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Mario Lamarche
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Version: Age of Kings
The scenario is not very beautiful but there is a lot of funny triggers. As an example, there is a forest protected by a wolf, if you turn back and don't go inside the forest, the objective will change.
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skald This is a large plain flat desert map divided by a river with two bridges. There are gates and walls guarding both bridges. Player 1 is a camel. Player 2 is Imperial with 99,999 of everything but don’t worry, he’s an ally. Player 3 is the opponent. Player 4 gives up easily.

1st play through: Objective: “Reach the sacred town”. I right clicked on the Sacred Town and my camel went there. When I got to the gate it said Give me 100 gold to pass. But my camel ignored this toll gate and walked around the wall. The designer had left one section of wall missing and the gate was bypassable.
My camel waltzed into the Sacred City and I was Victorious at 2:43 (that’s minutes, not hours) without firing a shot.

2nd play through: I opened the scen and added the missing section of wall. My camel walked up to the river gate, it said Give me 100 gold to pass, I gave it 100 gold, I passed, I waltzed into the Sacred City again and was Victorious at 3:01 without firing a shot.

3rd play through: Instead of obeying the Objective I went towards the forest to meet the wolf. Why would I do this? Only because of the game description, not for any success oriented motive. I killed the wolf. Three arbalests joined me. I headed toward the Sacred City. The game said “So you are afraid of a wolf?” But I just killed it! Objective changed: Destroy Thieves’ Town. I went to the Sacred City but didn’t get a victory. Player 2 said “Attack Now” and started annihilating Player 3. I started looking for Thieves’ Town and discovered the South bridge also has the same fatal defect, a missing section of wall, so I walked around the gate. Then, I was Defeated. Don’t know why.

4th play through: Used Marco Polo to see what was causing my defeat. Killed the wolf, found the Thieves’ Town, my Ally started building a Wonder, I headed for the Sacred City… and Windows crashed.

5th play through: On second thought… there are many many unreviewed, uncommented scenarios awaiting my eager little mouse. Perhaps I will leave this scenario for a more analytical player to complete.

Notes to the Author: I can see you have put a lot of work into these triggers. Thank you for your contribution. You could improve the scenario by play testing it using different sequences and routes across your map. Also give the player just a little more help with the hints. I can’t really criticize you very much for the missing wall sections because I do that to myself all the time!

[Edited on 09/05/05 @ 11:19 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Training is a RPG; you play an Elite-Mamluk, your objective is to reach the sacred city.

PLAYABILITY: Unfortunately, the entrance of the sacred city reveals with player one torches. To click your unit, right click the city is all you have to do to win due to missing wall pieces. Exploring shows a second impassable bridge where you are doomed to lose, a wolf protecting a forest with an in game message saying that you are afraid of a wolf after you killed him, an untrustworthy villager with an elephant too slow. There was another elephant where your computer crashes, a trap surrounded by cliffs with an appearing gate that does not close you in and I did not find out what "Wow the pyramid! It's so wonderful!" meant. 2-

BALANCE: It is difficult to rate the balance here. You win without enemy contact clicking the sacred city. You lose for sure on the southern bridge arriving alone, a sure win if you found the three archers before. You lose between the cliffs alone, escape and win with the archers but not if you crossed the southern bridge before. Nothing is more pitiful than a single elephant or Teutonic knight that follows to die, and a wolf alone is not a challenge. 2

CREATIVITY: There were some good attempts for entertaining triggers, but poorly executed. 2+

MAP DESIGN: The author warns us in his description, "The scenario is not very beautiful". It is mostly flat desert, a straight-line river divides the map, lifeless cities of mediocre design with randomly placed buildings and straight walls, but I have seen worse. 2-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Confusing, the author does not guide the player, neither with map design nor with the objectives and hints, in game you have to find an enemy town, the objective says to destroy it and to reach a sacred city to become a knight is not a story. 2

OVERALL: Training is a scenario with potential lacking play testing and map design.

SUGGESTIONS: Reason for the crash, trigger 18 effect 1, destroy object Gaia, no object or area set, the game engine tries to destroy all Gaia objects like trees, which it cannot and the game crashes. To fix, set the object player 1, the Mamluk. The same trigger effect 0, removes objects Gaia with a set area under the elephant that does not work as the elephant changed ownership to player 1 by the time the effect fires. Change objects Gaia to player 1 or set the object elephant instead of the area.

OBSERVATIONS: I played the scenario years ago like skald in his '1st play through', his good comment above made me reload and play it again. Both our experiences show that it is mandatory to guide the player through a scenario.

IN CLOSING: Training is an untested introduction demo for an abandoned campaign project.

[Edited on 03/18/06 @ 06:48 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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