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Byzantine wars - Vandals

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Version: Age of Empires II (2013): The Forgotten
Style: Build and Destroy
Hello guys.

I decided to improve an erlier campaign i found in AOK Heaven. This is my first try. In this sceneario, the players commands the Byzantine army under general Belisarius trying to reconquer Africa from the Vandals. I added some historic figures of the time, but I would like some help to increase the playability and fun on the scenario.

Any critiscism is welcome!
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Great_Artiste If it isn't declared for free usage by the original author, crediting him would be essential :)

Downloading it right now.

Is this a finished scenario? It is unplayable at the moment with random AI changing diplomacy at the very beginning. I opened it in the editor to view the map. I like the overall work, but the map could be improved. When designing forests, make them with Units/Other/Gaia player and use trees there. It gives you more space and the design more effective than terrain tools. Mind some nasty overlapping of objects especially waterfalls. Fix the AI and I'll play it trough and try to help you more :)

[Edited on 05/26/17 @ 12:39 PM]

File Author
As for credits, this campaign was really old, like 12 years ago and i don't even remember who posted it.

As for changing alliances, it did not happen to me. I will try to submit again
Great_Artiste If you used custom AI include it in the download.
Map Design3.0
Byzantine Wars - Vandals is a plot from the 6th century taken place across the lands of the Mediterranean sea. The great Byzantine leader Belisarius is tasked with an army to rout the Vandals out of Carthage and end the threat on Middle-Eastern Roman territory.

Playability: 3
The player has a decent starting army to fend off the early Moorish attacks that come from south and west of the landing location near where you are supposed to build your first town(I did so). You are limited to Castle Age and get a decent time to build up your economy and push your attacks. The gameplay is simple as the main enemy Vandals has a fixed amount of units which can be micro-ed down and killed pretty easily. Replay ability is not much for the scenario but it can be very promising once major rework is done on enemy behavior and troop choice(For instance, more variety for Moorish Raiders, Mobile units for the Vandals instead of large force waiting for the Human Player to abuse with AI vulnerability). I enjoyed the plot but lack of balance kind of throw me off for considering replaying the scenario.

Balance: 3
This was pretty straight forward scenario which you can easily win with proper micro-management. Though the player cannot construct castles, the enemy bases are not that strong which might have needed the stronger siege like trebuchets to knock them down. Vandals base has a castle and some towers with archers garrisoned in it but throwing some battering rams just tear that base apart.

Creativity: 4
The plot is about a well-known leader Belisarius, but it is well conveyed in the scenario. The uses of in-game chat gave a nice feel into the game. Nice placement of the cities and their layouts gave an impression about planned design. More functionality could be given to the computer players for making it immensely fun scenario instead of a simple plain scenario.

Map Design: 3
Taking a random map as template(which is always a good place to start out if you don't want to design from scratch), the overall map was pretty nicely designed and modified. The mango groves, the villages at the bank of the Nile, the well designed bases and scattered Moorish camps were all nicely placed. But lack of detailed design on the maps kind of restricted this file for achieving highest score.

Story/Instructions: 3
The history, hints and scouts section were nicely covered(with a simple spelling mistake of "expext" instead of 'expect' in the scouts section). The Objectives section was poorly written which was slightly offset by the in-game displayed instructions. This is an area where the author really needs massive work to ensure smooth gaming experience for the player. I mean, come on, nobody wants a standard win condition like multiplayer in a custom scenario!

Suggestions-Try to add custom AI for the computer players. These make them lively and give the feeling like you are actually up against an opponent. Also add as much details as possible on the map, while not overdoing them or affecting gameplay. Add instructions and change objectives often and please turn off standard victory conditions.

Additional Comments: A scenario designer full of potential, please take your time and polish this scenario. I am eagerly waiting for an update of this.

[Edited on 07/19/17 @ 08:18 PM]

File Author
Thank you shuvro. I am currently working in a large revamp. I will be more polished and fluid, i hope
Shuvro You are welcome ferarfs, once you rework on it we will definitely find some great work and rarefied touches.

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Map Design3.0
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