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The Suicide Attack ( Old version )

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2 ( Main scenario + bonus scenario )
- The story is about a "suicide soldier" who wants to kill "the british governor" by exploding himself. Because suicide soldier wants to liberate Scotland from british invaders for his leader "William Wallace" and the liberation of Scotland from british invasion.

=== STORY ===

WARNING: "This scenario is NOT historical. This scenario is %100 fictional. So this scenario hasn't any connection with real historical events. This scenario is %100 an imaginary and a fantastic scenario..."

LOCATION: The Falkirk Town in Scotland, Western Europe

TIME: 1295

- "Briton Empire invades Scotland. Scotland loses most of their military power. William Wallace wants to save 'Falkirk' that is the capital of invaded Scotland from british invaders. William Wallace's scientist 'HELLKNIGHT' works on a new technology that hasn't used by any country in history.

- After many years of development process HELLKNIGHT invents 'implanted explosive bomb'. HELLKNIGHT uses this technology by obtaining some animal subjects at first. The tests with animals become successful. So HELLKNIGHT wants to use this technology by obtaining human subjects against british invaders. William Wallace chooses a person to obtain a human subject. The chosen person is a celt but he is a spy who works for english army.

- English units don't know that their celt spy is disclosed by William Wallace's units. So William Wallace wants to use this person against the british governor to conclude HELLKNIGHT's technology test..."

=== FEATURES ===

- 2 different scenarios... "The main scenario" and "A bonus scenario" ( A mini game )

- The main scenario has at least 4 game hours of gameplay time ( Normal speed )

- The bonus scenario has at least 45 game minutes of gameplay time ( Normal speed )

- Taunt system gameplay

- Multiple choices that conclude with multiple endings ( For examples: Taunt 1 = ATTACK, Taunt 2 = RUN, Taunt 3 = PERSUADE and Taunt 4 = EXPLODE YOURSELF )

- More than 30 different items that are very usable and effective ( For examples: Pepper Gas, Radio, Trap Detector, Earphones, Transportation Trebuchet Key, Slow Orb, Adrenaline Orb, Gold Bar )

- The items that can be activated by taunt system gameplay for a short duration
( For examples: Slow Orb, Adrenaline Orb, Pepper Gas )

- 9 different areas to explore:

1-) 'Gunpowder Factory in William Wallace's Secret Military Base' ( AREA 1 )
2-) 'Sea Route' ( AREA 2 )
3-) 'Naval Base' ( AREA 3 )
4-) 'Route 1' ( AREA 4 )
5-) 'Route 1 Forest' ( AREA 5 )
6-) 'Falkrik City' ( AREA 6 )
7-) 'Route 2' ( AREA 7 )
8-) 'Route 2 Forest' ( AREA 8 )
X-) 'Main Briton Military Base' ( AREA X )

- Lots of original campaign events ( scripts ) ( For examples: Stampede event, sea rock event, trap detector, hiding some items, monkey event )

- A detailed and complex setup for all campaign events with detailed trigger tricks

- A long spying scenario... Lots of intelligence and spying events... Multiple choice tests and questions that are about intelligence and spying events ( For examples: Intelligence center and military commander multiple choice questions and investigations )

- Taunt system gameplay for the answers of multiple choice questions and investigations

- More than 10 types of hidden traps ( For examples: Pit trap, wall trap, mangonel trap, scorpion trap, archer trap, tower trap, bridge trap )

- Lots of dialogues and spying & intelligence events

- Lots of flighting parts instead of fighting parts

- Main scenario contains RPG and adventure elements ( For examples: Market, salesman, item combine center )

- 4 different puzzles

- Strong & effective enemies and wild animals ( For examples: Forest fighters, bandits, silent ninjas )

=== EXTRAS ===

PREJUDICE: I am open to any kind of positive or negative criticism but I have a condition. I suggest players writing criticism after they play and understand this campaign. ( At least %35 percent of whole campaign ) I don't suggest players quitting playing due to only map design. I agree that my map design has some lackings.

- I know that my map design is too square, too symmetrical and looks like a multiplayer custom scenario but I made the main scenario with too much efforts.

- So I suggest players to "ignore" the lackings of the map design while playing this campaign. I suggest not quitting playing the game because of only the map design.

- You can play this campaign with "FAST" speed to skip dialogues and cutscenes faster. In addition you can finish this campaign with a shorter time period in "FAST" speed. I suggest players playing this campaign with "NORMAL" speed except long dialog parts.

- This game is easier in HD Edition. Because woad raiders have a faster movement speed in HD version.

* I made this campaign with The Conquerors. ( v1.0 ) ( Not User Patch )

* This campaign is also playable with User Patch and HD versions. User Patch players and HD players can download this campaign.

* I only tested this campaign with The Conquerors. ( v1.0 ) ( Not User Patch )

* I can adapt this campaign to HD or User Patch versions by updating this campaign if this situation causes serious problems.

* If you very stuck in somewhere or have another problems ( difficulty, bug, not understanding what to do etc... ) you can leave a comment to this page.

Click HERE to check on Author's other released "aokheavengames" projects.

Click HERE to check on Author's other released "steam community" projects.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
iLikeHell I think this map is the bad copy of the beautiful "James scout". I'm sorry but i don't liked it
Official Reviewer
Please update this without the 22 MB folder containing 30 screenshots. There isnt any point to it and it just bloats the file size. Why is there a desktop.ini file in there...?

Oh my goodness, you could try putting less gaia objects and less symmetrical placement of terrain. This really looks like a multiplayer custom scenario.

[Edited on 07/19/17 @ 07:49 AM]

File Author
I removed all of the screenshots from this file.

"desktop.ini" file is unseeable in my computer. Because of this reason I can't remove it. Please help me about this problem.

I learned that "desktop.ini" file is a very important file of my computer's "windows" folder. So "desktop.ini" file isn't a dangerous file. You can download my campaign safely.

By the way I didn't copy my map from anyone. In addition I don't have any information about "James Scout".

[Edited on 07/19/17 @ 12:59 PM]

Official Reviewer
Dont worry, i looked at the james scot map. I dont think he meant a literally copy, just that your map looks vaguely similar in some ways. Though it didnt look that similar to me, although they are both looking like multiplayer custom scenarios.

[Edited on 07/19/17 @ 01:21 PM]

iLikeHell I'm sure you have not copied but download anyway that scenario to get an idea of a game similar to yours.
I see that you used a lot of diligence making it,but I would like to give you some advice: try to get rid of some tedious parts like the boat trip at the beginning and making it more interesting and with funniest trick, not only a road to follow
I'm sure that playing James Scout II it will give you some good ideas
Official Reviewer
I have updated the file to remove the desktop.ini.
Bassi The intro is way too long, I nearly fall asleep. I also find this map too confusing to enjoy it.
File Author
I have some new advices for players.

First of all NEVER write marco polo cheat. Because if player writes this cheat the map looks like too complex but in fact the game is easier and more simple that the complexity of the map. In addition If player writes marco polo cheat player sees all of secret scenario scripts and trigger tricks because of writing this cheat.

Second, if dialogues are too long players can play this campaign with FAST speed. But players may miss some of the dialogues in fast speed.

[Edited on 08/14/17 @ 01:28 AM]

iLikeHell I tried to play the whole map. I blocked myself to the point where you have to pass the bridge and every possibility is wrong.
Now i want to analyze the characteristics of your map:
The story is pathetic. Dialogues are meaningless. The design is zero. The fun is zero. You who are crying because people criticize your map of 1700 trigs is -1. Make the final count yourself. If you want some advice we are here, if you are offended I'm sorry
File Author
You can't pass the bridge unless you have a "jump suit". You should go to the "Route 1 Forest" before going to that bridge. After you go to "Route 1 Forest" you will find a chest in there. When Death Carrier opens the chest he will find a "stone tablet". After finding the "stone tablet" you should return to "Route 1". After returning to Route 1 you should exchange "stone tablet" with a "jump suit" in the Route 1 Salesman. After obtaining a "jump suit" you can go to the bridge safely.

By the way why are you behaving me like I am your enemy? ( by using zero word... ) I made this scenario to make all of you happy. I think you should obey my suggestion to pass to the bridge part.
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