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Downloads Home » Best Files » Independent Architecture Collection (Vol. 1) for WololoKingdoms

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Independent Architecture Collection (Vol. 1) for WololoKingdoms

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
- Update : Apr. 4th, 2018 -

Updated Warsmithy's Byzantine Buildings to include the latest additions. I've also updated the Italian Building Workshop Collections to include the finished versions of the Italian Stone Walls / Gates, as well as an edited version of the Castle that matches the original AoF design better. Both of which are by Gwotyng.

- Update : Mar. 4th, 2018 -

Updated Warsmithy's Byzantine Buildings to include the latest additions, including the Imperial Age Town Center & University, as well as additional Castle Age buildings.

- Update : Jan. 20th, 2018 -

Updated Warsmithy's Byzantine Buildings to include the latest additions, mostly Castle Age Buildings. I have also made the set use the Castle / Feudal equivalents for the missing Imperial / Castle buildings when possible to minimize "clashing". The exception is the Towers & Fortified Walls, which still uses the default Middle Eastern graphics since it's much more important to differentiate the graphics for them.

I have also added a set of the Italian Building Collection for the Byzantines and the "Old" Indian Buildings, by Tzontlimixtli, for the Persians.

- Update : Sept. 26, 2017 -

With Wololokingdoms supporting Portuguese, I have updated the Italian Building Collection into two more separate mods, each for the Italians & Portuguese. Also made a version of TriRem's Aragonese Architecture for the Portuguese.

- Credits -

Warsmithy - Byzantine Architecture Mod & Majority of the Castle Age Mediterranean Buildings in the "Italian Building Workshop Collection
Gwotyng - Improved Magyar Buildings & Imperial Age Italian Buildings
Yakko - A number of Architecture Mods featured in this Mod Pack
Alacazain - Responsible for porting over Yakko's Mod to IA and making them compatible with IA / WK. Also fine edited Yakko's mods.
TriRem - Aragonese Architecture, Mongolian Architecture & helping with WK in general
Pesqueria - Grey Roof Central European Buildings & Original creator of the Italian Feudal Age Buildings.
Dynasty_IV - Western Black Roof Tiles, as featured in Forgotten Empires 3.3
Tzontlimixtli - The Old Indian Architecture Mod & Current Indian Architecture mod used in HD / YK.
Julianbaba4 - Italian Guard Tower & Trade Workshop


- Installation -

To make these architecture mods work in WololoKingdoms, just simply put the folders of whatever Architecture Mods you want in the game, such as "[SPA] Spanish Mediterranean Architecture [FE]" or "[VIE] Vietnamese East Asian Architecture [AoC]", into the "mod_override" folder, located in the "WololoKingdoms" folder, then Rebuild the WololoKingdoms mod through "WololoKingdoms.exe", also located in the WololoKingdoms folder. This should now replace the Architecture of the Civilizations they affect. ie. The above two example mods will replace the Spanish & Vietnamese architecture with those used by the Italians & the East Asian Civilizations (Chinese, Mongols), but not touch the other civilizations (in this example, the Britons and the Khmer will remain untouched). This mod works with both Voobly & through the Offline Installation.

- What is this pack and why does it exist? -

The Independent Architecture Collection (Vol. 1) is an assortment of 23 Architecture Mods from both AoK Heaven & Steam Workshop of both Original Architecture Mods and Architecture Swaps of the ingame Architecture Sets to various other Civilizations, converted to be compatable with WololoKingdoms, a Mod Project designed to reverse-engineer the Expansion Dataset, complete with the New Civilizations & Features, to the Original AoC version (With UserPatch 1.5). Since the mods in this pack is designed to be compatible with the Unique SLP ID's of WololoKingdoms, majority of these Architecture Mods are incompatable with the original Retail version of AoC, or any other version or mod of AoC for that matter.

Even though most, if not all, of the Architecture Mods featured in this pack are already uploaded to the AoK Blacksmith, I am creating this Modpack since the Independent Architecture feature of WololoKingdoms is very underused by it's current community and I feel that creating a modpack, outside of the Steam Workshop, that is easily accessible and ready to install would be a great way to promote this feature. I have ask and received permission from all authors featured in this pack, to distribute WololoKingdom compatible versions of their mods, but I will comply if there is any problems. I know there there are a number of other Architecture sets missing in this pack, but I will not re-distribute mods if I don't, can't get or haven't received permission from the original creator to do so.

Again, the Mods in this pack are edited to be compatible with WololoKingdoms and not with any other version of AoE2. All the Architecture Mods in this pack are already uploaded to either AoK Heaven or the Steam Workshop if you are looking for versions that work with the original version of AoC or other versions of AoE2.


- Original Links to the Mods used in this Pack -

Byzantine Buildings by Warsmithy -,44098,0,30
Italian Buildings by Warsmithy -
Buildings -
Castle -
TriRem's Aragonese Architecture -
TriRem's Mongol Buildings, as featured in Age of Realms -
Yakko's Chinese & Korean Buildings -
Yakko's Slavic Buildings -
Alacazain's Workshop -

- WololoKingdoms Links

WololoKingdom Mod, GitHub Page -
Tutorial on installing WololoKingdoms by MembTV -


All the content here are either originally created by a list of Mod Authors, re-distributed in this mod with permission, or are variants of current Ingame Graphics. Please do not edit, re-upload or outright steal without the permission of the Creator of that particular mod.

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
beardian Good job!!! Thank you bro!!!
When do the next parts appear???
File Author
Once I get permission from more authors to make them compatible and rehost their work. For the moment, I have updated the collection with some mods for the Portuguese, which is compatable now with WK 2.6
Romanos Hi, is it possible to use this independent architecture without having to use the Wololokingdoms mod? I am not interested in playing any of the newer civs and just want to play in games with the original AoC civs...

I find it frustrating how I need to use wololokingdoms in order to get these architecture packs, as I enjoy watching recorded games and almost all of them use the gameplay mod "LN FFA rules mod," therefore I need to watch the recorded game with LN FFA rules mod as THE gameplay mod, otherwise the game will not play for me.

I would love to be able to watch these games with the architecture packs that are in this thread as they are quite beautiful.

Official Reviewer
Romanos, most of the graphics in this set are obtainable on the Steam Workshop as well. As for normal AoC like vanilla UP1.5 or 1.0c of course its possible but not convenient...likely you will need to do a lot of work yourself to make this happen.

That is what I see as the genius of this pack...It Just Works with no effort, no muss or fuss.

[Edited on 02/25/18 @ 08:38 PM]

Mahazona Saint_Michaels reaching you here since I don't have a steam account.

I think it would be better if the slavs's have a different unit set.the armor and shield designs looks different.

There was an old Khmer build set here it might fit well for the malays.

[Edited on 04/30/18 @ 06:26 AM]

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