in-game. This I feel prevents the scenario from achieving full marks here. 4+

SUGGESTIONS: It would be useful to give Babur more of a voice in-game as well as that of his nemesis Ibrahim Lodi. Currently as it stands they're both nothing more than computer players on screen without a word spoken. As the victory condition mentions Lodi dying in battle, might it be worth considering including him within the game play as a hero unit? Additional events and dialogue would also give the game play more depth, but it would have to compliment the game play not merely be there for show. Lastly, the jump from standard to moderate difficulty is quite steep, with standard being a comfortable experience and moderate too intensive. It would be worthwhile updating the AI slightly to give the overall difficulty curve here a more balanced approach while providing the toughest experience on hard difficulty.

CONCLUSION: 'First Battle of Panipat' is a standard yet well-designed scenario that provides classic B&D game play against the backdrop of a well-conveyed historical subject. This will challenge most with its relentless custom AI, and really should not be passed over.

In a sentence - Classic game play that provides an immensely challenging and fun experience.

In a word - A highly-recommended download.

[Edited on 11/03/17 @ 07:45 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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